30 Social Networking Sites for Nurses

social networking sites for nurses

The online community has plenty of helpful social networking sites for nurses. These social networking sites are great for finding new friends and mentors who will understand and help you with the problems you have as a nurse. Participating in these sites is also helpful in building your connections so you can explore your options in nursing career development.

If you are determined to expand your professional network and connections, consider the following social networking sites dedicated for nurses.

Networking for Professional Nurses

1. AllNurses


AllNurses is a jam-packed online community for nurses. The site features news, blogs and informative articles about the nursing profession. It also includes an active forum where nurses can talk and ask each other about their problems and experiences at work.

2. Mighty Nurse

mighty nurse

Mighty Nurse aims to support and empower nurses around the world. The site has plenty of nurse-to-nurse advice, practice tests, educational advancement opportunities, informative literature and support groups. Their “Ask a Nurse” forum is great for mentorship of student nurses.

3. EverydayNurses

everyday nurses

EverydayNurses is a forum and message board for nurses. By registering with the site, you can have access to the online community of nurses where trending nursing topics are discussed on boards. It’s free to join but you must register to participate and post in the forum.

4. Nurse.com


This site is full of resources helpful for RNs and nursing students. It features job portals, opportunities to earn CEs, current nursing events and latest news about the nursing profession. The site aims to help nurses in advancing their career through a network of nursing recruiters and educators.

5. Healthcare Travelbook


Healthcare Travelbook is dedicated not only to nurses but to other healthcare professionals as well. The focus of this social media site is on travelling healthcare workers like radiology technicians, nurses, physical therapists and many more. The site is also complete with resources that will help you become more aware about the latest practices in travel nursing.

6. NurseZone


NurseZone is rich with all the social networking tools a nurse may need to connect with others. They feature resources for career development especially in the field of travel nursing. Their job center is also a must-check feature of the site as it has comprehensive tools for job listings.

7. Nurse’s Café


Nurse’s Café is an online forum for nurses of all fields. There are many threads that tackle different nursing issues in this site. Timely nursing problems are common topics in the forum and everyone registered in the site can freely express their opinions.

8. Nurses Forum

nurses forum

Nurses Forum is an online place for nurses to unite and discuss the nursing subspecialties they want to pursue. Travel nursing, forensic nursing and plastic surgery nursing are just some of the subspecialties tackled in this online community for nurses. The site also assists new RNs in landing their first job in the field.

9. Nurses Reconnected

nurses reconnected

Have you experienced wondering about the fellow nurses you met in trainings, conferences and past work places? Nurses Reconnected is designed to help nurses find their old colleagues and renew the friendships they had before. It’s a great tool in reconnecting with your old friends in the nursing community.

10. Just Us Nurses

just us nurses

Just Us nurses is an online community of nurses where issues about nursing education are discussed by members. The forum is designed to help aspiring student nurses by forming a support group from a network of registered nurses. Resources for studies are also featured in the forum.

11. Nursing Voices

nursing voices

Nursing Voices is a forum dedicated to nurses of all subspecialties around the world. It hosts threads about different nursing issues and experiences where everyone can express their opinions. Its fun to read back on old posts in the forum as you can compare the past and present problems of nurses at their work.

12. NursingTimes

nursing times

NursingTimes is an online community for nurses where conferences, events, publications, awards and many other resources for nurses are featured weekly. You can also find peer-reviewed clinical articles and opportunities to earn CPD units within the site. They are great in offering online support especially for student nurses.

13. NursingLink


NursingLink provides resources and network connections for nurses. This is an online community monster.com established for nurses to discover opportunities for career advancement. Career networking, news, educational resources and professional advices are featured in the site.

14. Doctors of Nursing Practice

doctors of nursing practice

Doctors of Nursing Practice (DNP) is an online organization that aims to lift up fellow nurses and encourage them to plan their professional growth. They have many resources and opportunities for nursing career development. Their forum is run by seasoned nurses where advice and tips about advancing nursing practice are common discussions among members.

15. Ultimate Nurse

ultimate nurse

Ultimate Nurse is a buzzing online community dedicated to travel nursing. It features blog posts, job listings and a forum for travel nurses. Nurses engaged in the field of travel nursing often recommend Ultimate Nurses as a guide in starting this career.

