10 Funny Types of Nurses You Meet in the Hospital

types of nurses

Although all nurses have the same goal of taking care of patients effectively, one nurse is always different from the other. There are many types of nurses we will meet, some of them funny, some not really.

Here are ten funny types of Nurses you usually meet in the hospital:


The Grim Nurse.

These nurses are the ones who do not know how to smile. They’re still very funny in a way because they lack humor and other nurses tend to get scared of them.


The Munching Nurse.

If you are on duty and suddenly feel hungry, these are the nurses you have to look for. You will always see them carrying snacks like a chocolate bar or a fruit everywhere in the unit.

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The Gay Nurse.

These nurses are the ones who make even the graveyard shifts really lively. They are there to always make people laugh and they always carry around with them a good batch of jokes that can make your extremely toxic shift a lot better.


The Fitness Freak Nurse.

You will catch these nurses flexing their biceps or checking out their abs. They always look fit and healthy and will always be running around wearing their fancy sneakers. Of course, working out will always be what they will be talking about.


The Party Nurse.

They are the ones who are always ready to party. When someone’s birthday is coming up, they will be the ones who will always volunteer to organize a surprise birthday party. They also like planning any kind of party—from a farewell party to a break-room party—just for the sake of keeping the unit full of food!


The Fashion Model Nurse.

These are nurses who look really good in their scrubs that people start thinking they buy new scrubs every week. Of course, they love the attention!


The Cheeky Nurse.

These nurses will say anything they want to say in front of anyone. It seems like everything they say is shocking and funny at the same time.


The Energized Nurse.

They take all extra shifts, work overtime and seem to never get tired of it. If you start asking, they will never stop telling you about how much coffee they have consumed just to take over someone else’s shift for the day. Amazing, they are!


The New Nurse.

You will always see them with their eyes wide like owls, searching everywhere for answers, always sweating like pigs because of anxiety. They will ask everyone a lot of questions that may have already been answered three times before. You must always remember: Patience is a virtue!


The Old Nurse.

These nurses know everything. They are full of experience, wisdom and they are experts on most hospital procedures. They are not lazy, but they just lack the energy to work as swiftly as they used to. This must be because they have been working in the same hospital for decades now. It looks like they will be retiring soon.


Do you think there are other hilarious types of nurses you meet in the hospital? Share your thoughts with us and let us laugh together!


About the Author: Mary Elizabeth Velarmino Francisco earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree from the Ateneo de Zamboanga University, Philippines. She is always happy to share her passion for writing and blogging. With coffee running through her veins, she enthusiastically battles each day, one article at a time.