20 Things Only A True Nurse Would Understand

things only a nurse would understand

We nurses have our own universe and a language that only we would understand.

Here are 20 fascinating things that only make sense to nurses:

1. When you need a cup for lunch, a clean specimen cup will do.

2. How amazing it feels to see a patient fully recover.

3. When someone asks how many days off you have and you don’t have any.

4. The times you line your mask with Vicks to not smell a thing.

5. The way you are alarmed and think that something is wrong if the whole unit is quiet.

6. Normal sleep schedules are inexistent.

7. The rarity of being able to talk about your day openly.

8. How sarcastically long your lunch breaks are.

9. How important it is to have your kit always ready even when not at work.

10. Those moments when someone interrupts you whilst you’re busy charting.

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11. How insanely different a 16-hour shift is from a 12-hour shift.

12. Those times when a patient is watching your favorite TV show that you thought you’d be missing during your shift.

13. When the phone rings for the nth time during the busiest hours of your shift.

14. When patients like you.

15. Nudity is not a big deal.

16. When you high five your co-workers when your patient has just pooped!

17. When family members ask you to make diagnoses out of their symptoms.

18. The times when you ask yourself if the clock is right or you’re just hallucinating.

19. When a patient makes a mess by vomiting or pooping in the bed just right before the end of your shift.

20. Those sad moments when your friends complain about their regular 9 to 5 jobs.

It’s nice to think that we can learn a lot from being a nurse. It could be funny at times, but we just can’t help but appreciate the things that only us nurses could understand.

Do you know of other things that nobody else would understand but nurses? Let us laugh together!

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