Top 20 Funniest Nurses Quotes From Pinterest

funny nurses quotes from pinterest

Nurses experience a lot of stress at work. From dealing with critical cases to saving lives, we experience a roller coaster of emotions every single shift.

If you’re finding those emotions a bit overwhelming, you can turn to the power of humor. Apart from relieving stress, it can also help enhance nurse-patient relationships (1).

One of the best places to find the funniest nurses quotes is Pinterest. The site has hidden gems that can turn any cranky nurse into a smiling angel of care.

Here are just some of the funniest nurses quotes straight from Pinterest boards:

Applesauce And Graham Crackers

nurses quotes applesauce pinterest

You Think Doctors Are Smarter Than Nurses

nurses quotes doctors pinterest

Securing Stable IV Access Is Our Mission

nurses quotes er pinterest

My Job Is __________

nurses quotes job pinterest

Meaning Of Nursing

nurses quotes nursing pinterest

Nursing School

nurses quotes nursing school pinterest

We Don’t Spend Much Time With Our Patients

nurses quotes patients pinterest

I Love My Soft Smooth Hands

nurses quotes smooth hands pinterest

I’ve Blown More Veins In My Life

nurses quotes veins pinterest

Nurse Are Like Prostitutes

nurses quotes week pinterest

Being A Nurse Is Weird

being a nurse quotes pinterest

I’m A Nurse

im a nurse quotes pinterest

Life Of A Nurse

life of a nurse quotes pinterest

Nurse Life

nurse life quotes pinterest

Multiple Meanings Of A Nurse

nurse quotes meaning pinterest

Fixin’ Cuts And Stickin’ Butts

nurse quotes nursing meaning pinterest

Nursing Meaning

nurse quotes nursing means pinterest

Shift Change Is My Favorite Time Of Day

nurse quotes shift change pinterest

Once A Nurse Always A Nurse

once a nurse quotes pinterest

You Are A Nurse If

you are a nurse quotes pinterest


1.Tremayne, P. (2014). Using humour to enhance the nurse-patient relationship. Nursing Standard (2014+), 28(30), 37.