100 Best Android Apps for Nurses

android apps for nurses

Have you ever thought that a simple app can change the way you work as a nurse?

You can find hundreds of applications made for Android devices nowadays. These apps have different purposes, but there is one general reason why they are made: to simplify everyday tasks.

Fortunately, there are now lots of apps made especially for nurses. These apps will help you simplify your daily work in the nursing school, hospital, clinic and home care.


Criteria in Choosing the 100 Best Android Apps for Nurses

Since there are hundreds of nursing apps available around, we considered  the following criteria in picking the top 100 android apps for nurses:



Everyone wants free apps but if you don’t want to forsake quality, you can still find very useful apps with reasonable price. Not all apps in this list are free. Those that are known for their quality have been included as long as the price is reasonable for the functions offered.



You can find a lot of multi-purpose apps in this list because for an app to be reliable, it should have all the functions you need in clinical duties. Nursing apps with lots of bug reports, excessive ads and security threats were not included.



To maximize your android’s storage space, only those apps with maximum usefulness are included in this list. The apps in each category are sorted according to the importance of their functions.



User feedbacks are also important to consider as these came from people who have thoroughly used the app they evaluated. Only those apps that became popular for their usefulness and quality are included in this list.


To help you find the best nursing apps for your needs, here is the following list of the top android apps made for nurses:



Anatomy and Medical Dictionaries


1. Pocket Human Physiology

This app works like a detailed physiology book where you can instantly learn your Human Physiology lessons. It’s a recommended learning companion for nursing students.

Download Price: Free


2. Diseases Dictionary

This e-dictionary has a comprehensive database of the most common diseases nowadays. You can look up for a disease with its simple user-interface and learn all the details about it.

Download Price: Free


3. Medical and Drug Dictionary

This app contains over 300,000 medical terms. It has three components – dictionary, thesaurus and annotator. It’s a great learning material not only for nurses but for other medical professionals as well.

Download Price: Free


4. Pathology Dictionary

Pathology Dictionary is a quick reference when you’re looking up for pathological terms encountered in a medical facility. It lists hundreds of pathological terms with concise description for each term.

Download Price: Free


5. Human Anatomy Dictionary

With this app, you can quickly learn the meaning and description of different medical terms that you will encounter in an Anatomy class. The search tool of this app is simple to use and very responsive.

Download Price: Free


6. Psychological Terms Dictionary

This dictionary lists lots of psychological terms and descriptions. It’s a perfect learning tool especially when you’re involved in psychiatric nursing. The app works offline.

Download Price: Free


7. Medical Equipment Dictionary

Search for the description of medical equipments new to your ears with this app. Other medical supplies are also listed in this app’s database.

Download Price: Free


8. 1000 Human Physiological Facts

This is a fun app that provides hundreds of known physiological facts. It feels great to learn new information everyday with this app.

Download Price: Free


9. 1000+ Diseases with Symptoms

This application has an intensive database of different diseases complete with description and symptoms. The search tool of the app is simple and works offline. It is useful whenever you encounter unknown diseases and you want to learn more details about them.

Download Price: Free


10. 3D Anatomy Learning

Through this app, you can view the different organs of the body in a 3D presentation. The app works online and you can manipulate the different angles of the image to view different sides of the organ. The app is great for nursing students.

Download Price: Free


11. Human Anatomy

This app works like an anatomy book. It will give you a brief view and introduction about the different anatomical parts of the body. It’s a great learning material for nursing students.

Download Price: Free


12. Human Anatomy Atlas

An animated 3D app, this tool will help you understand basic anatomical structures. It is recommended for nursing students and other medical professionals for comprehensive learning of the human anatomy.

Download Price: Free



Nursing Pharmacology

13. Drug Guide

The Drug Guide app has a beautiful user interface that will help you easily search and learn about a certain drug you are about to give to your patient. It lists complete information about the most commonly used medications around. However, most feedbacks from the users of the app complain that the drugs included in the database are incomplete so more improvements might be developed for this promising app soon.

