90 Must-Watch YouTube Tutorials for Nurses

you tube videos for nurses

For nurses, it’s not easy to learn by the book as skills are best learned when demonstrated in actual settings. There are also some tricky lessons that are hard to remember but can be easily learned through visual presentations.

Fortunately, it is now easy to learn Nursing skills and knowledge online—thanks to YouTube’s reliable tutorial videos specially made for nurses. Below is a compilation of 110 of the best YouTube tutorials for nurses that you can use to learn new skills and update your knowledge in the clinical setting.

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A comprehensive guide to head-to-toe assessment for nurses, this 37-minute instructional video explains the practical way of doing complete physical assessment for nurses. The step-by-step instructions are clearly explained by a nursing instructor from Northwest Iowa Community College.

This video offers tips in recognizing abnormal cardiac rhythms through EKG. Understanding EKG is tricky but the tips and simplified rules in this video are great ways in mastering EKG interpretation.

New nurses often find it hard to remember how to do an APGAR Newborn Assessment in actual settings as it is easy to be distracted by a crying baby. This video will help you remember how to do an APGAR Newborn Assessment correctly through tips and helpful mnemonics.

Complete with a brief introduction and history, this video made for learning the Glasgow Coma Scale is helpful especially for nursing students.

This one-hour video covers a complete head-to-toe examination for newborn babies. Examination techniques for each system are shown by the nursing instructor from UMDNJ School of Nursing. Newborn reflexes are also discussed along with procedures in bathing a newborn.


Learn a simplified approach to infusion rate calculation with this tutorial video. The formula for IV regulation is clearly explained to make it easier to understand.

Figuring out correct calculation for injection volumes is tricky at first. This video will give you a quick overview on how you can correctly calculate volumes of injection by answering sample problems.

Labeled as the “most entertaining unit conversion video ever made”, this tutorial will teach you some of the most commonly used unit conversion formula. Just pick up the ones relevant to nursing so you could easily remember unit conversion when preparing drugs.

Know how to accurately calculate pediatric dosages with the sample questions in this video. The step-by-step answer to each problem is explained as well as the formula used in the calculation.

Understand how to compute dopamine infusion rate with the simplified calculation presented in this video. The formula can also be used in calculating dobutamine infusion rate.

Learn quick drug calculations made for paramedics and EMS with this 5-minute video. Sample problems are presented along with the formula used for the answers.

Heparin drip is one the most critical drips in ICUs that need accurate calculation. Learn how to calculate for heparin infusion rates with sample problems in this video.

Learn the principles of safe dosage calculation with this 8-minute video. The instructor will teach you how to easily determine if the ordered dosage is safe for the patient’s weight.

In this 3-minute video, the simplest formula for drug calculation is explained. The computation used in answering the sample problem is clearly shown as well.

This is a one-hour video of everything you need to know about dosage calculations. The video includes conversions, formula and explanations in answering sample problems.

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A short two-minute tutorial on how to take the patient’s vital signs, this video is great for nursing students. It is one of the most basic skills that you should learn before going to clinical duties.

This is a demo of proper hand washing. The standard steps in proper hand washing are explained by the instructor in the video.

This is a step-by-step guide on how to make an occupied bed. Techniques in bed-making while the patient is in bed are explained and demonstrated clearly.

This is a complete guide on how to assist a patient in using the bedpan. Each step is clearly explained along with the use of proper body mechanics in turning the patient.

Learn the step-by-step procedure in giving a bed bath to a patient with this video. Preserving patient’s privacy and observing proper body mechanics are emphasized as well.

This is a simple demonstration on how you can apply a ted hose to a bed-ridden patient. You can also learn the proper technique in applying the ted hose quickly.

Different types of ROM exercises are demonstrated in this video. Each exercise is explained and demonstrated by the instructor in the video.

This is a demo of the different lifting procedures that you can do in a Hoyer Lift. Proper body mechanics are observed throughout the demo.

Lifting and transferring a patient using the toilet transfer sling are demonstrated in this video. Some tips in using the sling are also explained by the instructor.

Learn how to do a dependent stand pivot transfer with this video. Each step in transferring the patient is explained while being demonstrated by the instructor.

This video demonstrated how to use a gait belt in assisting the patient during ambulation. You can observe proper body mechanics while the patient is being lifted by the instructor.

