Leaving Work? 5 Nursing Jobs At Home You Can Consider

nursing jobs from home

Working as a full-time nurse is not easy. You have to make a lot of sacrifices if you really want to keep the job.

However, no matter how much effort and passion you put into your work, there will be times when you just can’t help but think about working from home.

If you are thinking of quitting your job, here are 5 more nursing jobs at home you can try.

1. Nurse Blogger

nurse blogger

Average earnings: Depend on site traffic and affiliate products

Blogging isn’t a common nursing job at home but it’s actually one of the most high-paying jobs you can try. Being a nurse blogger, you can write on a variety of topics, such as tips and tricks for your fellow nurses or health hacks for the general public. You can also share your transition from working as a full-time nurse to being a blogger and inspire more nurses to take the same path.

To earn, you need to know how to increase your site’s traffic. One of the best ways to do that is to produce original and quality content that can attract readers. You can also do affiliate marketing on your blog and promote products that can help nurses in general.

Pro-tip: Try to gain substantial website traffic (and adsense or amazon affiliate income) first before quitting your day job.

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2. Nurse Advocate

Average earnings: $15.39 per hour, depending on geographic location

As a nurse advocate, you’ll be responsible for helping your patients and their families understand their treatment plans better. It can mean helping them figure out the best treatment approach for their conditions as well as understanding the scope of their insurance coverage. They can also ask you to help them figure out which doctor they should go to and which clinic they should visit.

You can offer your services by personally meeting your patients and assisting them with their concerns or you can open an online consultation service. In case you decide to go with this route, it’s essential that you provide your patients enough documents and proofs of your qualifications. This can increase their trust and confidence in your services.

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3. Insurance Company Nurse

Average Earnings: Depend on level and position

The basic work of an insurance company nurse involves managing cases, doing medical coding and conducting clinical research. You may also be tasked to do insurance audits and evaluate illnesses and treatment plans.

During hiring, insurance companies tend to favor nurses who already have a few years of clinical working experience. This will enable them to skillfully fulfill their duties.

Nurse Case Managers have a higher salary at an average of $70, 000 annually compared with Utilization Review Nurses at $66,000. Both levels require you to work closely with patients and doctors to ensure quality care and help them save time and money from the costs of unnecessary treatments and prolonged hospital stay. You can earn more or less, depending on your job experience

4. Home Health Care Nurse

home health care nurse

Average earnings per hour: $10.23

Home health care is a job more suited for nurses who already have enough clinical experience. It demands sound clinical judgment, ability to work independently and high organizational skills. Although it can still require you to leave your home to visit your patients, most of the work can be done at home, including finishing and completing documents. And since there are a lot of advanced devices these days, you even can submit your paper works online.

Being a home health care nurse, you can work with a whole range of patients. You can care for healthy infants and even elders with chronic conditions. Your earnings will depend on your skills and the extent of the services you can offer. If you want to increase your rate, you can take special courses and earn specialties in vaccination, parenteral nutrition therapy and mental health counseling. Other specialties for a home health care nurse include pain management, wound care and palliative care.

The great thing about home health care nursing is that the demand for the job is great. With more people choosing to recuperate at home due to the high cost of hospital admission, you can expect more patients looking for home health care nurses to look after their health needs.

5. Medical Writer

medical writer

Average earnings per year: $72, 000

If you have a passion for words and you have great writing skills, you can consider taking up a medical writing job. You can apply for an entry level position and write on a wide range of health topics. Once you’re able to gain experience and more skills, you can work your way towards becoming a senior medical writer. Unlike the entry-level position, working as a senior lets you take on just proofreading and editing tasks but with a much higher rate.

The good thing about being a medical writer, aside from being able to work from home, is that you can negotiate your payment terms. You can choose to get paid on an hourly basis or after every project. You can also choose which clients you want to work with and what kind of projects you want to work on.

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In case you don’t want to work for anyone, you can start writing your own eBooks and upload them for sale online. The good thing about writing is that you don’t need to worry about the extra cost of printing and publishing since most people go after digital copies more.

What nursing jobs at home have you considered? Do you have any more ideas to add to this list?