16. New Jersey State Nurses Association


New Jersey State Nurses formed their own association to help fellow nurses from their area with their career development plans. This is a great place for nurses to share their knowledge and resources for continuing education. They also host forums about different nursing issues annually.

17. NurseTogether


NurseTogether aims to empower nurses by creating a network of online support from other nurses. They have an active forum where members can participate in exchanging opinions about different trending topics in the nursing community. Their site is also rich with information about career and educational opportunities as everyone work hard in helping each other improve their nursing career.

18. RNRounds


RNRounds became popular among nurses because of their discussion boards about different nursing issues nowadays. Their community is interactive as everyone can freely share photos and videos among members. Members can also create a mini-blog and form sub-communities within the site.

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Networking for Student Nurses

1. ChiEtaPhi Sorority, Inc


ChiEtaPhi is a private association formed for students and registered nurses of all fields and races. This association provides a lot of resources for nurses to study and learn from. Active members also have the option to form chapters in their local areas for more focused programs.

2. National Student Nurse’s Association


National Student Nurse’s Association (NSNA) offers support group for student nurses. They have a network of mentors for professional development of aspiring nursing students. They also host conferences and offer nursing scholarships for qualified members.

3. Nebraska State Student Nurse’s Association


Student nurses from Nebraska are fortunate to have their own statewide nursing organization. Through this site, students can find employment and mentorship opportunities. Alumni nurses can also participate in this online community to stay connected with their colleagues.

4. International Academic Nursing Alliance


IANA is an online global community for nursing academic faculty where they can share teaching resources, curriculum and researches. They established a global network of nursing educators so members can connect with different faculties and university-based nursing schools. Their discussion forum is strictly for nursing education topics only so members can discuss different nursing issues among nursing educators nowadays.

5. Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing


STTI is the only international nursing society of nurses recognized worldwide. Their site is a great place to connect and engage with other nurses from other parts of the world. They also feature interesting resources and inspiring stories from their members.

6. Student Nurse Journey

student nurse journey

This is an online community for nurses where they can share resources, experiences and ideas with each other as they work on becoming registered nurses. You can find many instructional videos in this site helpful in improving nursing skills. Recommendations about scholarships, NCLEX and nursing residencies are also featured in the site.

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Nursing Organizations

1. American Nurses Association Community

ana community

ANA Community is one of the well-known social networking sites for nurses in the US. This online community is designed to interconnect nurses in the US to discuss the issues and problems they encounter in their nursing career. ANA Community encourages members to voice out and express their opinions so they can properly address the concerns of modern nurses nowadays.

2. National League for Nursing


The National League for Nursing is also known as The Voice of Nursing Education. Nursing educators around the US interconnect and network with each other through this site. NLN also provides useful resources for nurse faculties and hosts different nursing ceremonies every month.

3. American Academy of Nursing


The American Academy of Nursing is focused in developing and improving health policies through innovated nursing practice. Their members are known as “Fellows” and they work hard in excelling in education management, research and clinical practice. Their site offers online support for nurses interested in pursuing a career in nursing development.

4. National Nurses United


National Nurses United is a union and professional association for registered nurses in the US. They have many members in every state and they organize different campaigns for their members. Their site is rich with tools for professional linking and networking so members can work on planning their career map for professional development.

5. International Council for Nurses


The International Council for Nurses is a global federation of more than 130 National Nurses’ Association around the world. This online federation represents more than 13 million nurses internationally. The Member’s Area of ICN enables international nurses to network and connect with their fellow nurses to form meetings and events with their colleagues.

6. American Assembly for Men in Nursing


This is a unique organization that aims to empower the appeal of the nursing profession among men. They offer support to discuss the issues affecting men as nurses. Their online community advocates for the career growth of men in the nursing profession.

These social networking sites for nurses are helpful in building your connections as you progress with your nursing career. Interacting with other nurses outside the work environment is considered great in releasing stress and preventing work burnout.

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Apart from getting advice from your newfound nursing colleagues online, don’t forget to have fun interacting with hundreds of fellow nurses online. It’s informative, entertaining and even a lot of fun once you start getting to know people in these networking sites for nurses.

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