DIY Thanksgiving Decorations


Nurses, Thanksgiving is nearly upon us and if you haven’t started on Thanksgiving decorations yet or just want to add a few more to spice up your floor or your home, check out these easy and creative decor we’ve collected for you.

We’ve made it easy to follow instructions by choosing tutorials and videos so check out these fun ideas. Patients will love them and you’re bound to pick up ideas for many Thanksgivings to come!

Mini Pumpkin Vase

These little Thanksgiving vases will surely brighten up any room whether it be a ward, the nurses’ station, or even your own living room or dining room. You can even have your elderly or pediatric patients help with the flower arrangement. Just make sure they have no allergies to any of the materials.


Source: diycandy

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Thanksgiving Turkey Napkin

This is a very creative way to brighten up the dining table. Make a Thanksgiving turkey with your dinner napkins. You’ll need orange cloth napkins to make this work. Once you have the materials, they’re very very easy to do.


Source: indulgy

Thanksgiving Turkey Wreath

Want to hang a funny-looking turkey on your door or wall? Check out this step-by-step tutorial for a Thanksgiving Turkey wreath.


Source: sheknows

Foraged Fall Lanterns

These foraged fall lanters look AWESOME at night. Once finished, the candle light flickers through the glass and autumn leaves.

If you can’t have naked candles on the floor, use battery-operated flickering lights. You can get them from online stores or hardware shops.

Source: eHow

DIY Leaf Bowls

These are very similar in idea to the foraged fall lanterns above. Except for a glass though, you’ll be gluing pretty autumn leaves onto a bowl you’ll be using for a mold. But don’t worry! You’ll be prepping the bowl with cooking spray and plastic wrap so the leaves don’t actually stick to it.

Once done, this leaf bowl will look great with chocolates, biscuits, or candies.

diy leaf bowls

Source: thekrazycouponlady

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Thanksgiving Pie Garland

Now this is one decor that will make you salivate! Thanksgiving pie!

Hanging garlands can be depended upon to lend a festive air to any space and these thanksgiving pie triangles are no exception. The instructions look precise but if you’re in a hurry, you can wing it and leave out the pompoms. (But they make the whole ensemble look cute!)

Now we want some apple pie and pumpkin pie!

thanksgiving pie garland

Source: marthastewart

DIY Table Decor

It’s amazing the things one can do with googly eyes and pinecones. Make a funny turkey using just pinecones, feathers, and felt.

If you’re stationed in pediatrics, your little patients will surely love handing you materials as you make these table decor. Just be sure to keep them away from the hot glue!


Source: shopruche

Happy Thanksgiving, nurses! May you be blessed with a harvest of good times.

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