65 Photos of Vintage Nurses—Nurses Through the Centuries

vintage nurses

By popular demand, we bring you 65 more pictures of vintage nurses being awesome! Nurses throughout the ages from all over the world doing what they do best.

Caring for the ill and the wounded, using vintage medical techniques, traveling over oceans, air, mountains, and through enemy fire to get to their patients. And sometimes… just having fun.

1. Vintage nurses caring for a child at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. –UK, 1930 (source)

nurse history

2. Compassion during WWI—Russian nurse dressing the wounds of a German soldier. –Stalingrad, WWI (source)

nurse ww1

3. Australian nurses on the troopship HMAT Euripedes (front center, in white uniforms behind the rail) departing Melbourne. –Australia, WWII (source)

historical nurses

4. Four of the five Malcolm family siblings served in WWII, two of them as nurses. They came back home safely. –Australia, WWII (source)

ww2 nurses

5. Russian nurse helps wounded soldier past burning tank. –WWII (source)

nursing images

6. British Women leave their home for the first time to travel to the war front as volunteer nurses. –London, WWI (source)

nurses history

7. Navy nurses tend to a wounded soldier. –USA, 1960 (source)

nursing history

8. Vintage nurses from the Melbourne District Nursing Society, with the bicycles they use to visit the poor and the sick. — Australia, 1885. (source)

history of nurses

9. A vintage nurse serves tea to injured British soldiers beside a railway carriage – London, WWI. (source)

history of nursing

10. Vintage nurses in the Frontier Nursing Service about to visit patients in the Appalachian Mountains on horseback—USA, 1925. (source)

nurses history

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11. Vintage nurses tend to their patients in the city while enjoying some sun—all wearing gas masks in case of a gas attack. –WWI (source)

nursing history

12. Capping ceremony: A veteran nurse pins a cap on a student nurse. –USA, ca. 1959 (source)

nurse cap

13. Vintage nurse graduating class of 1963 at the Sinai Hospital Nursing School. –USA, 1963 (source)

nursing school

14. A Canadian vintage nurse feeds her puppy Nero some cream. –1918 (source)

nurses photos

15. Vintage Red Cross nurses pose with two men, some children, and a horse. –early 20th century (source)

nurse photo

16. Tasmanian nurses pose for a picture. Note the pet wombat. –Tasmania, early 20th century (source)

nursing photo

17. Three Paratroop Nurses for the World Health Organization chat before their flight. – 1960s (source)

nurses photography

18. Paratroop nurse for the World Health Organization jumps and is about to open her parachute. –1960s (source)

nurses plane

19. Japanese nurses follow their soldiers onto the battlefield. –WWII (source)

nurses war

20. Vintage nurses tend to patients in Guy’s Accident Ward. –London, ca. 1880 (source)

nurse photography

21. Vintage nurses receive the annual Tennis Cup trophy for a well-played staff tournament. –UK, early to mid 1900s (source)

nursing photography

22. Vintage nurses and WWI wounded soldiers at Edmonton Military Hospital. –UK, 1918 (source)

nurses pictures

23. Vintage nurses tend to wounded soldiers at a mobile dressing station. –Russia, WWI (source)

nurse war

24. Vintage photo of student nurses at the University of Texas Medical Branch. –USA, early 1900s (source)

nursing pictures

25. Vintage nurses take an anatomy class at a hospital. (source)

In the early 1900s, hospitals used nursing schools as a way to get staff. Nursing students worked in the wards for 10-12 hours a day and then took classes. –1905

nursing school picture

26. Vintage nurses with their charges in the maternity ward. –Washington, DC, ca. 1919 (source)

nurses and babies

27. Vintage photo of a nurse caring for a baby in the “Baby Box” for premature babies. –1942 (source)

nurses at work

28. Vintage nurses give jaundiced babies some sunshine treatment. –undated (source)

nursing work

29. A Red Cross nurse gives a spoonful of medicine to a liberated WWII concentration camp survivor. –Germany, 1945 (source)

nurses at work

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30. A Red Cross nurse writes down the last words of British soldier Paul Thompson. –WWI (source)

nurses war

31. Australian nurse with the tame kangaroo Jimmy at the Australian Auxiliary Hospital of Harefield –UK, WWII (source)

nurse and kangaroo

32. Vintage New Zealand nurses in newly launched Army Nursing service. –WWII (source)

nurses war pictures

33. Vintage nurses entertain WWI troops and keep their morale up. –UK, 1916 (source)

nurses having fun

34. US Army nurses play bridge as they cross the English channel on the way to France. –WWII (source)

nurses at sea

35. Candle-lighting and capping ceremony as a rite of passage for vintage nurses. –USA, 1940s (source)

nurse cap ceremony

36. Vintage nurses carry newborn babies out from a hospital damaged by a German air raid. –London, WWII (source)

nurses doing their work

37. The Flying Nightingales before their flight. (source)

The Flying Nightingales were secret British volunteer civilian nurses who flew in camouflaged planes, under heavy fire, to the battle front to retrieve wounded soldiers and keep them alive. –WWII

