Nursing Superpowers: 18 Things Nurses Can Do Better Than You

nursing superpowers

Most nurses have a lot of odd abilities that most consider ‘talents’. We even hear people saying that nurses have superpowers, but we never believe them.

Nurses learn to do things better than most people not because they want to, but because they have to. Yes, nurses have superpowers. Here are 18 things that nurses can do way better than you:


1. Bowel control.

Not everyone can do this, but nurses are trained to do it anytime. They control it especially when they are in the middle of  a surgery or when they need to check twenty more patients for their vital signs.


2. Sharp memory.

Nurses store a lot of information in their minds before charting. And they would remember every single detail of whatever has been done for the past six hours. Nurses have keen memory and can even remember what their patients ate for breakfast three days ago.


3. Super bladder.

They can hold their bladder for hours and hours until they forget their bladders even existed. Yes, this could be bad, but hey, it’s for the patients’ sake!


4. Multi-tasking.

Whilst having lunch, nurses can also assist a patient for discharge and speak with a doctor over the phone. They could do many things all at once, and this has become one of nurses’ best abilities.


5. Gag reflex no more.

Nurses have learned how to suppress their gag reflexes like it’s a piece of cake. A nurse enters a patient’s room, smells something unpleasant and won’t mind it at all. It’s like a normal thing to them.


6. Anger management.

Although this one’s quite more difficult than suppressing the gag reflex, nurses are able to keep their cool even at times when they already want to ‘detonate’.


7. Decode indecipherable handwriting.

By indecipherable, we mean totally unreadable, incomprehensible and impossible-to-read handwriting. Amazing, huh?


8. Keep calm and be a nurse.

They have seen more terrible things than what any non-nurses have ever witnessed in their lifetime.


9. Sleep less but not feel sleepless.

Nurses are always ready for action. They will always do their best to give quality care to patients even after only three hours of sleep.


10. Super speed.

Nurses do their tasks fast and finish them even before you can say the word ‘sternocleidomastoid’. Now, that’s super.


11. Staying resilient.

Nurses are obliged to be tough even during difficult times. This is why they always bounce back to their normal energetic selves after a certain emotional event.


12. Time management.

Nurses are excellent in keeping up with their time and their schedules. Despite having too much to do, they can do everything well on the dot.


13. Tell amazing stories.

They can tell stories about their day or how their shift went, and it will amaze you every single time.


14. Lie detection.

They have seen and heard more lies than you have in your entire life so they could really tell if you’re just making things up. Watch out.


15. Tireless fingers.

You will be seeing them scribbling all the time. They will write down notes even when inside their patients’ rooms or while answering questions over the phone.


16. They are good at improvisation.

Nurses know what to do when a bad day gets worse. Improvising tourniquets or splints are never a problem.


17. Excellent communication skills.

They know how to communicate with people even in the most stressful situations. They are always able to adjust to accommodate the people they need to communicate with.


18. Make you feel better in no time.

Nurses are known to be the most caring and compassionate people in the face of the earth. Their job is to take care of patients wholeheartedly and to make them feel better as soon as possible. They are quite excellent in making people feel better all the time!


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Some people say that nurses are ‘just nurses’. Little did they know that we nurses have superpowers that we show off every single day. Hopefully, all the nurses in the world will realize that they can do so many things that most people can’t do and they should be very proud to be nurses.


About the Author: Mary Elizabeth Velarmino Francisco earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree from the Ateneo de Zamboanga University, Philippines. She is always happy to share her passion for writing and blogging. With coffee running through her veins, she enthusiastically battles each day, one article at a time.