Best Apps For Reviewing For The NCLEX


When you’re preparing for the NCLEX, it can feel like there’s not enough time to go through all your books and notes. There’s also the feeling that the materials you have aren’t enough to help you ace the test.

This is where the best NCLEX apps can help you.

Apart from your textbooks, nursing exams, and clinicals, using mobile apps can help you study, review, and retain key concepts that you’ll need to pass the test. With that, here are 10 must-have apps (free and paid versions) for anyone planning on taking the NCLEX.

1. NCLEX-RN Mastery


NCLEX RN Mastery is a good tool if you have a busy lifestyle. With more than 2,000 exam-like questions, you’ll be able to test your knowledge wherever you are.

The questions are made by both professors and nursing educators. This means that the questions came from people who know exactly what nursing students are going through.

Apart from the questions, this app also comes with in-depth explanations. It’s designed to help improve your test-taking strategies so you can ace your exam.

2. NCLEX® RN & NCLEX® PN Test Pro 2020


NCLEX Test Pro comes with detailed practice questions and flashcards. In addition to that, the app also has score reports to help you keep track of your performance, weaknesses, and strengths. This will allow you to adjust your studying methods to boost your test scores.

The app has more than 2,000 questions. It covers Nursing Fundamentals, Medical-Surgical Nursing, Pediatrics, Psych and Mental Health, Pharmacology, and more.

3. Saunders Q&A Review for NCLEX-RN Examination


This NCLEX app has over 5,800 questions. It has almost everything you need to properly prepare for your NCLEX exam.

One of the features you’ll love in this app is the Study Mode where you’ll be able to answer a question and see the answer/rationale. It also has the Time Mode which lets you answer as many questions as possible in a set time. This mode is designed to help improve your speed.

4. Lippincott Q&A Review for NCLEX-RN


This Lippincott NCLEX app is a convenient choice if you’re not always online. You can access it anytime you want without worrying about your network connection.

With over 5,000 questions, the app is designed to help you master the four major content areas involved in pre-licensure programs. The list includes mental health nursing, obstetrics, medical-surgical, and pediatrics.

The app also has information on how to take computerized tests. It even has information on test preparations as well as study plans.

5. NCLEX RN Practice Exam Prep 2020 Practice Test


This app has two study modes. The practice mode is designed to help you get a better understanding of what it’s like to actually take the exam and answer the questions. The flashcard study mode, on the other hand, can assist you in memorizing important information.

The app comes with a progress bar and a timer. These tools will help you self-check your readiness and preparation.

There are more than 1,000 practice questions in this app. All of them have detailed explanations.

6. HESI NCLEX RN Exam Prep

This app only has over 650 questions. You can find 5 practice exams with 100 questions each. This enables you to get a similar testing experience with NCLEX.

The questions are well-organized. The critical thinking study questions come with rationales to help you understand the concepts.

The nice thing about this app is that it lets you add your own notes. You can also bookmark questions so you can understand them easier.

There’s no need to connect to the internet when using the app. You can practically access it anywhere.

7. NCLEX RN Practice Exams Lite


With this app, you can take timed tests. You can also study using flashcards. Everything you get from this app is absolutely free which is great if you don’t want to spend more money on reviewers.

If you have the extra money, you can get its paid Pro version which will give you access to over 3,500 questions.

There are 800 practice questions in this app. They are categorized by subjects and modules. Each question has detailed answers so you can understand the concept better.

8. NCLEX-RN Exam 2020


With this app, you won’t get a numerical score. You’ll get either a pass or fail at the end of the test.

The test goes on until it’s 95% sure that you’re able to answer 50% of the questions correctly. To get that, you’ll need to correctly answer the questions with medium difficulty at least 50%.

The app has more than 2,500 questions. There are 55 practice tests and 6 full-length exams.

With each question, you’ll get instant feedback. This way, you’ll be able to learn as you take the tests.

One of the interesting features of this app is its Dark Mode. This allows you to study anywhere.

9. Mosby’s NCLEX RN Exam Prep


Mosby’s NCLEX RN Exam Prep comes with 5 practice exams. These tests have the same content and format as the actual NCLEX-RN exam. Each set has 265 questions.

In total, you’ll get more than 2,800 review questions with this app. There are detailed rationales for the answers to help you understand key concepts.

There’s an option to bookmark confusing questions. You can also zoom in/out the images to get a better view when answering questions.

10. UWorld NCLEX


This app can help enhance your critical thinking skills. With over 2,000 NCLEX-RN style questions, you can master difficult concepts fast.

The questions are categorized by systems. This will help you focus and work on your weak areas.

There’s also an option to check your performance to help you know how well you’re doing compared with your peers. The app comes with medical images and charts to assist in learning.

11. Nursing School Pocket Prep


If you’re new to using an app for reviewing NCLEX questions, you won’t find this app disappointing. It covers not just NCLEX topics but ATI TEAS and HESI A2 questions, too.

It comes with a tracker so you can look at your history, test times, and even your results. This feature is important if you want to understand your progress better.

The app is free to download, but you have the option to upgrade your membership. Don’t worry about the price because it’s not that expensive. Plus, there’s no price increase when renewing.