25 Cute and Creative Cakes for Nurses

cakes for nurses

You really can’t go wrong with cakes. Whether you are looking for something to give a retiring nurse or a colleague who’s celebrating her birthday, a cake will definitely put a smile on their faces.

If you are looking for ideas, we have a really awesome collection of cakes for nurses you’ll surely love. We’ve categorized them based on occasion, design, and even shape to make it easier for you to choose.

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Graduation Cakes for Nurses

If you have a family member or a friend who is graduating soon, consider surprising the new grads with these awesome graduation cakes.

Red Lifeline Graduation Cake

This red cake is very eye-catching and will surely make a memorable event even more unforgettable.

nursing graduation cake

Orange Tablet Cake

Need a simpler design but still want a pop of color? This orange cake screams celebration! You can even customize the note with your friend’s name.

nurse graduation cake

Caduceus Cake

Now THIS is a work of art. The detail and design are both simply outstanding on this amazing creation. This is one of the best cakes for nurses we’ve seen in a while. The bottom is a big band-aid, the second tier is a lifeline with the name of the new RN, the top tier has the caduceus, and it’s all topped off by a nurse cap.

nursing school graduation cake

Smiley Face Nursing Cake

Here’s a very simple but memorable cake for new nursing graduates! We love the chick-yellow color and the rather funny face. It can also be easily customized with the name of the new grad. We can’t all be cake Michaelangelos but this type of cakes for nurses is pretty doable.

smiley nurse cake

Personalized Nursing Graduation Cake

Here’s another example of graduation cakes for nurses that have a crazy amount of fine detail from the figure of the new nursing graduate down to the stethoscope, syringe, prescription bottle, band-aids, and lettering on the side.

All made of fondant, this is surely a pity to eat!

cute nurse cake

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Nurse Retirement Cakes

While some nurses are just about to start in this very challenging field, some nurses are bowing out of it after decades of committed service. Here is a farewell cake for veteran nurses. We salute you!

nurse retirement cake

Does your nurse like flowered lawns and the outdoors? This nurse cake is a departure from the usual nursing cake designs.

personalized retirement nurse cake

Nurse Cookies

If we stretch it a bit, nurse cookies are still nurse cakes… just smaller versions, that is! Check out these bite-sized goodies that are inspired by nursing.

Smiley Cookies and Assorted Cookies

These cookies are guaranteed to make any nurses’ day bright with fun and super cute designs!

nurse cookies

Blue and Red frosted cookies

Check out these color-themed goodies. Don’t they look tasty?

nursing cookies

Band-Aid Nurse Cookies

Crunch some nurse heads with these cute cookie designs.

nurses cookies

Stethoscope Cookies

These deceptively simple stethoscope cookies should be a hit in hospital parties.

stethoscope cookies

Pill Cookies

If you think medicines are a bitter pill to swallow, think again!

pill cookies

Nurse Cake Pops

Assorted nursing cake pops

These cakes on a stick have very funny nursing designs! Check out the nursing paraphernalia and the bug-eyed nurses on a stick.

nurse cake pops

Heart Cake Pops

Nurses are just about the only people who would find these heart cake pops scrumptious rather than revolting.

heart cake pops

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Heart Cake

Want more cakes for nurses with truly appetite-inducing designs? Here’s a strong candidate!

heart cake

Lungs Cake

Thank goodness this pair of lungs is looking pretty healthy. Can you guess the flavor? Chocolate inside maybe?

lung cake

Brain Cake

Zombie nurses will love brain cake. And they come in a lovely shade of pukey violet too!

brain cake

Monster High Nurse Cake

This Monster High Cake is an exceptional specimen of cakes for nurses. This is an ideal cake for Halloween parties or for nurses who like the show.

monster high nurse

Nurse Scrub Suit Cake

Nurses are always in their scrub suits every day at work. It’s probably only fitting to get a scrub suit cake. This cake is a good design idea for birthdays and graduations.

nursing scrub cakes

Blue Scrub Suit Cake

Here’s another scrub suit cake in a beautiful light blue color. The ID tag is a nice touch and we want that lollipop, please!

nurse inspired cake

EMS Cake

Here’s a simple yet elegant EMS cake design. Imagine how blue your teeth would be though.

ems cake

Nurse Cupcakes

Each nurse cupcake is a labor of love and a work of heart. These designs are seriously amazing. And do we see red velvet cake underneath?

nursing cupcakes

Nurse Heads Cupcakes

Do you know what would be super funny and amusing? It’s making nurse head cupcakes for your nurse colleagues on your department or floor. These would be a sure hoot!

nurse cupcakes

Thermometer Treats

Want something savory? These pretzels are a change of taste. White chocolate dipped pretzels are transformed into thermometers using chocolate and edible markers.

thermometer treats

Despicable Me Nurse Minion Birthday Cake

Our last cake for the day is this nurse minion. We think it’s too adorable to eat.

nurse minion cake

That’s our latest list of cute and creative cakes for nurses. We hope that you enjoyed our roundup list. We won’t be too surprised if you stop for cake later!