20 Cool Instagram Accounts For Nurses and Nursing Students

Instagram accounts for nurses

Are you looking for Instagram accounts for nurses?

Nowadays, there are so many funny, entertaining, and even inspiring Instagram accounts created by nurses for nurses. In the middle of a busy day, they’re a fast way to get your “fun fix” just by simply scrolling through the Instagram feed of your phone.

We’ve curated some of the best Instagram accounts for you below. On the right of each photo, you’ll see some of the interactions and comments from fellow nurses. Follower count is as of writing.

1. @nurselifern

If you’re tired of seeing the same nursing memes over and over again, you’ll like @nurselifern. “All memes are original unless stated otherwise.”

Followers: 628k

nurse life

2. @nursesproud

@nurseproud is the account of a website that sells shirts. However, they have one of the largest collections of nursing memes that generate thousands of likes and comments on a daily basis.

Followers: 332k

nurses proud

3. @nursesofinstagram

You can tell by the name, @nursesofinstagram is where all nurses from different countries and places meet and relate with each others’ experiences. As they say, “Meeting nurses from around the world❤ ???? No matter where we practice, we can all relate!☺”

Followers: 255k

nurses of instagram

4. @nursehumorprn

@nursehumorprn posts daily humor for nurses. They have a disclaimer though: “This is humor, we all love our jobs and give our patients 100+ % Laughs make it easier. If you get butt hurt easily, this is not your page.”

Followers: 217k


Do you want to follow (the Instagram account of) a hot and tatted male nurse? If yes, @nursemendoza is for you. “GentlemanByDay MurseByNight TattedByChoice”

Followers: 158k

Nurse mendoza


Snarktastic nurses are in the house! “Love our jobs but inappropriate humor keeps us sane.”

Followers: 424k

snarky nurses

7. @instanursing

@instanursing is the Instagram account of Richard Soto RN of the Emergency Department. He shares humorous memes, nursing jokes, and inspiring content.

Followers: 87k


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8. @nursingschool

@nursingschool is specially for nursing students who are trying to survive nursing school. “Nursing school… tough but rewarding! Pictures, quotes, & some humor to remind you why you chose to do it in the first place”

Followers: 82.2k

nursing school

9. @medjobbers

Need a job? This Instagram account not just posts daily nursing humor. It also posts job openings in different states. @medjobbers is a great Instagram account to follow if you’re in the market for a new job.

Followers: 51.2k


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10. @nursingschoolproblems

@nursingschoolproblems is the Instagram account of Anastacia, a fellow nursing student.  Get to share your nursing school woes by following this account.  Her profile picture is particularly funny.

I’m Anastasia. Spring 14′ BSN, RN grad????from UC????. Here I will share my experiences & you can share yours. You are not alone. We are a family.”

Followers: 53.3k

nursing school problems

11. @fabulousrn1

@fabulousrn1 shares funny nursing memes and jokes. “Nurses are fabulous. Fucking fabulous.”

While this Instagram account shares the usual nursing memes, we also love her personal photos that still find a connection to nursing. Here’s @fabulousrn1’s dinner that morphed into a pair of lungs. Hilarious!

Followers: 74.2k


12. @nursingproblems

@nursingproblems shares the common woes of nurses everywhere. “Just your daily dose of nursing love & humor”

This particular post made us LOL.

Followers: 19.9k


13. @nursedeal

@nursedeal is proud to be a nurse. Follow this Instagram account for your daily dose of Nursing Memes and Quotes.

Followers: 32.1k

Nurse deal

14. @scrubsmag

If you like the Scrubs Mag website, you’ll want to follow their Instagram account too. The Nurse’s Guide to Good Living!”

Followers: 65.5k


15. @thatnursebert

Check out @thatnursebert to follow a fun nurse on Instagram. His bio reads “Nursing adventures, true stories, and other mischiefs. Texas. Twenty years as a LVN. Army veteran. I love Shiner Bock. Organ donation saves lives.”

Followers: 14.2k


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16. @nursesonja

@nursesonja shares some really motivational posts about working as a CTICU RN. If you are aspiring to pursue the same specialty, she is definitely the one to follow.

Followers: 34.9k

17. @nursingschoolstruggle

Nursing school is really hard and there’s no denying that. @nursingschoolstruggle, however, has some really awesome tips and tricks to make your stay at nursing school a lot more fun. You’ll find tons of memes there, too.

Followers: 15.2k

[email protected]_me_rn

We all know how draining our job can be and @humor_me_rn aim to help us stay sane with humor. Although they are still rebuilding their community, you’ll find a good number of nurses getting their much-needed laughter from their hilarious posts.

Followers: 84.1k

19. @nursidosis

If you want to see really cool hand-drawn nursing cheat sheets, you can’t go wrong by following Frank Trujillo. You’ll totally love his motivational memes, too.

Followers: 9.2k

20. BONUS: @nursebuff

And of course, we can’t forget our own @nursebuff Instagram account. Help us build our following. We need your support! 🙂


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