10 Fashion Blunders Every Nurse Should Avoid

nurse fashion blunders

People usually expect nurses to look really crisp and clean when they are wearing their nursing uniforms. Unfortunately, not all nurses succeed in understanding nursing fashion 101 by heart.

Here are ten “fashion blunder” categories every nurse must try not to belong to:


1. “Stained Scrubs” Crew.

Nurses must always learn how to keep their scrubs clean at all times. As much as possible, avoid walking around in your blood-stained scrubs. Although working with patients mean you will get splashed with anything like blood or chemicals, you should remember that stains do not only look unprofessional, but unhygienic as well.


2. V-Neck Friends.

Some nurses love wearing their V-neck scrubs. There may be times when V-necks look good on people, but you should remember that V-necks are not for everyone, especially for those who are too busty.

Look as professional as possible and avoid showing off your cleavage. Men with hairy chests should also try to avoid wearing V-necks. You wouldn’t want people counting your chest hair.


3. The “Too Tight” Tribe.

Tight clothes are not comfortable for anyone, what more if you are working at a hospital? If your scrubs are getting too tight, you should consider getting new ones. Tight scrubs do not look as good as the trendy skinny jeans you usually see people wearing.


4. Low-Waist Gang.

Nobody wants to have a peek of your butt crack. And clearly, nobody wants to know what kind of underwear you usually wear while you are on duty. You should know that wearing your pants too low is a very unprofessional move. Go buy a belt!


5. Team Dirty.

Did you wash your hair today? Are your nails clean? Did you brush your teeth? Did you clean your shoes and scrubs? Remember that hygiene is a priority in Nursing, and nurses should look clean and professional.


6. Hairy Friends.

There is this word every male nurse must remember: SHAVE. An untrimmed beard looks very unhygienic so male nurses should try to keep their faces as free from hair as possible.

Female nurses, on the other hand, should learn how to fix their hair neatly. Even male nurses with long hair can do it. Tie your hair up. Keep them in a bun. Let people see how beautiful your face looks without your hair all over the place.


7. Tattoo Academy.

Tattoos are okay, but some people tend to get offended. If you have a tattoo, try to keep it covered as much as possible. Patients look up to nurses and expect them to look clean and professional.


8. Make-Up Sisters.

Do not go on duty looking like a clown. People might get scared of you. Try to look as simple and professional as possible. You can put on a little make up, but remember to make it look simple and natural.


9. Old School Folks.

Maybe you love Florence Nightingale too much that you are sporting the 1880s nurse uniform. Bear in mind that things change and you have to move on. Let go of your old school nursing gown and get yourself some cool and modern scrubs.


10. Too Bright Fellows.

Everyone knows you’re just trying out some new colors. You walk around with your colorful scrubs and easily catch everyone’s attention. Well, not to burst your bubble, but they think Willy Wonka just hired a new mascot. Try not to wear scrubs that are too bright and colorful. You wouldn’t want kids chasing you around.


Your Turn

Well, that should be it for now. We’re not sorry for breaking the news for you. We are actually just being honest. Do you have other fashion blunders in mind that you want other nurses to know? Share them with us!


About the Author: Mary Elizabeth Velarmino Francisco earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree from the Ateneo de Zamboanga University, Philippines. She is always happy to share her passion for writing and blogging. With coffee running through her veins, she enthusiastically battles each day, one article at a time.