Download Price: Free


14. Drug Dictionary

This app works like a pocket drug dictionary. Its friendly user-interface is simple to understand so you can quickly look for a drug that you are about to give to your patient.

Download Price: Free


15. IV Drug Handbook

McGraw-Hill’s IV drug Handbook is now available in Android. The app covers everything you need to know about safe and successful IV drug administration.

Download Price: Free trial for seven days


16. Drugs.com Medication Guide

Look up for drug information with this app from drugs.com. The app has a complete A-Z listing where you can learn drug interactions and other valuable drug information before giving your patient’s medication. You can also use it to identify unknown pills.

Download Price: Free


17. Drug Index and Guide

This app has over 30,000 brand names and 2,000 generic names of drugs commonly prescribed nowadays. It’s a great guide for searching specific drug information before giving medications to patients.

Download Price: Free



Nursing Concepts


18. Development of Nursing Theory

Learn nursing theories in a simplified way with the help of this app. The development of nursing theory is explained in a presentation-like format. Recommended for nursing students.

Download Price: Free


19. Nursing Fundamentals

Learn the Fundamentals of Nursing the fun way with this app. It serves as a study aid for nursing students but registered nurses may also find it useful in refreshing and updating existing knowledge about the fundamentals of nursing.

Download Price: Free


20. Nursing Leadership

Through this, app you can easily study Nursing Leadership. It is a flashcard app so you can challenge yourself in answering different nursing leadership questions shown in each flashcard.

Download Price: $2.99


21. Postpartum Nursing Document

Everything you need to learn in mastering Maternity Nursing is included in this app. It is a great study guide for nursing students. Sample cases are also provided in the app so you can practice your knowledge about maternity nursing.

Download Price: Free



Laboratory Values


22. Pocket Lab Values

This app lists over 320 laboratory values commonly encountered in clinical duties. Each laboratory test is clearly explained along with the diseases commonly linked to abnormal results.

Download Price: $2.99


23. Nurse Up

This is a great reference guide for nurses. It contains normal values of some common laboratory examinations. It also has guide images for clinical procedures like burn assessment and ECG lead placement.

Download Price: Free


24. Quick LabRef

Quick LabRef stands for Quick Clinical Laboratory Values Reference. This app provides useful information about the most commonly affected laboratory values in various diseases.

Download Price: Free


25. Medical Lab Test Guide

The Medical Lab Test Guide has a large database of different laboratory tests complete with description, indication and interpretation of results.

Download Price: Free


26. Normal Lab Values

This is a simple app that aims to provide information about normal lab values. There are few laboratory examinations included in this app as only those commonly encountered in the hospital setting are listed.

Download Price: Free


27. Cito! Lab Values

Through this app, you can check if specific laboratory values are within acceptable range.  The laboratory values are classified according to tests and presented in a tabular form.

Download Price: Free





28. Infusion Rate IV

You can easily calculate infusion rates of different drugs with this app. The user interface is easy to understand and features different unit of measurements.

Download Price: Free


29. IV Drip Rate Calculator

Calculate your IV drip rate with this customized calculator app made for IV drips. Its simple user interface is handy to use in clinical setting.

Download Price: Free


30. Pediatric IV Dosage

This app contains concise information about the safe dosage range of  most commonly prescribed pediatric medications. The app also features dose and drip calculator.

Download Price: Free


31. IV Drips

The IV Drips app is useful for emergency and critical care settings. It will help you calculate and convert dose to mL/hr and vice versa. It also contains 44 most commonly used drugs for drips. Calculations for some drugs in the app are pre-programmed as well in their standard concentration.

Download Price: $2.99


32. Pediatric Medical Calculator

The Pediatric Medical Calculator is a useful tool in calculating different values like body mass index, basal metabolic rate, mid parental height and many more. It’s a handy app for pediatric nurses working in clinics and wards.

Download Price: Free


33. Dosage Calc

With this app, you can calculate for volume of liquid, IV drop rate, number of tablets, IV volume rate and fluid maintenance. These calculations are important in double-checking the safety of your drug dosage preparation.

