3 Amazing Christmas Day Stories by Nurses That Will Warm Your Heart

christmas stories by nurses

During Christmas, Santa Claus isn’t the only busy person around. Nurses spend their Christmas day at the hospital just to make sure their patients stay safe. However, despite not being able to spend time with their families at home, working on Christmas day isn’t a total nightmare for nurses.

These Christmas stories by nurses can show you exactly why.

Working Christmas Day

christmas dinner story

The story starts on an unusually quiet day in the Emergency Room. Victoria was the triage nurse that day. After getting a cup of hot cider, she came back to five patients waiting to be evaluated.

Two children had headaches but there were no obvious signs that they were in pain. Two other children reported to have earaches but only one of them could tell which ear was hurting. The adult woman, on the other hand, complained of cough but it was obvious that she was working to produce it.

Victoria became suspicious, so she went ahead and carefully checked the patients’ charts. There was no address. The family was homeless.

Because it was wrong for hospitals to turn away patients, Victoria and the nurses went to work. However, instead of responding to a medical emergency, they prepared for a Christmas emergency.

They prepared a banquet for the family with the free meals they got from the hospital cafeteria. They put together oranges and apples and goodie bags of stickers, candies, and crayons they found around the station.

The nurses took turns in joining the party. Each of them spent time to get to know the family.

When it was Victoria’s turn, she asked the children about their dreams. One of them said that she wanted to be a nurse so she could help people. Upon hearing this, the mother smiled and said that all she wanted was for her family to be safe and warm, just like how they were in the Emergency Room.

As the family was about to leave, one of the little kids ran back to Victoria. “Thank you for being our angels today,” the kid said.


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From bitter to blessed

nurse christmas stories

This Christmas story was written by a nurse we’d call Any Nurse. And just like most nurses, she wasn’t too eager to work on Christmas Day. In fact, she dreaded the shift from the moment her alarm clock woke her up.

But just like most nurses, Any Nurse had to go to the hospital. As soon as she started her shift, IV alarms started beeping, call lights were ringing, and pharmacy techs became busy delivering medications.

While she was busy trying to get an IV in one stick on a patient who badly needed a blood transfusion, a code blue was paged. Her heart jumped and skipped a little imagining that someone’s loved one was coding on such a special day.

Down the hall, she saw Valerie. She’s a 2-year old burn patient, a victim of a kitchen accident. Any Nurse hoped that Valerie wouldn’t have any disfiguring scars. Just imagining Valeria at 13 years old and dealing with those scars made her heart hurt. Any Nurse has a 2-year-old kid.

She went on to help Anita, her nursing assistant. They bathe a 76-year-old patient who was admitted with a stroke. The two of them combed the patient’s thinning hair and applied a red lipstick to her lips. With the patient’s garbled speech, she managed to say “Thank you, dear.”

On her way back to the station, Any Nurse answered a call light from a patient who was cold. She went to the supply room and found several blanket warmers. As she gave one to her patient, she saw her smile as the warmth seeped in.

After her shift, Any Nurse felt really excited to go home, share her day with her husband, and cuddle with her healthy kids.


A neonatal critical care nurse’s story

rosie warr christmas story

Rosie Warr has been working as a nurse for 40 years. More than half of her Christmas Days have been spent in the hospital.

It has been her tradition to make her patients and their families’ Christmas Day extra special. After all, it’s their first Christmas together.

Rose dresses the babies in Christmas outfits. Some of them will be covered with decorative quilts. Her team creates Christmas cards made from the babies’ footprints, too.

As Christmas comes, her unit becomes extra busy as the brothers and sisters of the patients come to visit. And seeing their babies all dressed up is such a lovely surprise for them.


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