35 Nurse’s Prayers That Will Inspire Your Soul

nurses prayer

Nurses pray to thank God and ask for strength to get through a day of caring for their patients. Praying is one way to lift up to God all our anxieties, worries and fears. It is also a way to stay humble and strong.

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If you are looking for nurse’s prayers, here are 35 that will definitely inspire your soul:


1. A Nurse’s Prayer.

nurses prayer


2. A Prayer for Compassion.

Spirit of Wisdom, 
may we bear your love for humanity 
by bringing good news to the poor. 

Acting according to your will, 
we will come to know your reign, 
where all will be seated at your heavenly banquet. 

Let us bring food to the hungry, 
healing to the violated, 
and presence to the lonely.

Teach us to shines like the stars 
in our relationship with God, 
with our neighbor, 
and with all of creation. 

Lead us in promoting peace and integrity 
through our everyday challenges.
May your comforting embrace bring us compassion for others.

3. The  Student Nurse’s Prayer. 

student nurse prayer


4. Nurses Prayer. 

nurse's prayer


5. A Nurse’s Prayer. 

daily prayers


6. A Nurse’s Prayer by Anonymous Nurse. 

prayers for healing


7. The Nurse Prayer. 

prayers for guidance



8. Nurse’s Prayer. 

prayer for strength


9. Nurse’s Prayer. 

prayer for help


10. Nurse’s Daily Prayer. 

daily prayer


11. Inspirational Nursing Prayer. 

inspirational nursing prayer


12. Nursing Prayer.

nursing prayer


13. A Nurse’s Prayer – Purple. 

catholic prayers


14. A Nursing Student’s Prayer.

nursing student's prayer


15. Nurse’s Prayer Scroll.

nurse's prayer scroll


16. A Nurse’s Prayer by Rebecca Elizabeth Blue. 

daily prayers for nurses


17. Prayer for Nurses. 

prayer for nurses


18. Prayer for Nurses by PrayerNotes.

healing prayers


19. Prayer Throw for Nurses. 

nurse prayer


20. Personalized Poem for Nurses. 

personalized nurses prayer


21. Prayer to Be a Nurse. 

To be a nurse is to walk with God, Along the path that our Master trod; To soothe the achings of human pain, To faithfully serve for little gain, To lovingly do the kindly deed, A cup of water to one in need, A tender hand on a fevered brow, A word of cheer to those living now; To reach the souls through its body’s woe Oh, this is the way that Jesus would go. Oh, white-capped nurses with hearts so true, Our Great Physician is working through you.


22. My Nurse’s Prayer. 

When I falter, give me courage. When I tire, renew my strength. When I weaken because I’m human, Inspire me on to greater length. If doctors and patients become demanding, And days are too short for all my duty, Help me remember I chose to serve, To do so with grace, and spiritual beauty. In humility, Lord, I labour long hours, and though I sometimes may fret; My mission is mercy. Abide with me, that I may never forget.


23. A Nurse’s Prayer. 

My God, teach me to receive the sick in Thy Name. Give to my efforts success for the glory of Thy Holy Name. It is Thy work; without Thee, I cannot succeed. Grant that the sick Thou hast placed in my care may be abundantly blessed, and not one of them be lost because of any neglect on my part. Help me to overcome every temporal weakness, and strengthen in me whatever may enable me to bring joy to the lives of those I serve. Give me grace, for the sake of Thy sick ones and of those lives that will be influenced by them.


24. Nursing Prayer (When You Lose A Patient). 

prayers for nurses



25. Nurse’s Prayer for Patience. 

nurse's prayer for patience


26. Nurse’s Prayer for Strength.

nurse's prayer for strength


27. Daily Nursing Prayer. 

daily nursing prayer


28. A Prayer for Overwhelmed Nurses. 

nurse's prayer when feeling overwhelmed


29. Nurse’s Prayer for Anxiety.

nursing prayer for strength


30. Healing Prayer for Nurses. 

healing prayer for nurses


31. Nursing Prayer for Guidance.

nurse's prayer for guidance


32. Thank You Prayer for Nurses.

thank you prayer for nurses


33. A Prayer for Strength for Nurses. 

prayer for strength for nurses


34. Team Prayer for Nurses.

When I feel out of control
I stop
Lift up my hands to heaven
I stop
And believe
In this moment I remember to the whole. It is not about me, it is about WE
I remember and I can breathe again and find my inner Power to grow through whatever
No matter what!

35. The Prayer of An Army Nurse. 

prayer of an army nurse

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