14 Affordable But Awesome Nurses Week Celebration Ideas


You don’t have to spend a huge amount of money just to have fun. All you need is a good list of ideas and you’ll be able to spend your Nurses Week the best way.

Since nurses are busy and don’t have a lot of free time to do an in-depth search, we’ve rounded up the most affordable but really fun celebration ideas you can try this week. Check them out and just enjoy!

1Bring coffee for your colleagues

A cup of coffee will surely put a smile on most nurses’ faces. After all, caffeine is one way to beat stress, improve memory, and stay alert at work.

2Lifesaver candies

Prepare pouches or individually wrapped Lifesavers with a punny note telling your colleagues, “You are a Lifesaver.” They’re funny, cute, and sweet.

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3Nurse pins

Nurse pins are cheap giveaways that will bring a smile to a nurse’s face. You can customize the messages according to your colleague’s individual personalities. One other idea is to make funny Awards and “pin” the winners.

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4Make funny cards

Buy a pack of googly eyes in your local craft store and stick them onto bandaids. Try for a rough sketch (like glasses and hairstyles) to depict each of your nurses on the floor.

There are many other funny card ideas on the internet which only need simple materials like string or construction paper.

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5Nurses are…

Ask a local elementary to make a fun poster for nurses. The poster below tells what each child thinks of nurses. When your nurses see this work of art, they’ll see themselves through the eyes of children.

6Collect photos for a digital slideshow

Plan, create and schedule a slideshow for your team/s. You can go about this several ways. You can collect their baby pictures and intersperse with more recent photos, or you can put together photos of your old gimmicks and parties.

7Movie and Popcorn party

Before Nurses Week, have your nurses vote on a movie they’d like to see together. It can be an old or new movie. Have a movie-showing and pass around popcorn and punch. A movie date with each other is a great way to unwind and make memories.

This movie date is one of the simplest Nurses Week celebration ideas that you can set up.

8Have a Theme Day

If your management allows it, each floor or team can be assigned to host a particular theme like the Fifties, Wild West, Superhero, or M.A.S.H. day. Choose themes that have meaning to you as a team (like perhaps an inside joke in the past). You can dress up in costumes and have decorations on your floor during Nurses Week.

9Make treats

If you like to bake or have a team in your unit that does, get together for a few hours and whip up some treats to gift to the whole team. There are lots of fascinating treats that are designed for nurses.

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10Distribute pens

Via tokyu-hands

It’s rare for nurses to last their day without losing their pens to patients, co-nurses, and even doctors. This week, you can give your co-workers personalized pens. You can make them with their pictures or have their names printed or engraved on the pens.

11Give out awards for each nurse

Mentioned earlier, make funny awards for each nurse in your unit. The awards themselves don’t have to expensive. They can be a bar of candy or a computer printout.

12Have a spa day

Reward your nurses with a relaxing spa. Set aside a room where you can ask massage volunteers to give out free massages. Massage schools need to get clinical hours and can be asked to provide free services for a good cause or special event.

Burn a relaxing essential oil like lavender. The aromatherapy will make the experience even more authentic.

13Do a yoga class

Invite a yoga teacher and hold a yoga class. Make sure to pick a spot in your area that won’t distract patients and other healthcare practitioners.

To make the class more special, you can buy yoga mats and give them as gifts to your fellow nurses.

And there you have it! These are the best Nurses Week celebration ideas that are sure to make memories for everybody.

14Give out t-shirts

Distribute different shirts for every shift and ask your nurses to wear them throughout the week.  Make them color-coded or dedicate different prints for each shirt. You can categorize the shirts depending on the specialty, shifts or tasks.

What did YOU do for Nurse Week in the past? Do you have other ideas we didn’t mention? We’d love to hear from you!

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