16 Ridiculously Funny ER Nurse Memes That Are Too Relatable

er nurse meme

No two shifts in the Emergency Room are the same. Each shift, you have to be prepared to face new challenges as well as deal with new tasks. The constant variety and excitement of the area can cause a lot of stress. Even if you are a naturally calm person, you may still find working in the ER a bit overwhelming.

If you are looking for ways to de-stress, here are 16 of the funniest ER nurse memes that’ll ease away your

1. Welcome To The ER

er nurse welcome meme

2. Triage Nurse

er triage nurse meme

3. Resting Bitch Face

er nurse resting bitch face meme

4. When you get report from ER

er nurse patient report meme

5. When Your Patient Denies Using Drugs

er nurse patient meme

6. I’m Never Coming Back To This Hospital

er nurse never coming back meme

7. How Nurses Enter A Room

er nurse mrsa meme

8. So You Have A Slight Headache

er nurse like to live dangerously meme

9. You Didn’t Give Their Home Meds

er nurse i dont care face meme

10. The First Person You See

er nurse hold my beer meme

11. When It’s Your Day Off

er nurse friend meme

12. The Face ER Nurses Make

er nurse face meme

13. The Face You Make When

er nurse er patient meme

14. How ER Nurses Respond to Code Blue

er nurse code blue meme

15. The Difference Between ICU Nurse And ER Nurse

er nurse and icu nurse meme

16. My Pain Is 20 Out Of 10

er nurse 2 types of patients meme