16 Male Nurse Jokes (Of Murses and Men)


Nurses are not strangers to male nurse jokes. Along with jokes about nursing school or clinicals, there are also jokes about male nurses.

While a joke is by its nature supposedly funny and humorous, male nurse jokes are usually reflections of the trials and tribulations of males in the female-dominated Nursing profession.

Let’s check out the most popular male nurse jokes in Pinterest.

1.  What people say

male nurse chart

2. Stop saying “male nurse”

male nurse ecards

3. Yes, I’m a male nurse

male nurse grumpy cat

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4. Tell me more

male nurse joke meme

5. They can find your…

male nurse joke

6. How people see me

male nurse meme

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7. How long?


8. I will poke you!

male nurse jokes meme

9. Dear Staff….

male nurse jokes

10. What people think I do

male nurse

11. Call me…

male nurse memes

12. The male nursing school


13. Confused dino thoughts


14. What male nurses do

male nurse

15. Keep laughing

nurse jokes

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16. Not gay!

Nurse male jokes

What is the ratio of females versus male nurses in your field? Are YOU a male nurse? Share your experiences with us in our FB page or Instagram anytime!