15 Funny Signs You Grew Up With A Mom Who Is A Nurse

funny signs your mom is a nurse

Having a mom who is a nurse comes with a lot of perks as well as disadvantages.

For one, you don’t need to worry every time you get minor cuts or injuries; Mommy is always ready to provide first aid just in the nick of time.

But having a mom and a nurse in one also means you can’t lie about your own health. With all those hospital experiences under her belt, she could tell with eyes closed if you’re really sick or if you’re just faking it.

Here are another 15 funny signs that your mommy’s a nurse:

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1. You grew up wanting to also become a nurse in the future. Well, being a nurse seems like a really wonderful thing because you love what your mom does.

2. All your homework and art projects were secured with surgical tape. Lots and lots of tape.

3. Never in your entire life have you successfully faked a sickness. Ever.

4. As a kid, you knew medical terms like tonsillitis instead of a sore throat.

5. The names of your mom’s colleagues ended with the initials RN, BSN, MD, DDS or DO.

6. You always get corrected that you only have soft stool, not diarrhea.

7. Your mom always brings you some things from the hospital like tapes, swabs or needleless syringes.

8. You’ve learned how to not get grossed out when your mom and her friends are talking about their day.

9. When you need to be brought to the Emergency Room, your mom has the complete list of all your medical histories, allergies and past hospitalizations.

10. When you say you vomited, you will be asked about its  consistency and color and you are to answer her questions in full detail.

11. You don’t need to go to a hospital or a clinic to get your flu shot.

12. Your friends ask you to diagnose them.

13. There are books with pictures of organs and genitals all over your house, but it’s not a big deal.

14. Hospitals don’t terrify you.

15. You knew that it wasn’t just a side pain. It was  pain in your left lower quadrant.


Funny, you may say, but having a nurse as a mother can be very rewarding most of the time. They have been taking care of you since you were a baby, and they will take care of you for the rest of your life. You may have not chosen to have a mom who is a nurse, but we all know how thankful you are.


About the Author: Mary Elizabeth Velarmino Francisco earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree from the Ateneo de Zamboanga University, Philippines. She is always happy to share her passion for writing and blogging. With coffee running through her veins, she enthusiastically battles each day, one article at a time.