15 NCLEX Memes That Are Too Funny For Words


Finishing nursing school isn’t the final and most challenging part of pursuing nursing. There’s still one last milestone you have to conquer if you want to become a registered nurse and that is to pass the National Council Licensure Examination or NCLEX.

If you are in the middle of preparing for the exam or you’re waiting for the results, a little bit of humor can help ease away your stress. And for that, we have just the right collection of memes for you.

Here are the funniest NCLEX memes that’ll surely make you smile!

1. My Brain After The NCLEX

nclex brain memes

2. You Said That You Are Confident With Your NCLEX Answers

nclex confident memes

3. Dad, I’ve Finished The NCLEX.

nclex finished memes

4. How I Feel Passing The NCLEX

nclex how i feel memes

5. And Just Like That, The NCLEX Is Over.

nclex is over memes

6. Passing the NCLEX

nclex pass memes

7. Are You Well Prepared For The NCLEX?

nclex prepared memes

8. Reviewing For The NCLEX

nclex reviewing memes

9. Nursing Students Studying For The NCLEX

nclex sleep memes

10. Studying For The NCLEX

nclex what year it is memes

11. The Night Before NCLEX

night before nclex memes

12. Still Studying

13. Wakey, wakey.

14. Think you got it rough?

15. How I’ll feel