15 Totally Free Nursing Apps Every Nurse Must Have


Nurses are expected to perform at their best all the time. Engaging in a continuous learning process is one way for that to happen. Good thing there’s technology to help you out. Using it the right way can keep you updated with the latest development in the nursing care process. It can even help you retain previously learned knowledge and skills better.

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If you are wondering what Nursing applications you can download for free, check out these totally free nursing apps you can use:

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This is a calculating application, as the name suggests, and will help you calculate Framingham or CHADs2 scores in a jiffy.

A really good laboratory app, MD EZ Labs displays normal values and possible differentials. It also suggests links so you can research further whatever you are looking for.

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This application contains more than 3,200 diseases, conditions, and procedures. If you are having a hard time understanding a certain medical condition or disease, or maybe a diagnosis, you can simply look it up on Medscape.

You can use Epocrates to look for drug interactions and other drug information. Its user interface is very clean and easy to use.

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This cool app offers important details like Nursing skills, IV rates and medication dosages. It also offers general information like medical terminologies, abbreviations, suffixes and prefixes, drug calculations and the like.

Yes, we are nurses, but would you mind knowing what you are looking at when you see an X-ray? Think about it.

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It offers all the health facts and information you need to know. It also has interactive tools that you can use anywhere, anytime!

This cool app offers clinical practice articles and other health and medical information we need to know. This is definitely one of the good finds, Kids!

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This app gives you access to CME/CE credits, comprehensive reference information and even the latest medical breaking news! How’s that for a free app?

The app’s name says it all. It is a mobile guide packed with helpful diagnoses, interventions, and their rationales. It is also very easy to use!

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It used to be called Skyscape Medical Resources, but has been redesigned and now has a new name. Omnio is one of the most essential nursing apps and clinical mobile resources where you can find lots of medical and health information. It’s easy to use and very well-organized.

Whether you are a new or veteran nurse, installing this app on your phone can help you be more aware of what your patients’ diseases mean as well as their signs and symptoms.

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Comprehensive and easy-to-use, this app provides information on generic and trade name drugs. It even has sections for interactions, administration, and patient teaching.

This app is a handy tool for computing IV drip rates. It’s helpful in making sure you don’t deliver IV fluids less or way more than your patients are supposed to receive.

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Great for nurse faculty, staff nurses, and nurse administrators, this app has relevant clinical resources nurses can use in providing care o their patients.

There you have it — 15 must-use Nursing apps that you should try now. Do you know of other Nursing apps that you think every nurse should try? If so, share them with us. We would love to hear from you!

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