This is a demo of how to do perineal care to female patients. The things needed to be prepared prior to the procedure are explained along with tips in positioning the patient.

Proper mouth care done on a pediatric patient is shown in this video. Each step in the procedure is explained by the instructor while doing the demonstrations.

Tips in assisting the patient in denture care are shown in this video. You can see how to properly clean the denture as shown by the instructor.

An actual insertion of nasogastric tube to a patient is shown in this video along with the step-by-step procedure in doing it. It’s a great guide especially for student nurses.

This is a good refresher demonstration of tracheostomy care for student nurses. It is also helpful for those who haven’t done trach care for a while. The basic principles of tracheostomy care are explained along with techniques in doing it.

This video features a demonstration of a tracheostomy suctioning  done in a real hospital setting. The suctioning method used in this demo is open-system.

A practical demonstration on how to do 12L to 15L ECG, this guide will help you master lead placements when doing ECG. There are some mnemonics taught in the video so you can easily remember the proper lead placements.

This is a return demonstration of a nursing student about the proper insertion of an indwelling foley catheter in female patients. The demo is done in a dummy patient. Each step is explained and demonstrated clearly.

This is a video demonstrating the sequence of steps necessary for the insertion of foley catheter in male patients. Aseptic technique is observed all throughout the procedure and some tips are also provided.

A demo on how you can do foley catheter care on a bed-ridden patient. This video specifically demonstrates the standard procedures recognized for catheter care. The purpose of each step in the procedure is explained well.

The correct sequence of donning hospital protective equipment is demonstrated in this video. Some tips in quickly wearing the protective equipment are also provided.

This is a video of a newborn bath demonstrated by a NICU nurse. Techniques in providing newborn bath and properly dressing the newborn baby are shown in the video.

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This is a video demonstrating how to start an IV line to a patient. It’s complete with the step-by-step process needed in starting an IV line as well as the things that must be considered before inserting the IV cannula.

This video provides a comprehensive explanation and demonstration on how to set up an IV line and piggybacks. The parts of the IV line as well as the purpose of each part are clearly explained. The video also has plenty of useful tips that both nursing students and professionals will find indispensable.

A video demonstrating the steps in administering medications through a gastrostomy tube. This tutorial provides tips and tricks in preparing oral medications that can be passed through a gastrostomy tube.

This is a video demonstrating how to do an IV push and how to attach piggybacks on patients with central lines. Steps in setting up the infusion pump is also discussed along with proper care for the tubes.

This is a 25-minute video about caring for the PICC line. A short introduction about the PICC line is shown at the beginning of the video.

An informative video on how to flush the PICC line. Proper care for the PICC line is also explained. Other useful tips are explained as well like cleaning the caps of the PICC line before flushing.

This is a demo of a nurse showing how to prepare and administer a TPN. She provided tips in incorporating multivitamins in the TPN bag.

The process, benefits, risks and alternatives of a blood transfusion are explained in this video. It is an informative learning material especially for nursing students.

This video simply demonstrates the ideal practice in starting a blood transfusion or an intravenous infusion. The things you need to check before transfusing a blood unit are also clearly explained in the video.

The most common blood transfusion reactions are presented in this video. Each transfusion reaction is explained along with the possible causes of the reaction.

A student nurse demonstrates how to prepare and administer medications through a PEG tube. The purpose of each step mentioned is clearly explained in the video.

Tips in mixing short-acting and long-acting insulin are provided in this video. The proper way of injecting insulin subcutaneously is demonstrated as well.


This 2-minute video is a clear and straightforward demonstration on how to put sterile gloves. Tips in putting the sterile gloves without compromising sterility are provided along with the demonstration.

This is a short two-minute video on how to do surgical hand scrubbing. The step-by-step process is well-explained and demonstrated.

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This is an inspiring video about a male nurse working in an Emergency Room.  He provides insights about being a male nurse and what to expect when you are working in the ER.

The basics of triage are explained in this video. This tutorial is a good introduction in learning triage nursing.

The popular medications commonly used in codes and other emergency situations are presented in this video.  Each drug is well-explained along with how each drug is administered.

This is a great simulation of a code blue. The work of a code team is shown in this video along with the assessment, intervention and documentation done during the code.

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This video demonstrates the techniques on how you can perform a successful CPR on an infant patient.

The first things you need to do in providing first aid for a choking baby is explained in this video. The tutorial is easy to understand for everyone even those who are not in the field of nursing.