Download Price: Free


34. Drip Calculator Tool

Through this app, you can compute IV rates quickly. The app also displays an image of falling drops that is regulated at the same rate you computed. The whole user interface is pretty straightforward and easy to use.

Download Price: $2.99


35. Child Dose

This is a very simple app for computation of drug dosages for children. It is useful for physicians but nurses can also use this to double-check the safety of the drug dosage they are about to give.

Download Price: Free


36. APGAR Score

This calculator app will help you compute APGAR scores accurately. The method used in determining scores in each assessment is clearly explained. Just click the corresponding assessment you made and the total APGAR score will be shown afterwards.

Download Price: Free


37. Paramedic Dosage

Compute for the amount of drug you are about to give through IV push with this simple app. The user interface is intuitive and you can get results quickly.

Download Price: Free


38. IV Therapy Helper

The IV Therapy Helper app will help you calculate your drips and drug dosages. The app has a beautiful user interface that you can easily use in times of emergencies.

Download Price: $15.27


39. Glasgow Coma Scale

Thanks to this app, you can now calculate your patient’s Glasgow Coma Scale in just three clicks. It’s a handy app to use when doing your nursing rounds.

Download Price: Free


40. Infusion Nurse

Made by a nurse, this app covers calculation for drop speed, drop rate, infusion speed, dose, strength and volume. It’s very simple user interface is easy to understand and ideal for everyday usage.

Download Price: Free


41. Vasopressors

This calculator is useful in providing care to critically ill patients. It will help you compute inotropic and vasopressor drips. You can transfer from ml/hr to mcg/kg/min quickly by just entering your patient’s weight and the dilution of the solution.

Download Price: Free



NCLEX Preparation


42. Nursing NCLEX-RN Reviewer

Practice answering sample questions for your NCLEX-RN examination with this app. The questions are categorized into Medical Surgical Nursing, Pediatric Nursing, Mental Health Nursing and Childbearing and Women’s Health Nursing,

Download Price: Free


43. Nursing Exam Prep

This is an interactive quiz app for passing the NCLEX-RN examination. It has 1,000 sample questions organized in NCLEX format.

Download Price: Free


44. NCLEX-RN Reviewer w/ Rationale

Study for your NCLEX-RN examination with over 200+ sample questions. Whenever you answer, an explanation is provided about why your answer is correct or wrong. The questions, explanations and correct answers are color coded for easy learning.

Download Price: Free


45. NCLEX-RN Exam Prep

The NCLEX-RN Exam Prep app is a complete study companion for those preparing for their NCLEX-RN exam. It has a course outline reviewer that you can read before practicing on the sample questions included. An explanation is also provided for each correct answer.

Download Price: Free


46. NCLEX Questions

This app has lots of NCLEX sample questions. When answering the practice tests, you can choose to answer the timed questionnaires so you can measure how long it will take for you to analyze a question.

Download Price: Free


47. NCLEX RN Mastery

This app is a classic teaching tool made for students preparing for their NCLEX exam. It has over 1600 NCLEX questions complete with pictures and rationales. You can also answer over 350 pharmacology questions. Plenty of nursing mnemonics are provided along with study resources included in the app.

Download Price: $19.99


48. NCLEX Flashcards

The NCLEX Flashcards app will help you study for your NCLEX examination in the easiest way possible. Through this app, you can see simplified learning materials and mnemonics. Plenty of mini games are also included for practice tests.

Download Price: Free


49. Barron’s NCLEX-RN Review

The Barron’s NCLEX-RN Review app has plenty of medication cards and exam questions that you can use to review for the NCLEX-RN exam. Each answer comes with explanations and rationales so you can learn why your answer is correct or wrong.

Download Price: Free, $14.99 for the whole version


50. NCLEX Pediatric Reviewer

This app focuses on pediatric nursing. The sample questions have corresponding rationales about why the entered answer is correct or wrong.

