10 Hilarious and Funny Stress Balls For Nurses

funny stress balls

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Nurses are too familiar with stress. With staffing challenges, long hours of work, and heavy workloads, it’s easy for nurses to suffer from burnout. And if you don’t address that as fast as you can, it can force you to take off your cap and just walk away.

Now, before you reach that point, we’d like you to check out these funny stress balls for nurses. They won’t just help induce relaxation but they are also guaranteed to make you laugh.

1Breast Squeeze Ball

This Fake Breast Squeeze Boob Ball doesn’t just look like the real thing but it also feels like one. Made from high-quality silicone rubber, you can poke and squeeze it anytime you feel stressed out. It’s very soft and has a squishy texture that can surely help relieve your tension. Now, if you worry about looking weird at work, this stress ball actually comes with a gift pouch. You can keep it in your locker, bag, or even your car and let your stress out any time.

2Eye-Popping Frog Squeeze Toy

If you are looking for something that’s a bit more wholesome, then this Squishy Eye-Popping Frog is the one for you. It’s easy to grip and wrap your hands around. Made from durable plastic, this squeeze ball won’t break or crack no matter how hard you squeeze it. And once squeezed, its eyes will pop out and retract to their original position as soon as you release your grip. It’s hand washable so you won’t have to worry about bacteria growing on them.

3Funny Face Stress Balls

Mad at someone at work? This face stress ball can definitely help release all those pent-up emotions. You can stomp, throw, roll or mash it without worrying about breaking it. The stress ball can easily snap back to its original expression. It’s easy to clean, too!

4Grey Wolf

This Grey Wolf Stress Ball is totally hilarious! Its eyeballs spin around wildly as they pop out of their sockets. You can squeeze it or give it a good shake each time you need something to lighten up your mood. The stress ball is big enough to fit large hands and it can withstand incredible force.

5Poop Emojis Stress Balls

While most people would probably cringe at the idea, nurses will surely enjoy playing with these Poop Emoji Stress Balls. They come in pairs so you can have one little poo on each hand when you’re feeling stressed out. You’ll get an organza bag for each set you buy, so go ahead and buy some for your colleagues!

6Sumo Wrestler Squeezies

Stomp out your stress with these Sumo Wrestler Squeezies. They are soft and extremely cute which make them highly irresistible. Despite being affordable, you won’t be disappointed with its design. Its details are impressive and its squat pose is really stable. It can sit on a flat surface without rolling or falling off.

7Panic Pete

Being a classic toy, Panic Pete won’t run out of style ever. Standing 5 inches tall, this squeeze ball promises better performance at a much affordable price. When you squeeze its belly, its eyes, ears, and nose will pop out, making it the perfect stress reliever. You’ll have a hard time looking at it without laughing!

8Testicle Shaped Stress Balls

These Testicle Shaped Stress Balls might offer a vulgar way to release your stress at work, but they definitely work. Filled with gel liquid, you’ll be able to feel the testicles inside the scrotum. You can poke, squeeze, and grab them until all your stress and tension go away.

9Poppin Peepers Cow

You’re in for a surprise with this Popping Peepers Cow. It’s funny to play with that you won’t be able to stop squeezing it. It’s easy to squeeze and it holds up pretty well. It has enough air inside to push its eyes out.

10Shark Anti-stress Helper

This Shark Anti-stress Helper is made of plastic, making it durable even for throwing. Apart from durability, it’s also pretty funny. When you squeeze the sides of the shark, the leg moves out of its mouth!

Are Stress Balls Effective?

The answer is yes.

When you’re stressed out, your body physically clenches and tenses up. As you squeeze a stress ball, some kind of energy is released and this induces relaxation.

Now, there’s just a small catch.

Although stress balls are effective in relieving stress, you shouldn’t rely on them all the time. You should consider exercising or meditating if you want benefits that can last you for a long time.

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