18 Memes That Show Nurses Are Near-Indestructible


Happy National Healthcare Risk Management Week, Nurses! Whew, what a mouthful. If there’s anything that it reminds us of, it’s how near-indestructible nurses are. More often than not, we’re the last one standing in a sea of toxic everything.

Just to remind you of nurses’ superpowers along with the trials and tribulations of this profession…

  1. Breaks? What breaks?


2. Stomachs of steel

nurse funny memes

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3. Living the dangerous life

funny nurse humor memes

4. Caffeine-proof

nurse coffee humor

5. Night shift duty

6. Strutting home to a day off

nursing meme day off

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7. Surviving!

nurse humor shift

8.  Feeling just dandy

nurse meme what i feel

9. Them coping mechanisms

nurse funny image

10. I’m the best!

nursing meme

11. Stress-free job

nurse stress humor

12. Only nurses would understand

humor nurse

13. Come hell or high water

meme for nurses

14. How you feel…

nurse humor

15. Just wanna go home

nurse meme zombie

16. I’m fine!

nurses meme

17. My inner-nurse

nursing funny memes

18. Understaffed and overworked

nurse awesome meme

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