Download Price: Free


51. NCLEX Review Questions

The sample questions included in this app are made to stimulate critical thinking skills. The correct answers provided are pretty straightforward although it doesn’t offer explanations or rationales. The app also supports flashcards downloaded from Quizlet.com and FlashcardExchange.com.

Download Price: Free


52. NCLEX RN & PN Practice Questions

This app is made for students preparing for their NCLEX-RN or NCLEX-PN exams. The questions provided are based on situations shown at the beginning of each practice test. You can improve your critical thinking skills with this app although rationales for the correct answers are not supported.

Download Price: Free


53. NCLEX RN PN Stanford Review

This app simulates the actual format of questions in NCLEX-RN/PN examination. Some questions are even image-guided to help you practice your critical thinking skills. It has over 4,000 questions that also include the latest guidelines in BLS and AANP Nursing Practice.

Download Price: Free


54. Davis Mobile NCLEX-RN® Q&A

This app has over 1,500 sample questions that will help you prepare for your NCLEX-RN exam. The app allows customization of quizzes so you can tailor fit the tests according to your preference. You can also share your scores in Facebook and Twitter to help you get motivated in taking practice tests.

Download Price: $19.99


55. NCLEX Drug Guide

This is the drug guide app made especially for NCLEX preparation. It has a large database of most commonly used drugs in the hospital setting. The information listed are made to support nursing pharmacology review but feedback from users proves the app is also useful for clinical application.

Download Price: $1.99


56. ATI RN Mentor Lite NCLEX Prep

This app developed by ATI Nurse Educators has 120+ unique sample questions. The sample questions are organized by body function, clinical area and NCLEX category. You can upgrade the app to full version to gain access to 800+ additional sample questions.

Download Price: Free


57. Nursing Trainer

This flashcard app will help you polish your knowledge in preparation for an exam. You can shuffle the flashcards and save the ones you have difficulty in remembering. You can also ignore the flashcards you already know well.

Download Price: $2.99


58. Nursing IQ

Are you a fully dedicated nurse? Test your knowledge with this trivia game app made for nurses and nursing students. You can have fun in learning and relearning nursing general concepts as you answer the trivia questions in this app.

Download Price: Free



Emergency, Critical and Surgical Nursing


59. Critical Care ACLS Guide

This app is dubbed as the ultimate guide in mastering ACLS. It is rich with information about the latest accepted standards in Advanced Cardiac Life Support. With the information provided, this app is an ideal reference or guide in clinical settings.

Download Price: $7.99


60. EMS BLS Guide

This app serves as EMT’s pocket guide to emergency nursing care. It is also useful in reviewing the skills needed for BLS. The skills presented in this app are in flashcard format and the images included are great guides in doing assessments.

Download Price: $7.99


61. Electrocardiogram ECG Types

This useful app will let you practice your skills in interpreting ECG rhythms. Different ECG rhythms are presented along with explanations about abnormal results.

Download Price: Free


62. ACLS Simulation 2012 Lite

Practice everything you learned from your ACLS training with this simulation app. There are several case scenarios presented in the app which you can use to sharpen your critical thinking skills. More cases can be unlocked by upgrading this free version into a premium one.

Download Price: Free, $4.99 for premium version


63. ACLS MegaCodes AHA Review

The ACLS MegaCodes AHA Review app is based on the recognized standards released by the American Heart Association. You can practice your skills by answering the sample case scenarios presented in the app. It is helpful in learning and refreshing your knowledge about ACLS rhythms.

Download Price: Free


64. Surgical Instruments

Look and read about different surgical instruments using this app. The surgical instruments in the app’s database are classified according to their purpose and function. The app contains high quality images along with their description.

Download Price: Free


65. First Aid

This app is designed to help you provide effective first aid treatment during emergency situations. The instructions are based on illustrations so you can quickly understand without taking a lot of time reading it.

Download Price: Free



Nursing Diagnosis and Care Plans


66. Nurse’s Pocket Guide

Write concise and effective nursing care plans with the Nurse’s Pocket Guide app. This app lists a lot of topics to choose from so you can confirm correct nursing diagnosis. There is plenty of in-app purchases required to unlock more features in this app.

