Amazing Animals That Saved Lives

animals saving humans

It’s not just nurses, paramedics, doctors, or firemen who save lives. Every now and again, we hear of amazing animals who do courageous deeds. From wild animals to house pets, these animals suprisingly save human lives even sometimes at the risk of their own.

There are countless stories on YouTube and the internet but here are some of our picks.

Mila the Beluga whale saves a diver

Yang Yun was applying for a diver job at an aquarium when her leg cramped during a dive. See what happens next.

Tara the cat saves his human from an attacking dog

This little boy was innocently playing with his tricycle in front of their house when the neighbor’s dog suddenly attacked unprovoked. See Tara’s amazing aggro move.

Jambo the gorilla protects fallen boy

For gorillas, humans are enemies especially if they encroach on their territory. So it was horrifying when a child falls into a gorilla pit with a fractured skull and other injuries. Fortunately, Jambo the gorilla is among the gorillas in the group.

Ningnong the elephant saves girl during tsunami

Who can imagine encountering a tsunami during a vacation at the beach? Fortunately, Amber had a special bond with one equally special elephant.

Willie the parrot saves a baby

“Parrotting” means simply repeating something overheard. But is that all that parrots can really do? Think again as you watch how this teensy parrot helped save a baby’s life.

Kabang the dog saves two girls and loses snout

At first glance, you might think, “what is that hideous dog?” But it’s simply Kabang who survived after throwing herself at a tricycle that was about to hit two little girls. Follow her story and the kind folks who helped with her operations.

Winnie the cat saves family from CO2 poisoning

When your docile cat suddenly whaps you in the face with claws out, you better listen! Watch this story of Winnie who alerts her family of danger in the house.

Dolphins save a human from a shark

Adam Walker is a well-known open water swimmer. In one of his crossings, he was tailed by a shark only to be saved by a pod of dolphins. Incidentally, Adam’s charity swim was on behalf of the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society.

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