15 New Nurse Memes You’ll Be Able to Relate To


Your first day at work is important. It’s when you can actually work as a nurse after years of being in nursing school. However, like most jobs, being the new person at work comes with a lot of challenges.

You have to navigate the culture and get used to the people you’re going to work with. You also have to learn how to actually be a nurse in the real world.

To help calm your nerves on your first day, here are some seriously funny new nurse memes to make you laugh.

1. A New Nurse Asking For Help From A Senior Nurse

new nurse asking for assistance meme

2. Me Trying To Act Confident And Enthusiastic

new nurse confident meme

3. New Nurse on First Day of Shift

new nurse first day meme

4. When You Realize None Of Your New Nurse Friends Are In Your Assigned Shift

new nurse friends meme

5. When You And Your Nurse Friends Get Together

new nurse get together meme

6. When You’re A New Nurse

new nurse introduction meme

7. Another Admission

new nurse look meme

8.  New Nurse Panicking

new nurse panicking meme

9. Happy New Nurses

new nurse same hospital meme

10. The Horror!

new nurse shocked meme

11. Working on Holidays

12. Doing a Task for the First Time

13. Asking for Help

14. How They Learned To Do It

15. Reporting to the senior nurses