Download Price: Free


67. Nursing Diagnosis Handbook

Start your nursing care plans with a helpful guide that you can always consult using your mobile phone. The Nursing Diagnosis Handbook has a large database of nursing diagnoses complete with suggested care plans. The app is free to download but features in-app purchases to unlock some care plans.

Download Price: Free


68. Nursing Care Plans – NDA

Polish your skills in making nursing care plans with the help of this app. It has over 100 sample care plans with nursing diagnoses, interventions and rationales. It’s a great guide for new nurses.

Download Price: Free


69. CarePlans

Through this app, you can download nursing care plans made for specific diseases. The nursing care plans are in PDF format. In-app purchases are needed to download more nursing care plans.

Download Price: Free


Nursing Reference Tools


70. Nursing Central

Nursing Central is a premier database of information about different diseases and drugs. It also features a medical dictionary as well as practice tests for nurses. Its comprehensive drug database is a handy tool when giving medications.

Download Price: $169.95


71. Heather’s Nursing Cheat Sheets

This app has great cheat sheets for nursing practice like Glasgow Coma Scale, Pediatric Vital Signs range, vaso-active drip rates and many more. It is helpful for nursing students and new nurses in hospitals and clinics. You can have a quick look at the diagrams in the app so you can be guided during your assessments and nursing interventions.

Download Price: $1.99


72. Epocrates

Epocrates is a reference app designed for nurses and other healthcare professionals. You can search about disease information, alternative medications, drugs, lab guides and other clinical tools with the help of this app.

Download Price: Free


73. Urgent Care

Urgent Care is a comprehensive nursing app that features medical dictionary, symptom checker, phone prescriptions and RN online support.

Download Price: Free


74. Nursing Essentials

Nursing Essentials is an app where critical information that most nurses need are compiled for easy use. The app is rich with images that you can use as guides in doing assessments and other nursing procedures. It also has built-in calculators for quick computations.

Download Price: $7.99


75. Registered Nurse Guide

Everything you need to learn in becoming a registered nurse is included in this app. It provides information about the important things to consider in becoming a registered nurse like salary outlook, top nursing schools, exam scholarships, nursing programs, books and many more.

Download Price: Free


76. Nurse’s Aid

Nurse’s Aid is a great companion for everyday work at the hospital. The app will help you manage your daily nursing routines in the ward. You can even set a reminder for the tasks you saved.

Download Price: Free


77. Mini Nurse Lite

This app is made especially for nursing students. Through this app, you can quickly search about different medical terminologies, abbreviations and other nursing related information. You can also practice answering sample questions for exams.

Download Price: Free


78. Nursing Central

With this app, you can instantly look for information about different diseases, drugs, medical terminologies, journals and laboratory tests. However, usage of this app requires paid subscription to Nursing Central service. Afterwards, the app is free to download at the Google Playstore.

Download Price: Free


79. Lippincott Nursing Advisor

This app will help you with your everyday clinical duties by providing useful information about different diseases, laboratory tests and flow of treatments. The app is free to download but subscription is required which costs $29.99 per year.

Download Price: Free


80. Mosby’s Nursing Consult

Mosby’s Nursing Consult is a useful app that will help you with your everyday tasks in the ward. With this app, you can browse for evidence-based nursing monographs, drug monographs, drug calculators and patient education plans. The app works online and the whole user interface is easy to navigate.

Download Price: Free


81. Clinical Skills

History taking, physical examination and ECG interpretation are covered in this app. It’s a great guide if you are just starting with your career. It is also recommended for nursing students.

Download Price: Free


82. Nursing Info Free

This app combines all the best resources for nurses. If you are searching about certain diseases, drugs and treatment, this app will guide you in finding the best resources online.

Download Price: Free


83. MedScape

MedScape is a medical information resource app from WebMD. It has a large database of the latest information about different diseases, drugs, treatments and medical journals. The app also has its own drug calculator that works offline.

