15 Best Nursing Podcasts to Listen to Right Now


As a working professional, you may not always have the time to stay on top of current topics you find interesting. Your schedule is too tight that you can’t read nursing journals or browse medical websites.

This is where nursing podcasts can help. You can listen to them on your way home or even while you’re exercising. You can even listen to them before getting to bed.

Since there’s a lot of podcasts out there, you may find them quite confusing and overwhelming. To help make things easier for you, here are 10 of the best nursing podcasts that can help you improve your skills and cope better with your nursing life.

1. Gritty Nurse Podcast

Gritty Nurse is one of the few nursing podcasts that doesn’t shy away from issues. In fact, it actually does a good job facing issues head-on.

Some of the topics it has covered include bullying in nursing, racism, and even inadequate mental health. Its hosts Sara and Amie also advocate for better access to resources and changes in the profession.

2. Good Nurse Bad Nurse

Good Nurse Bad Nurse is quite enjoyable. It’s a mix of everything. As the name implies, one covers the good nurse story while the other covers the bad.

The podcast touches funny and entertaining topics while bringing light to thought-provoking and issues. At the same time, it also serves as a platform where nurses may find jobs.

3. FreshRN

If you are just starting out in this field, consider listening to FreshRn. This podcast covers important topics that are important to first-year nursing students.

For example, it discusses things you should expect in your first year. Apart from that, it also shares tips and tricks you can use to cope with the hardest parts of your job.

4. Nurse Talk Media

For seasoned nurses, this one is an excellent choice.

Nurse Talk Media has guests with different specialties and backgrounds. And with that, they are able to share important information with everyone in the field.

Additionally, Nurse Talk Media also airs on the radio. This allows more nurses to hear them and the great things they discuss.

5. My Nursing Mastery

Those who are still completing their degrees in nursing school will find My Nursing Mastery helpful. It focuses on the practical aspects of nursing, like wound care and IV insertion. It also discusses general topics like nursing ethics as well as spirituality.

6. Nurse Becoming Podcast

Nurse Becoming Podcast is good if you want to hear nurses talk about their personal stories.

During the interviews, nurses share how they deal with the stress. They also give a glimpse of how they balance their personal lives and careers.

7. Nursing Uncensored

In Nursing Uncensored, nurses from different specialties talk about interesting topics and share their insights. Nurses get to talk freely and that makes it even more interesting.

In the podcast, nurses can talk about mental health and cannabis. They share what they really think about these subjects, encouraging nurses to have their own views on them,

8. Q The Nurse

Q isn’t just the name of the podcast; it’s also the name of its male host. Here, progressive news topics are covered.

Q the Nurse is a bit different from others because it’s in a video format. Plus, the host also has a YouTube channel where nurses can enjoy funny and enlightening conversations.

9. Nurse Coffee Talk

Coffee is a must-have when you’re a nurse and this podcast is like that, too. With about 4 episodes released per month, Nurse Coffee Talk aims to encourage listeners to give their opinions on interesting issues and topics.

10. Straight A Nursing

Straight A Nursing shares great insights for both nurses and nursing students. It aims to help expand nursing knowledge.

The podcast has all kinds of resources nursing students will find useful. It has a planner, study guides, and even an app.

11. SAGE Nursing

If you want to hear more about the technical aspects of nursing, SAGE Nursing is for you.

The podcast offers a way for listeners to get a deeper look at article contents from SAGE Publications. In case you’re wondering, the place is a portal for a wide range of journals that focus on healthcare topics and nursing.

12. Nursing Co-Op

Nursing Co-Op is a podcast is filled with relatable interviews. Nurses share their nursing knowledge, career advice, and tips through this platform to help aspiring nurses be more confident.

12. NurseSpeak

This podcast is hosted by nurse Ebi. Here, he shares his own experiences and views about funny and serious topics related to the nursing workplace.

NurseSpeak actually comes from a popular account on Instagram, Nurselifern.

13. Cup of Nurses

This podcast conducts interviews with different kinds of nurses. Whether you are a travel nurse or an ER nurse, you’ll find their topics quite relatable.

Cup of Nurses examines highly relevant topics that nurses need to be more aware of. The list includes access to mental healthcare, avoiding burnout, and great-paying nursing jobs.

14. The Happy Nurse

The host of The Happy Nurse podcast is Elaina Mullery. She has more than 20 years of nursing experience. Plus, she’s trained in Meditation, Mindfulness, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming. She’s an advocate of self-care and shares effective strategies with other nurses through her platform.

15. Empowered Nurse Podcast

This podcast offers lots of helpful advice that can help nurses deal with the ups and downs of nursing. It encourages nurses to take care of their mental health like how they’re looking after their patients.

One of the nice things about Empowered Nurse is the way the host conducts the interviews. Listening to it feels like sitting down with a close friend.