Ten Best Apps for Nursing Students

apps for nursing students

Apps for nursing students are an amazing tool for schoolwork and clinicals. A long time ago, before Steve Jobs and android phones, nursing students had to lug huge and heavy medical tomes everywhere.

Nowadays, there are so many useful apps that can be stored in your slim and sleek mobile phone or tablet. Imagine all that knowledge tucked away in your pocket.

There’s such a dizzying array of useful apps that nursing students often wonder what the most popular nursing apps are. We did the work for you and listed down the most popular apps nursing apps based on reviews.

You’ll find the most popular apps as you go down the list.

Note: Prices may vary depending on platform but a good number are happily FREE.

10. CDC Vaccine Schedules

Available for Android and iOS

CDC Vaccine Schedules

If you need a quick guide to immunization schedules, get CDC Vaccine Schedules. It’s complete with footnotes and contraindications. The vaccine names are hyperlinked to dose specifications.

It also updates automatically so that your information is always current.

This app is useful for nursing students who are studying vaccine names, schedules, and doses to infants, children, adolescents, and adults.

9. RN Crush! NCLEX® Prep App

Available for Android and iOS


Want to study for the NCLEX AND have fun at the same time? Play this NCLEX review game called RN Crush!

This app has 4 game modes, rationales and advanced statistics. It also boasts of 3,000 plus practice questions (including SATA) more than other apps.

It has a timer feature so that you know how long each question takes. Also, when you download RN Crush!, you get access to material from the NRSNG.com site.

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8. uCentral

Available for Android and iOS
$169.95 per year


This app is quite pricey and requires an institutional subscription. If your school or hospital has it though, it’s a great resource for nursing clinicals and whenever you have a question about a med or nursing diagnosis.

uCentral is a compilation of must-have reference materials like Tabers, Davis Drug Guide, the latest guidelines and five minute consults.

Nurses who have reviewed this app say that it’s so useful they use it everyday and that the material is clear and concise.

7. MPR

Available for Android and iOS


MPR is your ultimate guide to drug information. It contains prescribing information for thousands of Rx and OTC products. They’re organized by disease and therapeutic area to make searches easier. You can also search by generic name, brand name, company, and illness.

Apart from updates and news, there are also more than 150 charts you can refer to for product comparisons and more than 120 medical calculators for dosing formulas and scores.

Best of all, you don’t need an internet connection to access the prescribing information and tools. This is very useful especially if you work in a location with weak or no internet signal.

6. Taber’s Medical Dictionary

Available for Android and iOS
Requires a paid subscription to the online Taber’s Medical Dictionary for Mobile + Web service

Tabers Medical Dictionary

This medical dictionary is one of the best resources out there. However, it’s a native app companion to the official Tabers.com website. If you have a subscription, then this app is a must for your mobile device.

Nursing students will find the 65,000 terms, 1,200 photos, 32,000 audio pronunciations, 120 videos, and more than 600 Patient Care Statements very useful. The material coverage also spans alternative therapies, nutrition, abbreviations, units and symbols of measurement, nursing diagnosis, schedules for immunization, and much much more.

5. Skyscape Medical Library

Available for Android and iOS


The Skyscape Medical Library app is called a decision-support tool for healthcare professionals and workers. It was originally launched 20 years ago and has been evolving ever since.

The FREE version includes intel on thousands of generics and brands together with interactions, 400+ integrated dosing calculators, a medical calculator that has 200+ interactive tools arranged by specialty, and evidence-based clinical info on a plethora of diseases and symptoms.

Premium users of  the Skyscape Medical Library gain access to the most trusted medical references including 5-Minute Clinical Consult, Diseases and Disorders: A Nursing Therapeutics Manual, Davis’s Drug Guide for Nurses, Rosen and Barkin’s 5 Minute Emergency Medicine Consult, Taber’s Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary, Netter’s Atlas of Human Anatomy, Fitzpatrick’s Color Atlas and Synopsis of Clinical Dermatology, The Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy and Journal Watch.

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4. Human Anatomy Atlas

Available for Android and iOS

Human Anatomy Atlas

The Visible Body’s Human Anatomy Atlas is a 3D atlas of the human body. It features more than 4,000 structures in each male and female model including microanatomy models of the senses and even free patient education animations.

This app makes learning about the human body easier, more engaging and breathtakingly visual.

3. Pill Identifier by Health5C

Available for Android and iOS

Pill Identifier

Exactly like the name says, the Pill Identifier is a useful tool in identifying medicines based on physical properties.

This app shares details of thousands of medicines found in the US. The filters are Imprint, Shape, and Color. At the same time, you can choose to search for medicines based on the name, pill images, ingredients, strengths, manufacturer, and NDC code.

Pill Identifier is powered by Pillbox (U.S. National Library of Medicine).

2. MedPage Today

Available for Android and iOS

medpage today

MedPage Today is an awesome resource that lets nurses keep up to date with breaking medical news and reference information. Plus, you can get FREE CME/CE credits by simply participating in the MedPage Today-hosted educational activities.

Nurses love the solid and engaging content and the free CME credits are always welcome, of course!

1. Medscape

Available for Android and iOS


And for our final nursing app, we have Medscape. This app has been used by thousands upon thousands of nurses and other healthcare professionals.

It’s the leading resource for clinical information. At the moment, it’s got 4M registered users.

The awesome part is that all features are available for FREE. Some favorite features include medical news across 30+ specialties, drug info and tools, medical calculators, disease and condition info, drug formulary info, and even CME/CE courses.

For the latter, there are courses available in more than a thousand topics across 30+ specialties.

Medscape is available offline so you can get to the clinical reference database even without internet. You simply have to download the reference database to be able to access it anytime and anywhere.

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Mini Nurse

The Mini Nurse is for the beginner nurse or nursing student. It’s got the general information any nursing student should know including medical terminologies, prefixes, suffixes, abbreviations, calculators, lung and heart sounds, injection sites, practice questions and so on.


If you are on clinicals and work with skin diseases, you can use the Magnifier to take a close up photo of the affected region to show to your attending or to your patient. If you have bad eyesight, you can also use this app to see fine print on medicine bottles better.

Nursing Essentials

Nursing Essentials is another app that is useful for new nurses. As the name suggests, this app will let you have the essentials of nursing at your fingertips.

Medical Mnemonics

As any nursing student knows, there is a crazy amount of information that nursing students need to know by heart. Mnemonics are a good tool to help you learn and recall important nursing lessons. This app is one of the best medical mnemonics app out there.

Davis’s Drug Guide with Updates & Calculators

Davis’ Drug Guide is another nursing bible that is essential for nursing students. Get this comprehensive drug guide on your phone for fast and convenient referencing.

Med Surg I – Nursing in a Flash

Apart from mnemonics, another uber useful tool for nursing students are flash cards. This app contains  4,500 question and answer Flash Cards for test preparation.

NCLEX RN Mastery

This app is for students who are preparing for the NCLEX. It has 1,800 practice questions, quizzes, mnemonics and strategies. NCLEX RN Mastery claims that it will help you pass your test in 75 questions.

Did we miss some fantastic apps for nursing students? If we did, simply message us in our FB page and we’ll try to add it in!