Download Price: Free


84. Nursing Essentials

Get instant access to critical information nurses need in clinical setting with the help of this app. It is rich with images that can serve as guide to specific nursing skills like ECG lead placement, lung auscultation and many more.

Download Price: $7.99


85. Nursing Dictionary

The Nursing Dictionary app has a collection of medical terms and images essential for nursing practice. Normal lab values, immunization schedule and more than 600 images are also provided in the app. It is helpful for nursing students and nursing professionals while working in clinical setting.

Download Price: $4.99



Assessment and Utility Tools


86. Nurse Notepad

The Nurse Notepad app is made for nurses on the go. It works like a handy notepad so you will not need to write your assessments and other notes in different pieces of paper.

Download Price: $1.99


87. Elsevier Clinical Skills

This is an online app that serves as evidence-based learning tool for management of training in different nursing departments. It has a handy checklist for the most common clinical procedures in the ward.

Download Price: Free


88. Heart and Lung Sounds

This app includes ten lung sounds and ten heart sounds. It also includes auscultation guide images that will be helpful during assessments.

Download Price: Free


89. BMI Calculator

This BMI calculator is practically helpful when doing physical assessment on patients. With this app, you don’t have to manually compute for the patient’s body mass index. The app also automatically categorizes the computed result.

Download Price: Free


90. Nursing Shift Planner

Develop your time management skills with the help of the Nursing Shift Planner app. Through this app, you can plan and tabulate the tasks you need to do for the whole shift. You can also keep track of the things you need to do with your patients so you will not forget about it. This is helpful if you are occupied with a critically ill patient and you also have to focus on the other patients under your care.

Download Price: Free



91. My ShiftWork Free

Plan and save your shifts with this shift planner app. It’s great for head nurses and supervisors but you can also use it to personally plan and save your schedule for the month.

Download Price: Free



Nursing Jobs


92. Jobs for Travel Nurses

Search for jobs easily with this app designed for travel nurses. It lists a useful job directory where you can find available nursing jobs across United States.

Download Price: Free


93. Nurse Jobs

This app lists different nursing jobs classified into several categories. It also include nursing career videos so you can have a closer look to your desired nursing specialty.

Download Price: Free


94. Nursing Jobs

This app is a location-specific job search app for nurses in the US. The nursing jobs listed are from Monster, Indeed, Care.com, Career Builder, Simply Hired and many more.

Download Price: Free


95. OR Nurse Jobs

Find OR nurse jobs and post your resume with the help of this app. You can also learn educational requirements, salary trend and other important information about entering the surgical nursing practice.

Download Price: Free


96. Emergency Nurse Jobs

Search for available jobs for ER nurses with the help of this app. The app also provides introduction and other useful information about Emergency Nursing as a subspecialty of nursing practice.

Download Price: Free



Nursing Magazines and Organizations


97. Nursing in Practice

Be always updated with the latest news, trends and journals about the nursing practice with this app. The Nursing in Practice app works like an online magazine for nurses and is useful in keeping up with the latest trends in the Nursing world.

Download Price: Free


98. Wellbeing for Nurses Magazine

This app works like an online magazine for nurses. It features great health contents from experts around the globe. It also includes nursing humor, real-life stories and scientific journals about the nursing practice nowadays.

Download Price: Free


99. Oncology Nurse Advisor

This app is made for oncology nurses. Through this app you can have access to the latest news, journals and trends in the field of oncology. You can also have access to free continuing education credits with this app.

Download Price: Free


100. American Nurses Association

Stay connected and engaged with your colleagues in American Nurses Association. This app will help you get connected to discussion groups, latest news and other events covered by ANA. The app also has a member directory, contacts and messaging tool for ANA members.

Download Price: Free


About the Author: Je Abarra is a nurse by profession and a freelance writer by passion. She is working as a staff nurse in the pediatric ward of a private city hospital for more than two years. During her free time, she usually writes about her fascinations in health and nursing. She loves to provide tips and fun facts about nursing and healthy living.