This is a demonstration on how to do a  first aid CPR on an unconscious child choking. The technique in sweeping out the object obstructing the child’s airway is demonstrated. The EMS process is explained throughout the demonstration.

The things needed when performing an assessment on a conscious child choking are explained in this video. The technique in removing the object obstructing the child’s airway is shown along with how to care for the child after choking.

Made for EMTs and emergency responders outside the hospital facility, this video is a demo of resuscitating a child by using an AED. Chest compressions and proper attachment of AED leads are shown in the video.

Another demo in using an AED for adults, this is an instructional video from the International CPS Institute. The instructor clearly explained the steps needed to be done in using the AED during cardiac arrest.

This is a very informative video on how to interpret the EKG rhythms in a defibrillator monitor. You can practice how to interpret the EKG rhythms shown in the video. Some tips in remembering each rhythm are provided by the instructor.


A simple 5-keyword mnemonic for nursing delegation is taught in this video. The instructor in the video interacts with a student as he teaches nursing delegation for NCLEX review.

This is a fun way of learning how to reduce your study time when preparing for an examination. The instructor in the video explained how you can learn quickly even for NCLEX.

A 25-minute video on how you can analyze NCLEX style questions, this video is helpful in practicing how to answer correctly in your examination. Valuable tips are provided especially for the “select all that apply” type of question.

Tips in how to analyze and breakdown questions for NCLEX-RN exam are shown in this video. It is easy to understand and sample questions are provided.

The “select all that apply” type of question is one of the hardest questions to answer in NCLEX-RN examination. You can learn some useful tips in answering those questions with this video.

Tips in answering alternate format questions for the NCLEX-RN exam are provided in this video. Although it’s a long 55-minute presentation, the instructor shares some valuable tricks in analyzing questions. .

This video is all about laboratory values commonly included in NCLEX-RN examinations. Explanations for the laboratory values presented are also provided in the video.

Clinical reasoning for analyzing laboratory values is taught in this video. It’s a great way to refresh your knowledge about laboratory values before taking the NCLEX-RN examination.

This video is helpful whenever you encounter a question you have no idea about. It will teach you how to develop critical thinking skills in answering NCLEX questions.

A sample question is provided in this video and explained by the instructor. The instructor will help you analyze the question about client prioritization through his tips in breaking down the question.

Some practice questions are provided in this video along with the techniques on how you can analyze each.  The questions are guided with highlights and explanations for the correct answers.

This is a great video to hone your skills in answering practice questions for the NCLEX-RN exam. All you need is a pen and paper so you can answer the sample NCLEX questions presented in this video.

This is an intensive tutorial about understanding EKG strips. The video has some tips in answering questions related to interpretation of EKG rhythms.

Refresh your knowledge about fluid and electrolytes with this 30-minute tutorial video. It’s a great review material before taking an examination.

This video covers the important topics you need to review for the NCLEX-RN examination. You can also learn some tips in studying these topics in preparation for your exam.

This is a simple NCLEX review video about understanding cardiac drugs. Some important pointers are explained along with useful mnemonics you can use in remembering the purposes of the drugs presented.

This video explains a simple trick in learning respiratory drugs. Mnemonics are provided in the video along with in-depth explanations from the instructor.

This is a seven-minute video about remembering pharmacology easily for the NCLEX-RN examination.  The presentation in this video is easy to remember and the information listed is simplified so you can easily remember it for the examination.

This video shares a step-by-step guide in assessing a patient’s cranial nerves. From preparation to the actual assessment, you’ll find handy tips that can make the assessment as accurate and comfortable to the patient.

Memorizing how the blood flows through the heart is not as easy as it sounds. In this video, you’ll get a clearer idea of the process as well as tips that can help you memorize the flow a lot better.

Surgical suture removal is a nursing skill which you’ll have to perform on patients who received sutures following an injury or a procedure. To learn how to do it, this video shows the exact steps you have to take.

This video shows the different stages of labor as well as the signs and processes that happen in each one.

This video will guide you on how to properly assess both mother and child.

Shampooing and washing hair are skills you need to perform on patients who are unable to get out of bed or those restricted to do so. Here’s a video to show you how it should be done.

This video demonstrates the correct steps in administering enema.

Learn the proper way of changing dressings and the best tips to prevent infection during the process.

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