11 Must-Have Gadgets for Nurses and Nursing Students

best gadgets for nurses

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Nursing tasks have become so much easier with the help of technology.  And we’re not only talking about medical apparatus; there are also smart gadgets which nurses can use to boost their personal productivity and efficiency.

After searching far and wide,  we have finally come up with a list of the best gadgets that nurses and nursing students must have:

1. Mini Voice Recorder with USB

With all the things you have to remember, you can’t possibly keep everything in your mind, particularly when you are running a very busy shift. This particular gadget can help you with that.

With a long battery life, it can support 13 hours of continuous recording. It can even hold up to 36 hours of recorded files with its 8GB of internal memory.

2. Wearable Notepad

Nurses love taking down notes of just about everything. Wear this mini-whiteboard on your wrist (like it’s a cool watch), and you’ll never forget all the important details again! Designed for easy note taking in busy work environments such as hospitals, this wearable notepad is very lightweight and a perfect gift for every nurse you know.

3. Wacom Intuos Pen

This Wacom Intuos Pen offers long lasting power. It can hold up nicely for several months despite several months of constant use. And it’s comfortable to hold, too! It has a nice texture and it’s just the right size even for people with small hands.

4. Ampule Opener/Cracker

For your own safety, you need to keep this always ready. It will help you a lot in opening ampules, and will definitely save time too! It has a disposable plastic fracture and safety collar that will help you break open pre-scored glass ampules with no hassle. Now you can ditch your fear of opening ampules and finish more tasks the easy way!

5. Veinlite Vein Finder

Because we are given the chance to enjoy a high-tech generation, we need to make the most out of it. A vein finder, for example, will make our nursing lives so much easier! Available only in the US, this transilluminator vein finder is designed to help nurses find veins both in adults and children. In addition to finding veins, this innovative tool is also used in closing veins and stretching the skin for easier access even without the use of a tourniquet.

6. All-new Kindle Paperwhite – Waterproof

Reading isn’t just great for de-stressing but it’s also a way to keep yourself updated with latest news and updates about your profession. Kindle Paperwhite has a waterproof design which allows you to read wherever you are. It has a lot of storage which is good for holding comics, magazines, and audiobooks. Don’t worry about having to recharge often as this model has a battery that can last for weeks.

7. Sense-U Posture Sensor

Maintaining proper posture is something nurses teach their patients. However, because of work, we tend to forget all about it and as a result, we often have to deal with lower back pain after work.

This Sense-U Posture Sensor vibrates whenever you slouch so you’d have no choice but to work on your posture throughout your shift. It has a magnetic clip design which makes it easy to wear on almost all clothes, including your scrubs.

8. VOBAGA Mug Warmer

This particular mug warmer is a must-have for any nurse who can’t survive a shift without drinking coffee. With 3 temperature settings, you can use it to slow down the cooling speed of your favorite drink or warm it up to 149-degrees Fahrenheit.

The coffee is made to be safe and reliable. It can work with stainless steel cups, milk boxes, mugs, and glass cups. It has a waterproof design so you won’t have to worry about it damaging it in case you accidentally spilled water on it.

9. RISEMART Nurse Led Medical Penlight with Pupil Gauge

This RISEMART Nurse Led Medical Penlight with Pupil Gauge is really easy to fit in your pocket and also your hands. Just by touching its soft rubber button, you’ll be able to operate it just by one hand. The nice thing about this penlight is that it actually comes with a warm light for checking your patients’ eyes and white light for checking their ears, nose, and throat. It can work for up to 220 hours.

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10. Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock

With Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock‘s dimming sunset and sound features, you’ll be able to relax and fall asleep easier. And with its colored sunrise simulation alarm, you can wake up gradually with a natural light lamp. It can make it easier for you to get up early and with the right energy for your work.

11. Prestige Medical 3309 Nurse Assist Clipboard

Nurses need to be organized so that they can go through their shift without missing out on anything. This Prestige Medical 3309 Nurse Assist Clipboard can help you with that. With a clock and count up/down timer, you’ll have a clearer idea of what task you should do and when. It even has a calculator which you can use whenever you need to. The two sides of the clipboard have several diagnostic referencing information you’ll find handy.

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Your Turn

What other gadgets do you think nurses and student nurses must have? Share them with us!