8 Exciting Nurse Hobby Groups You Can Join


Nurses definitely need a break. From all the things they have to do for their patients, they deserve to have time to relax and enjoy the things they are passionate about. Now, if you’re not sure what hobby to pursue, here’s a list of really awesome nurse hobbies and hobby groups you can consider.

1Fitness class

Exercise is important in taking care of your physical and mental health. If you are having a hard time making it a part of your routine, look for a fitness class in your area.

Since gym memberships are often expensive, you may want to ask your local gym if they are offering pay-as-you-go options. That way, you won’t have to stress yourself about wasting money on gym fees you won’t be able to use to the fullest.

Take note that there are different fitness classes you can choose from. If you want something intense, try CrossFit, boxing, or boot camp classes. Bikram yoga, barre, and Pilates, on the other hand, are great options if you are looking for something less intense.

2Music Groups

Joining a music group is a great way to meet people who enjoy the same taste in music and instruments as you. Plus, joining a music group can give you a way to travel overseas, make new friends, and create really wonderful memories.

Seriously, it offers a nice escape from all the stress you experience in the hospital.

Medical Musical Group is one such example. As the name implies, this award-winning ensemble is made up of doctors, nurses, community volunteers, and others. This group advocates using music as a means to heal society.

They perform both locally and abroad so there’s a big opportunity to see new places and make international friends in around 31 countries. This August, for example, they are having “A Sentimental Musical Journey Along Memory Lane” program at the Schlesinger Concert Hall in Alexandria, VA. Drop by if you’re in the vicinity. Below is that concert’s flier.

Their rehearsals take into consideration busy people’s schedules! They gather together in Washington, DC for 3-4 days before the concert for chorus and orchestra rehearsals. To join, click on Join at http://medicalmusical.com.

3Quilting Workshop

A quilting workshop usually lasts 2 to 3 hours per session. Some shops even offer 6-hour classes.

Because you have options, you won’t have a hard time squeezing it into your busy schedule. You can simply attend a session during your day off or you can go to one after running a very busy shift. It’s a good way to cool down.

The number of people in a class varies. Some classes are made up of 4 to 6 people while others can have a maximum of 15 students. This enables the instructor to really focus on helping her students learn the basics of quilting.

4Science Club

Not all nurses share the same passion you have for astrophysics. With that, you may want to consider joining a science club.

There are clubs that release a free monthly lecture series that discuss black holes, neuroscience, and even dinosaurs. The lectures are provided by scientists and experts who usually entertain questions from attendees. You’ll have a lot of time to socialize with your fellow nerds.

5Soapmaking Classes

If you find yourself spending lots of money on soaps, you should consider attending a soapmaking workshop. There, you’ll learn how to make your own soaps and you’ll get the chance to pick the color and scent you want.

And if everything turns out well, you can even use your soapmaking skills in starting your own business. You can make soaps and sell it to your co-nurses and friends or you can start an online shop.

6Gaming Group

Gaming isn’t just a singular activity. You can actually use it to make friends and meet people with the same interest. Having the same favorite game or character easily opens the door for two or more people to connect and become friends.

Plus, joining a gaming group can also help you understand new aspects of gaming. Since the video game universe is quite huge and continuously expanding, you’ll find it encouraging to venture out new genres and test your skills.

Gaming isn’t just restricted to video games. Nowadays, board games are making a splash. Some board games are very nostalgic as they hail from our childhood, while some board games are brand new ideas and worth a shot playing with your colleagues.

7Walking Group

Walking is definitely great for your body. It lowers your blood pressure, reduces your risk of heart attacks, and boosts your bone density. Overall, it can improve the quality of your life.

Now, joining a walking club makes it more enjoyable. It adds a social effect that you won’t really feel like you are exercising.

If you can’t find a walking group near your area, you can just start one. You can ask your neighbors and friends to join you or you can even start one with your co-workers. Just set a specific time and date and create a plan for the group.

8Book Club

Contrary to what most people think, book clubs are actually sociable. Joining one gives you a chance to meet really interesting people with different beliefs and principles.

During a meet-up, you can spend hours reading your favorite book or a book you wouldn’t otherwise read. Or you can spend hours discussing books that demand discussion.

Whether it’s religion, capitalism, politics or even fiction, you won’t run out of topics to talk about. Plus, most book groups also come with some snacks and even good wines.

In Summary

Being a nurse doesn’t mean that your life needs to revolve around diseases, medications, bedside care, and the hospital. You need to go out once in a while to have fun. Find out what you are passionate about and don’t feel embarrassed about pursuing it.

Joining a hobby group can help you set aside time for yourself so you can unwind and release the stress and anxiety you get from work. It’s also a good way for you to meet and get to know other people.