5 Best Stethoscope Covers

stethoscope covers

Stethoscopes don’t come cheap and if you’ve been stuffing yours in your bag without protection, you’re practically wasting money. As a way to make sure your steths stay safe and in mint condition, we’ve rounded up the best stethoscope covers for you.

Read on to find out our top picks.

This stethoscope cover is made from 100% cotton. It has snaps at the top and elastics at the bottom so you can easily slip it over your stethoscope. Its color can easily attract both your co-workers’ and patients’ attention. Plus, it’s one good way to show your support for breast cancer awareness.

Pros: Machine washable, 100% cotton

Cons: Distal end is a bit small, a bit hard to pull over the diaphragm of some stethoscopes

If you are looking for something that’s cute and child-friendly, this one’s it. This stethoscope cover can nicely distract your unhappy pediatric patients giving you enough time to check their vital signs or do a quick assessment. Take note, however, that you can’t use it in all areas, like the isolation unit. It’s a bit bulky, too.

Pros: Attracts kids’ attention, machine washable

Cons: Needs to be washed carefully, bulky

To add a bit of variety, get this Green Frogs stethoscope cover. Although it might not be as fluffy or as attention-grabbing as the others, this cover still has nice prints to entertain your patients. Apart from the print, you’ll love how it stays in place. It has snaps on top and elastics at the bottom part to make sure it won’t slip off while you’re working.

Pros: Fits stethoscopes nicely, doesn’t slip off easily

Cons: Top part can make it hard to spread the earpieces properly

If you like standing out and showing off a bit of your personality, this multi-colored flower stethoscope cover is surely for you. It’s neither too loud nor too bold for you to wear with your scrubs. It’s perfect for brightening up your day at work or for cheering your patients and co-nurses. Expect to get compliments with this one!

Pros: Easy to wash and dry, fits snugly

Cons: None we could see.

This design isn’t anything like your regular stethoscope cover. Surprisingly, it has a 2-way pocket and a utility strap. This means that you can store not just your diaphragm and bell, but your alcohol pads or pens, too.

Pros: Has a pocket and a strap, opens on top and bottom with fasteners and hooks

Cons: Material can rub on your neck

How To Care For Your Stethoscope

Investing in the best stethoscope cover isn’t enough to protect your precious steth. You also have to pay close attention to how you use, clean, and store it.

Check out these helpful tips below:

  • To prevent cracking, make sure you don’t use too much alcohol in cleaning it.  Much like your hands, the tubes of your stethoscope can also crack if you wash them too often. Alcohol has a tendency to weaken the rubber tubing leaving your steth vulnerable to damage. As a solution, you can slip on a steth cover and just routinely wash it to prevent bacterial buildup and transmission. Keep in mind that you still have to disinfect your stet from time to time even if you’re using a cover.
  • As much as possible, don’t wear your stethoscope around your neck all day. Wear it only when you need to assess your patient.
  • If you really need to wear your steth around your neck, place it under your collar flap. This way, the steth won’t rub on your skin.
  • Don’t forget to clean the ear tips. Since your steth cover doesn’t reach that part, dirt and bacteria can easily get trapped there. To clean the ear tips, simply unscrew them and clean with mild soapy water or a 70% isopropyl alcohol solution. You don’t need to fully submerge them in water.
  • Don’t expose your stethoscope to extreme temperatures. Leaving it under direct sunlight, for example, can damage the diaphragm and cause the tubing to warp.

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