15 Awesome Nurses You Should Follow On Pinterest

nurses on pinterest

Are you looking for fellow nurses on Pinterest?

Pinterest is a great social media platform and it distinguishes itself from others by being a very visual medium.  Beautiful and exciting images abound in Pinterest.  There are tutorials, DIYs, recipes, fashion and exercise tips, and so on.

There are a wide range of board topics in Pinterest. Amazingly, you can also find nurses pinning interesting topics and resources about Nursing here.

Here are the top awesome nurses you should follow in Pinterest.

iStudent Nurse

iStudent nurse

This account is managed by a group of nurses that focuses on providing educational pins for nursing students.

With 95 boards containing more than 4,000 pins, this is a great learning resource. If you want to review for school exams or for NCLEX-RN, iStudent Nurse has plenty of tutorials, lessons and mnemonics that will be helpful in remembering important nursing lessons.

nursing shoes

Notable Board: All White Shoes for Nursing School contains pins about white shoes for nurses. You can use this as a guide in getting comfortable nursing shoes.

Marla Kay Holman

Marla Kay Holman

Marla Kay Holman has been a Licensed Practical Nurse for 15 years. She is also a breast cancer survivor so she promotes breast cancer awareness through her pins. She shares plenty of funny pins as well especially about nursing.

nursing quotes

Notable Board: Funny Medical Quotes And Nurse Stuff has funny pins about being a nurse. You’ll definitely be able to relate to the funny nursing moments shared in this board.

Joyce Harrel Wellness

joyce harrell wellness

Joyce Harrel is a nurse and a coaching professional. She focuses more on the holistic wellness of women.  With 37 boards and over 600 pins, Joyce frequently posts recommendations for a healthier lifestyle.

pinterest nursing

Notable Board: Budgeting contains tips for budgeting your money wisely. This board is useful not only for nurses but for everyone having a hard time in managing their finances.

Scrubs Magazine


This is Scrubs Magazine’s official account and all of their pins are 100% about Nursing. Recipes, tips, DIY instructions and many other nursing-related items are featured here. Scrubs Magazine not only focuses on the professional side of nursing.  They also tackle the personal aspect of being a nurse as reflected in one of their most popular boards.

nurse jokes

Notable Board: Life of a Nursing Student is full of funny pins about the life of nursing students.  You’ll be laughing at the humor presented in the pins as the jokes are realistically true.

Dawn Ginese

dawn ginese

Dawn Ginese is a dedicated nurse who also loves art and music. She loves to sing and she also writes songs from time to time. Aside from health-related posts, she also pins lessons for kids, songs, and crafts. She also shares pins from her blog “The Singing Nurse”.

proper way to wash hands

Notable Board: Rubba Dub Dub, Hand washing (song) contains colorful hand washing reminders. Hand washing is a very important step in preventing infection and kids are often uncooperative in doing it.

Dawn Ginese’s pins for hand washing are perfect for kids. She even shares a fun song she composed for kids so they will remember the proper way of hand washing.

Nurse Eye Roll

nurse eyeroll

The nurse behind Nurse Eye Roll is a critical care RN. She regularly pins nursing-related images that includes funny, inspirational and informative pins.

She is frank and vulgar with her choice of descriptions but overall, her pins are interesting and funny. She also shares posts from her blog “Nurse Eye Roll”.

nursing jokes

Notable Board: Good Ol’ Nursey Humor is full of funny pins about how it’s like to be a nurse. If you are frequently whining about your nursing career, this board offers a good break from all the stress you’ve accumulated at work.

Lindsay Frye

lindsey frye

Lindsay Frye is an ICU RN. She shares hobbies and ideas outside the medical world like recipes, arts and crafts, pet care, and holiday decor. She also has great pins for her fellow RNs like scrub suit ideas, nursing shoes and many more.

gifts for nurses

Notable Board:  Noteworthy Nursing has specialty pins for nurses like cake ideas, scrub suits and novelty items. Every pin in this board is uniquely made for nurses.

