Cute Mother’s Day Gifts That Every Mom Will Love


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It’s Mother’s Day again – that time of the year when we celebrate mothers all over the world. While every mama hustling on a daily basis to provide and take care of their family deserves appreciation all the time, a yearly celebration to go all out is also fun for everyone. After all, she’s the special lady who helped you through nursing school, cheered for all your triumphs and commiserated with you through all the adversities.

So if you’re wondering what special something to gift your mom on her special day, here are some Mother’s Day gifts that moms will love.

Lavender Candles

Make your mother laugh with this funny candle. It’s Mom’s Last Nerve – oh look… it’s on fire. We guarantee at least a smile or maybe a hearty guffaw once she opens the box and sees what’s inside.

Even better, the candle is made from soy and it’s lavender-scented. It will help her relax during stressful days and remind her of her favorite daughter (or son!). Gift Card in a Mother’s Day Greeting Card

If your mom is hard to buy gifts for because she has very specific likes, then a Gift Card is the best choice. She will have fun going through the plentiful options on Amazon and making her picks. This way, you can be sure your gift will be used instead of gathering dust in a forgotten shelf at home.

The gift cards go as low as $50 to $200 and the actual gift card comes in a very pretty floral box with a pink ribbon.

Bath Bombs Gift Set

Pamper your mom with these handcrafted moisturizing bath bombs. They come in a classy box that once opened reveals 12 colorful bath bombs with the most amazing scents: Angel – Black Raspberry Vanilla – Fun in the Shower – Fun on the Beach – Kiwi & Strawberry – Lavender – Lemongrass Green Tea – Love – Mango papaya – Melon Ball – Shea & Coconut – Victorian Rose. Some of the balls come with flower petals.

Each gift set is handcrafted in California, USA with a green manufacturing process. Made from non-toxic materials, you need not worry that they will stain your tub.

Candle Holder Statue

This mother and daughter statue is so sweet that it’s a must-have. The statue depicts a mother and child in a full embrace whilst the mother’s skirt is actually the base of a candle holder. The heart-shaped cut-outs are very lovely and especially meaningful. When lit, the statue emits a gentle and warm flickering glow.

The statue is quite tall at 9 inches high. It is hand-painted and made of resin. We especially like that it comes with a LED candle which is a safer alternative to regular candle tea lights. Batteries are included.

Solios Mini Solar Watch

If your mom is into green choices when purchasing things, check out this beautiful watch by Solios. Every Solios watch has a solar-powered movement. It has a battery life of 50 years and a power reserve of 6 months. It recharges for 5 hours under the sun and 24 hours under a regular lamp. It is water resistant for up to 30 meters.

The Solios Mini, in particular, can be personalized by having it engraved.

The first watch to be B Corp certified, the Solios’ performance is topnotch and it looks very classy, too. For every watch sold, Solios commits to restoring one acre of rainforest.

Prayer for My Mom

If your mom is religious and prayerful, she will love this wall hanging of a Mom Prayer. Made in the USA, it is a high quality frame made with real wood.

The back comes off easily so you can remove the generic photo it comes with and replace it with your favorite photo of you and your mom. It will make this gift even more personal.

The prayer goes: Dear God I gratefully thank you for giving me my Mom, you must really love me ’cause you gave the best you had. Watch over her and Bless her Lord and keep her in your care, and may she feel my love for her is my humble, heartfelt prayer.

Mom’s One Line a Day: A Five-Year Memory Book

This journal is one of our favorite gifts to give for people who love to journal. There are many similar diaries and journals you can buy, but the beauty of this particular one is how it is structured. There is a page for every day of the year, but within each page, there are entries for all the 5 years.

What this means is that as you use this journal every year, you will see how you were feeling and what you were doing that same day from previous years. Doesn’t that sound awesome?

Mother & Son Necklace

For the male nurses out there, here is a perfect gift for your Mom on Mother’s day. It’s a Mother and Son necklace. The interlocking circles are meant to convey the infinite bond between mother and child. In person, it is dainty and well-made.

It is made of 925 sterling silver and does not contain nickel. The necklace itself is 19 inches in length.

Mother & Daughter Necklace

Sisters, if you liked the necklace and want to get your own mom one too, don’t worry. There is a version for Mother and Daughter. The same specs apply as the Mother and Son necklace we described above.

Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager with Soothing Heat

With old age come those dratted neck and back pains. Personal massages from you are great, of course, but since you can’t always be around, here is a good stand-in. This Nekteck neck and shoulder massager is perfect for muscle pain, stiffness, and cervical fatigue from a long day.

This massager works through vibration, kneading, and heat. If your mom is a fan of deep tissue massage, then this will work great for her.

Star Wars R2-D2 Greatest Mom in the Galaxy Mother’s Day T-Shirt

Are you a family of Star Wars enthusiasts? Did you have fun watching a Star Wars movie in the past? If yes, then definitely get her this Star Wars R2-D2 shirt. The front says “Greatest Mom in the Galaxy”. Too cute!

It comes in different cuts and colors so you can choose the best fit and color for your mother.

Music Box

No female can resist a musical box. It always evokes nostalgia when those tinkling notes drift in the air. This music box plays “You are my sunshine”, has a beautiful lasered box, and the lid has the following sweet message:

My dear Mom, for all the times I forgot to thank you. For all the special little things you do. For all the words that sometimes go unspoken. I need to say I LOVE YOU MOM, I DO. Love, your daughter.

The sound of the music box itself is very surprising. I expected it to be tinny and maybe a bit painful to listen to, but the sound is full and bright. It is definitely value for money. There are videos on the Amazon product page from satisfied buyers if you want to hear the sound yourself.

Wood Sign

Remind your mom how much she means to you everyday with this sweet wall hanging. She’ll be thrilled, and it will look great displayed in your family living room.

Made of real wood, the print is well-done. It is sturdy and yet lightweight. Just a note that it looks bigger in the photo.

Funny Wine Glass

If your mom loves wine and humor, then this funny wine glass should be perfect for her glass collection. The glass has 3 pour levels – Small Pour, Large Pour, and Mom Pour.

The glass itself is crystal clear stemware made in the USA. It has 13 oz capacity and is dishwasher safe.

Burt’s Bees Mothers Day Gifts for Mom

Pamper her with Burt’s Bees Almond Milk Hand Cream, Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream, Shea Butter Hand Repair Cream. One thing we can say about Burt’s Bees beauty products apart from the quality of the products is that the packaging is always, always eye candy.

Shea butter is known for moisturizing and nourishing properties so it is good for your mom’s dry and ageing skin. It also smells wonderful.

Perry Ellis 360 Fragrance Set

This gift recommendation is a bit more tricky because it is hard to gift scents to others. However, this fragrance set should be a nice surprise for her. The set comes with the Fresh, Lavender, and Pineapple scents.

The bottles are small. Perhaps a bit bigger than a lighter? The set is a fun gift though because your giftee gets to choose different scents for different days. They’re perfect for traveling or for the woman who likes to change it up everyday.

Best Mom Ever Coffee Mug

Coffee drinker mom? No occasion is complete without that novelty mug. This coffee mug is a great pick though because of the pink marble pattern and sweet BEST MOM EVER message. The mug itself is ceramic and comes with a really cute spoon and coaster (or lid depending on how you want to use it).

The box it comes in is surprisingly cute and so long as it is not damaged, really elevates the gift experience.

Photo Holder

We’ve listed many wall hangings here but this particular photo holder is quite unique. Apart from the wooden Mom I Love You sign, it also comes with a hemp rope and 8 wooden clips. Using these, you can clip on your favorite and most memorable mother and child photos. You can print out photos from when you were a baby with your mom or maybe your nursing graduation photos with your Mom or parents by your side.

The size of the wooden sign is 15.7″ W × 5.9″ D × 1″ H.

Stainless Steel Leopard Tumbler

Check out the funny and campy design on this stainless steel tumbler. If that’s you and your mom, then you definitely need to get this for her as a gift.

The tumbler itself is made from food-grade stainless steel cup and comes with a BPA-free clear lid. Its ability to keep drinks hot or cold is actually quite a surprise because it works so well given the low price tag. It can keep your drink hot or cold for 9 hours depending on the weather and temperature.

Disney Characters Neutral Mother’s Day T-Shirt

Does your family have a Disney tradition? Do you go to Disneyworld with the family? Do you watch Disney movies together? If yes, then this super cute shirt is the perfect gift for your mom. It features 6 mother-and-child characters from Disney movies. Can you name them all?

It comes in different cuts and colors so you can choose the best fit and color for your mother.

Did anything on the list catch your eye? Whether your mom is a home design geek, skincare lover, or someone who loves practical gifts, you’ll certainly make Mother’s Day extra special with the gift ideas above.