Tips in Surviving Online Nursing Programs

Tips in Surviving Online Nursing Programs

Are you looking for tips in passing online nursing programs? Online nursing programs are great for nurses who need to do both work and postgraduate studies at the same time. Through these programs, you can study at your own pace while still being guided by school professors who are also based online.

However, being in charge of your own time can have pitfalls especially if you do not know how to manage your own time. To prevent this, see the below tips on how to optimize your online study experience.

Before Enrollment

Research for Potential Schools Offering Online Nursing Programs

If you are planning to enroll in a BSN to RN Online Program or in any postgraduate nursing courses, you should research well for potential schools offering these programs. Consider their accreditation status, tuition fees and prerequisites needed. Inquire also about the number of hours required per week for online classes and if clinical rotations will be required as well.

research for online nursing programs

Submit Your Application Immediately

Once you’ve made a choice, don’t wait too long before submitting an application. Complete all the requirements and organize them neatly. Reputable online nursing programs can be filled up quickly and school administrators screen potential students strictly.

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After Enrollment

Be Computer Savvy

Completing nursing education online requires basic computer skills. Students are expected to be proficient with word processing software like Microsoft Word or PowerPoint. They are also expected to be skilled in communicating online through emails and chats.

If you aren’t too comfortable with technology or the latest software, start learning before the program starts.

Study the Class Syllabus

The syllabus is an outline of what should be expected from the enrolled nursing program. This is important for online courses to anticipate the concepts you should study for beforehand. Students often take this for granted in normal schooling but for online nursing programs, the syllabus will serve as your guide for the whole school year.

Familiarize yourself with the class syllabus and check out recommended readings for the outlined topics before classes officially start.

Plan Ahead

Efficient time management is important in taking online courses. Since you are in charge of your own time, you can either get ahead or be left behind with your program’s schedule.

To plan your schedule wisely, make a school calendar. Mark the dates of every assignments and highlight due dates. You can use an old-fashioned calendar, a daily planner, or an app on your phone.

plan ahead

Organize your Files

In completing online nursing programs, you can be lost with lots of resources and output papers being given by professors. To maximize these resources in your studies, organize your files efficiently. Create separate folders (or binders) for each subject and label accordingly.

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If you need to print out the papers you passed before, organize them in your file room. After each semester of a completed online nursing program, keep accumulated files separately in storage like a usb or in the cloud.

Study for Quizzes

Online nursing students often think that since quizzes are given online, they can just open their books and look up the answers while taking the quiz. This is a misconception because online quizzes are usually timed and you won’t be able to look through your textbook for all the answers.

Study for real so you don’t defeat your purpose for registering for online nursing programs in the first place. That is, to accumulate new information and knowledge that you can apply to your work.

Read a Lot

Online nursing programs require a great deal of reading. Make reading a habit. Read nursing journals and publications related to the online nursing program you are taking.

By reading a lot, you can gain more ideas and knowledge about the field of nursing practice you are pursuing. It will also prepare you for when you need to write your post-graduate papers.

read a lot

Work on Your Paper Early

Working on your paper early is one of the most important tips in passing online nursing programs. Online nursing programs usually require weekly paper submissions. Do not wait until the weekend to start writing your paper as emergencies might crop up and throw off your schedule. Get it done early and focus on making your output appear thoroughly researched and well-thought.

Late paper submission can have a big bearing on your final grade so make sure to complete requirements ahead of time.

Don’t Hesitate to Ask

Each online nursing program has a professor assigned to monitor the class. If you have any question, your professor is usually just an email or a phone call away.

Don’t be afraid to ask and clarify your concerns about the ongoing lesson. In some online nursing programs, the professor even hosts “weekly chat session” where you can personally ask questions to your professor through online chat.

Interact with your Peers

Having fewer opportunities to interact with peers is a common misperception about online nursing programs. Believe it or not, you will have more interaction opportunities with your peers once you pursue online nursing courses.

Each online nursing program usually has their own discussion groups open for students. Take this chance to expand your professional network. The discussion groups are also helpful in understanding online lessons as your peers may openly talk about difficult concepts for in-depth learning.

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With these tips in passing online nursing programs, are you now more confident in pushing through your studies? If you need more advices on how you can do well with online nursing courses, ask your older colleagues about it. Those who have more experience in completing online studies can give helpful advices in surviving online nursing programs.

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