20 Inspirational Mantras for Nurses

mantras for nurses

Mantras for nurses can help inspire, motivate, and encourage you whenever you’re having a hard time at work. There is power in repetition and repeating affirming phrases can help transform your negative feeling to a more positive and empowered one.

While a mantra is commonly a powerful sound vibration, we can also take it to mean as setting and repeating an intention.

How To Choose a Mantra (Setting an Intention):

Not all mantras are suited to you and your current difficulty or situation. Here are 5 simple steps you can do to choose your mantra.

  • Identify what you need it for.  Do you need it for self-affirmation? Or do you have a difficult patient or colleague you have to put up with?
  • Choose a positive affirmation that is NO lie and that resonates with you. Don’t choose a mantra that you don’t or can’t really believe in deep down. It has to be genuine and real for you to work.
  • Craft a mantra in the positive. Keep the vibes positive.
  • Keep your mantra short. This will help in making it repeatable. It also focuses your mind on one idea only.
  • Make visual reminders of your mantra to keep it alive in your mind. You can make it your screensaver or wallpaper. You can post it in your bedroom so you can intone it before sleeping and upon waking up.

How And Where You Can Use Your Mantra:

Nurses are very busy people so here’s some suggestions as to when you can get those mantras going.

  • During meditation. A short 5-15 minute meditation will do.
  • Upon waking and before sleep. These are key times during the day because this is when your subconscious is most prone to suggestion.
  • As needed. Is your blood boiling or blood pressure rising due to some problem at work? Do diaphragm breathing, calm yourself, and intone your mantra. It will help for sure!

Whenever and wherever you recite your mantra, the important thing is that you’re getting focused, calming yourself, and setting an intention.

Examples of Mantras for Nurses

Clicking on the images will bring you to the original pins. All credits go to the original pinners!

1.  Let that shit go.

mantras for nurses let that shit go 2

2.  I choose calm over anxiety.

mantras for nurses calm over anxiety

3.  Eat, Pray, Slay

mantras for nurses eat pray slay

4.  Whatever comes, Let it come. Whatever stays, Let it stay. Whatever goes, Let it go.

mantras for nurses let it come

5.  Everything I need is within me. 

mantras for nurses everything i need

6.  I choose to be happy.

mantras for nurses i choose to be happy

7.  I can and will.

mantras for nurses i can and will

8.  This too shall pass.

mantras for nurses this too shall pass

9.  Everything will be okay.

mantras for nurses everything will be okay

10.  I will breathe. I will think of solutions. I will not let my worry control me. I will not let my stress level break me. I will simply breathe. And it will be okay. Because I didn’t quit.

mantras for nurses i will breathe

Find Mantras In All Things

And here are some more mantras for nurses which we’ve cobbled out of inspirational quotes. Anything can be a mantra so long as it resonates with you!

11.  I see the light in others.

inspirational mantras

12. I don’t need a reason to help people.

inspirational nurse mantras

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13. Being strong is the only choice I have.

inspiring nurse mantras

14. I believe I can.

inspiring nurses mantras

15. I am led by my dreams.

inspiring nursing mantras

16. I will not stress over what I cannot control.

nurse mantras

17. I must do what makes my soul shine.

inspirational nursing mantras

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18. I am in charge of my happiness.

nurses mantras

19. Living is Joy. Joy is living.

nursing inspirational mantras

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20. I will be modest, respectful of others, and understanding. 


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We hoped these affirming words help make you stronger and brighter. Share these mantras for nurses with your colleagues!