Frugal Nurse

frugal nurse

The Frugal Nurse inspires nurses to enjoy life and take care of their health well without costing a fortune. It is indeed true that nurses can’t afford to get sick, and Frugal Nurse’s pins are intended to help nurses with this in mind. You can also discover a lot of tips and life hacks from her boards.

health infographics

Notable Board: Healthcare Infographics is packed with educational infographics useful for nurses. Nursing students can use the infographics as study aids and course refreshers.



Anna Rodriguez manages this account and she shares her passion about enjoying life as a nurse and as a wife. She frequently pins recipes and crafts aside from nursing-related items. Her pins are a great starting point for ideas if you want to take up a hobby.

nursing gifts

Notable Board: Nursing has some interesting tutorials for nurses. It also contains unique products made just for nurses like scrub suits, office supplies designed with pills and human organs, gift items for nurses, and many more.  If you’re a nurse who likes novelty items, you should check out this board.

Casi Ann RN

casi ann rn

Casi is one of the more popular nurses on Pinterest. She is a registered nurse and she usually shares her love for being a nurse.

She also pins about knitting, quilting, cooking and other hobbies most nurses have. She encourages nurses to have fun with their own hobbies in order to relieve stress.

i love nursing

Notable Board:  nurse… i love being a nurse is full of pins about how Casi loves being a nurse. If your enthusiasm for the profession is flagging, visit this board for a healthy dose of inspiration and motivation.

A Dose of Paige

a dose of paige

A Dose of Paige is managed by Page Nicole, a cardiac nurse. She is also a blogger so she regularly pins her blog posts and ideas about nursing. Her boards are full of recipes, tutorials, healthy living ideas and many more.

nursing tips

Notable Board: Life: RN, BSN has lots of cute pins for nurses. It features DIYs, tutorials and jokes most nurses can relate to.

The Paleo Nurse

paleo nurse

The Paleo Nurse is managed by Katy. She is a registered nurse, a nutritional therapist and a blogger. Because of her career as a nutritional therapist, she regularly pins about the Paleo diet. She is also an athlete so her pins about workout ideas are very helpful in maintaining a healthy lifestyle among nurses.

fitness motivation

Notable Board: Fitness Motivation has great inspirational quotes that will motivate you to exercise. Nurses are often tired or haggard from work so you need all the motivation you can get!

Cyndee Nash

cyndee nash

Cyndee Nash takes pride in being a nurse forever. She shares infographics and funny jokes made for nurses. She also loves arts and crafts so she frequently pins DIYs and decoration ideas as well.

nursing pins

Notable Board: Nurse Boards has lots of pins made for nurses. The board has infographics, unique nursing items, jokes and inspirational quotes about nursing.

Nurses Stuff

nurses stuff

Nurses Stuff is managed by an anonymous nurse who has been an RN for 30 years. She is now working as an educator so most of her pins are dedicated to sharing informative graphics about health care. She also shares arts, crafts and motivational quotes for nurses.

books for nurses

Notable Board:  Books for Nurses contains book suggestions for nurses. The board is perfect for you if you want to enrich your knowledge as a nurse.

DIY Nurse

diy nurse

Caroline Nolazco is the DIY Nurse. She is a nurse and she loves DIY projects. Her projects range from house decorating to food recipes.

diy decorating

Notable Board: the #DIY nurse blog is a compilation of Caroline’s best posts in her blog DIY Nurse. Aside from DIY ideas, this board is also full of recipes and interior design ideas.

With this list, you can now start browsing for ideas and tutorials made for nurses in Pinterest! Save your favorite pins by pinning them in your own board.  You can also find and follow more awesome nurses on Pinterest by tracking down the boards of your favorite repinned pins about nursing.

Happy pinning!

About the Author: Je Abarra is a nurse by profession and a freelance writer by passion. She is working as a staff nurse in the pediatric ward of a private city hospital for more than two years. During her free time, she usually writes about her fascinations in health and nursing. She loves to provide tips and fun facts about nursing and healthy living.