7 Crazy Signs You’re Meant To Be A Nurse

crazy signs you are meant to be a nurse

Do you know why some people claim that their career is a ‘calling’? It’s because theirs have deep connections with their personal experiences.

Some already knew what careers to take on the get go while some got unique hints as they go along their high school and college years.

Here are some of the most fascinating signs that you’re destined to be a nurse:

You don’t care that it’s blood.

Some people can’t tolerate the sight of blood, especially the fresh one. Because you’re meant to be a nurse, you simply don’t mind if it’s coming out from an open wound. You are even fascinated by its color and consistency. Its chemical components, hemoglobin, platelets, oxygen level as well as the potential diseases it may carry run wild in your mind.


You’re not bothered with urine, phlegm, vomit or human waste.

You consider them not offensive but merely by-products of body functions. Your scientific self even consider examining these things as the best way to identify intestinal worms, uric acid, or bacteria. Moreover, you just consider the smell as gaseous emissions acquired from the chemicals present in our digestive and excretory systems or through the process of decay.


Multitasking is your nature.

You can concentrate on writing lecture notes while eating. Running errands or buying grocery items without a cart has never been difficult for you especially during rush hours, and you seldom ask anyone for help. Nursing is all about multitasking, and you take this principle by heart.


Cleaning some else’s wound is something you casually do.

Many nurses would profess that they have always volunteered to clean the wounds of their siblings, relatives and even friends since they were young. This isn’t an act of bravery but a simple display of kindness and compassion that is very innate among nurses.

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Grace under pressure.

Most people become distracted or disoriented under a fast-paced environment, but not you. You still retain your composure and know perfectly well how to handle things when everything is in total chaos. Dealing with stress in an efficient manner is one of your best skills.


You can tolerate standing for long hours.

You don’t mind standing in the school laboratory or along the corridor reading medical books for hours. Nursing is a demanding job that requires you to stand, walk or even run just to anticipate the needs of your patients. You seldom get a chance to sit down and as a nurse, you just don’t give a damn.


You feel a deep connection with those who are ill.

Seeing someone suffer moves you to an emotional level and makes you want to help alleviate their pain. Your empathy translates into action. You always have the courage to help those who are wounded, bruised and neglected to the point of forgetting yourself at the moment.

Were you able to experience any of these signs lately? If your answer is yes, then welcome to the club! You have a very long way to go, but you are definitely on the right track.