Nursebuff Writer: Je Abarra

Je Abarra is a freelance writer at NurseBuff. Her career in freelance writing started in 2009 when she worked as a ghost writer and translator for academic papers while completing her Nursing degree at the same time. After obtaining her bachelor’s degree in Nursing, she successfully passed her license examination and became a Registered Nurse.

Freelance career

As she started working in a hospital, she continued with her freelance writing career online. Je focused on healthcare and medical-related writing as she wrote for one of the most popular nursing blogs on the internet —

Apart from article-writing, Je also worked on highly technical projects like functionality testing, bug report writing, and survey design. In the last few years, she also gained experience in the management of WordPress-based blogs and in  Social Media Marketing (SMM).

Nursing career

Even as Je learned various skills online, Nursing was still her number 1 priority.

She first started as a Private Duty Nurse and took care of a geriatric patient for a year. She then worked as a Staff Nurse in a general ward for another year before being assigned to the pediatric ward.

After a year in the pediatric ward, she was appointed as the Infection Control Officer of the hospital. In this position, she managed infection control programs for patients and employees. She also worked in government health programs like HIV-AIDS Counseling, Tuberculosis Directly Observed Short Course Treatment (TB-DOTS), Communicable Diseases Surveillance and Reporting and Emerging Infectious Disease Threats Training for Ebola Virus Disease and MERS-CoV.

Je’s experience in her 5-year nursing career helped her to write insightful articles based on real experience and thoughtful observation. She tackled and shared timely nursing issues and concepts among her fellow nurses around the world.

Originally from the Philippines, she moved to Montréal, Québec to explore her career advancement opportunities.

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If you have a question for Je or about any of her articles, you may contact us at [email protected].