flight nurses

38. Japanese Red Cross nurses carry a patient on a stretcher. –1900s (source)

old nurse photo

39. An American nurse observes an operation in the Hiroshima General Hospital. –Japan, 1904 (source)

old nurses photo

40. Vintage nurses caring for the 11 babies born on New Year’s Eve. –Germany, 1933 (source)

nurses working with babies

41. Vintage nurses have a group smoke. –undated (source)

nurse smoking

42. Vintage photo of child playing at being a nurse. –undated (source)

child nurse

43. Vintage photo of nursing students blinking from camera flash. –USA, 1910 (source)

nurses old pictures

44. Vintage Nurse tending to released POW on the US Benevolence. –WWII (source)

nurse with smiling patient

45. Nursing sisters voting in Canadian federal election in military hospital. –France, 191746. The first nurse uniforms were designed based on nun habits. –UK, 1900 (source)

nurses at war camps

46. The first nurse uniforms were designed based on nun habits.   –UK, 1900 (source)

old picture of nurse

 47. Vintage photo of nurses of the 2nd Australian Imperial Force leaving the City Hall. –Australia, 1940 (source)

old picture of nurses

 48. Vintage nurse with many, many babies. –UK, 1900s (source)

nurse with babies

49. Vintage photo of German Red Cross nurses having fun with dangling sausages! –Germany, 1950 (source)

nursing old photo

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50. Dutch nurses waving with joy at Canadian liberators. –Netherlands, 1945 (source)

nurses old picture

51. Vintage photo of nurses handing over patients. –undated (source)

nurses on duty

52. Vintage nurses blow a kiss. –undated (source)

pretty nurses

53. A vintage nurse watches over patient in iron lung contraption. –USA, 1950 (source)

nurse working

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54. A vintage nurse at Hankow Hospital. –China, 1920s (source)

nurse photo old

55. A Queen’s rural district nurse walking through the snow on her way to patients. –Scotland, ca. 1927 (source)

nurse old picture

Bonus Pics + Fun Facts!

Wet nurses were believed to be the earliest origin of nurses.

56. Maia was the wet nurse of the ancient Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun. (source)

Her rock tomb in Saqqara bears the epitaph “wet nurse of the king, educator of the god’s body and great one of the harim”.

Rock-carved drawing in Maia’s tomb depicts young Tutankhamun sitting on Maia’s lap. –Egypt, ca. 1305 BC

past nurse

57. In Romans 16:1, Paul sent the deaconess Phoebe to Rome as the first known Christian nurse. –Rome, ca. 50 C.E. (source)

history nurse

58. Domenico di Bartolo’s masterpiece fresco ‘The Care of the Sick’ in the Pilgrim’s Hall of the Ospedale di Santa Maria della Scala in Siena. (source)

It depicts rich benefactors visiting the hospital, doctors and nurses caring for the sick, and a priest hearing confession. –Europe, ca. 1400s

history nursing

59. When Islam was founded, Muslims became nurses to demonstrate their love for Allah. (source)

The first Muslim nurse was Rufaidah bint Sa’ad, a contemporary of Muhammad. –Mecca, early 7th century

nursing past

60. Unsigned lithograph depicting the French Sisters of Mercy of St. Borromeo arriving on the battlefield to care for the injured after the Battle of Gravelotte. –France, 1870-1871 (source)

nurse origin

Catholic nuns were the only trained nurses in the USA when the civil war broke out.   They played a pivotal role in healing the soldiers for both sides.

61. Sisters of Mercy with the Union soldiers they nursed back to health. –USA, 1863 (source)

old picture nurses

62. In gratitude, Abraham Lincoln is said to have commissioned a White House artist to create this painting. It depicts a Sister of Mercy caring for an injured man in a tent hospital. –USA, 1860s (source)

nurse painting

63. The Nuns of the Battlefield monument stands as a public tribute in Washington, DC to these steadfast nurses of the Civil War. –USA, 1924 (source)

nurses memorial

64. This popular photo of the V-J Day in Times Square, 1945

V-J Day in Times Square is a photograph by Alfred Eisenstaedt that portrays an American sailor kissing a young nurse in a white dress on V-J Day in Times Square on August 14, 1945.

V-J Day in Times Square, 1945

65. Florence Nightingale’s ambulance carriage –UK, 1900s (source)

old picture nurse

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