40 Funniest Nursing Gifs On Tumblr

Nursing Gifs

Relax and unwind with the funniest nursing gifs from Tumblr and Instagram. If you’ve just had a tough shift, a rough week, or just want to get some laughs, let these nursing gifs amuse you and remind you about the humor in our profession.

1. When you just got home and out of your work clothes and the whole family is off to work and school

nurse gif

2. When your patient finally falls asleep but you forgot something from their room…

funny nursing

3. When someone brings food!

funny nurse gifs

4. When the day starts off smooth and then all hell breaks loose

hell breaks loose gif

5. How you look after shift


6. When someone else gets assigned to the patients you’ve had for the last 2 shifts

gifs on tumblr

7. You after you finish your report!

funny nursing gifs

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8. How you respond to the incoming nurse who asks you about the patient’s approach

nurse gifs

9. When you start the day fresh and right and suddenly, you get bodily fluids all over your scrubs

funnest nurse gif

10. How your non-nurse friends react when they hear about how your day went

funniest gifs

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11. When you FINALLY get enough time to take a break and sit and eat.

nurse funny gifs

12. When you see your patient is about to remove his IV…

funniest nurse gifs

13. How you drive out of the parking lot after a hellish shift!

funny nurse gifs

14. When the charge nurse asks who wants to take the next admission

nurse gifs

15. When you get home after a tiring shift *face plant*

nursing gifs

16. When your friends get so tired of you telling gross nursing stories that they finally leave the table

funny nursing gifs

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17. When you see the newly admitted patient who is a cutie

funny gifs

18. When you try to follow the conversation of your friends about their jobs in business and finance

funniest gifs

19. When you try to leave the house for work at 0500

funniest nursing gifs

20. Nursing students studying for a test

nurse funny gifs

21. When you are so excited to end your shift and then a memo comes in saying you have to stay for a meeting

nurse funniest gifs

22. Whenever you can’t get the IV pump to just stop beeping

nursing funny gifs

23. When your friend talks about how stressful her job is

funny gifs

24. When someone short tries to do compressions without standing on a stool.

funny nurse

25. Whenever a new student asks you what to expect from nursing school

funny nursing gifs

26. When someone tries to give you a report the second you walk onto the floor

funny nurse gif

27. Working with a brand new super excited intern

funniest nursing gifs

28. When you realize that your extremely difficult patient has two children… and they’re both lawyers.

funny nursing gif

29. When chaos breaks out on the floor just as your shift ended and you’re walking out the door…

nurse funniest gifs

30. When you have more patients than any of the other nurses

nursing funny gifs

31. When you are calling pharmacy and trying to get the medicines that were ordered stat 4 hours ago.

nurse funny gifs

32. When the cute relative asks you something about the patient

nursing funniest gifs

33. You going outside into the sunlight after night shift

funniest nurse

34. When you send 50 text messages about something crazy that just happened at work

funny nurse

35. When you’ve got that one patient whose family members are up at the nurse’s desk every 5 minutes

funniest nursing

36. When you see that you’re working with your favorite nurses + techs and you have a good assignment. Basically good news bonanza!

funny nursing

37. Everytime you pick up an extra shift.

nurse humor

38. You pronouncing drug names

nurse funny

39. When we’re elbow-deep in a code brown, run out of wipes, and have to hold the patient up while someone runs to get more

funny gifs

40. When you didn’t get enough sleep and try to overcompensate by mainlining coffee.

funniest nurse

We hope our nursing gifs made you laugh today! The nursing profession is rife with a lot of challenges, obstacles, and critical moments and sometimes, it is only our sense of humor that helps us get through the day.

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