27 Cutest Stuff For Nurses

stuff for nurses

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We’re going for the cute today so we rounded up the cutest stuff for nurses on Pinterest and in nurse forums.  Whether you’re going to nursing school or clinicals, the fact of the matter is, you’re going to war. And if you’re going to war, you have to be sufficiently armed with… kawaii stuff!

Kidding aside, little details like these – cute stuff for nurses – can give you that morale boost in the middle of a tiresome day. At the least, you’ll make new friends with colleagues and patients when they ask you where you got your stuff from.

Our NurseBuff staff is composed of self-professed stationary addicts (yep, we even took that Buzzfeed test and got “utterly obsessed”) so this article gives us the perfect excuse to scope out some nifty stuff for nursing students.

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1. Nurse Utility Scissor

Utility scissors are a must-have for nurses for when you need to cut gauze, tape, clothing, bandages, and so on. This Nurse Utility Scissor ranks first in School Safety and First Aid in case you were curious as to what’s the popular choice out there.

a. Prestige Medical Stylemate Utility Scissor

If you like the color purple, you might want to have these Prestige Medical Stylemate Utility Scissors in your toolbox.  These are rather small-sized and can fit in your nurse pocket. They can also autoclave for sterilization and can cut through cast padding, ace bandages, patient clothes, and other unwieldy material.

Also comes in black and pink.

2. Nursing Pen and Pencil

Make sure to purchase pens that write well and that won’t dry up on you mid-use. Note-taking is very important in the classroom as well as on the hospital floor. Don’t invest in expensive pens though. Nurses losing pens is an urban legend and memes have been borne from it.

funny nursing meme

a. Novelty Bone Ballpoint Pen

Check out these fun bone pens. If this Novelty Bone Ballpoint Pen isn’t a conversation starter, we don’t know what is.

b. Stethoscope Pen

Aren’t these stethoscope pens simply adorable? We guarantee that when you whip one of these babies out, you’ll get interested comments from your nurse friends and patients alike.

These pens are a great icebreaker. They also make good gift ideas for everybody at work.

FYI, the ink on these pens is black.

c. Green Leaf Pen

If you keep losing your pens because people borrow them but never remember to give them back, you can start putting name labels on your belongings. And if that doesn’t work, you can buy a unique-looking pen like this green leaf silicon pen. It looks like a blade of grass, but it’s actually a pen. Isn’t it cool? The plastic doesn’t feel cheap either.

The best thing is, if a colleague forgets to give back your pen, you can spot it a mile off and nicely ask them to hand your leafy pen back. For sure, your patients (especially the pediatric ones) will find it hugely entertaining.

d. Sprout Pencil: Herb Pack

Highlighters and colored pens are nurses’ best friends. If you use pencils though and love plants, you might find these pretty cool.

These super high quality No.2 sprout pencils grow into plants. When your pencil is too short to use, just plant your used-up pencil to get any of these herbs: basil, cilantro, dill, mint, parsley, rosemary, sage, or thyme.

These pencils usually germinate in two weeks give or take.

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3. Nursing Stethoscope

a. 3M Littmann Lightweight Stethoscope Pearl Pink

This 3M Littmann Lightweight Stethoscope Pearl Pink (aside from coming in this cute shade of pink) is a great buy. The quality is really good, reviewers say it REALLY is lightweight, and it’s a great alternative if you don’t want to buy an outrageously priced stethoscope.

This comes highly recommended by professionals in the medical field.

b. Prestige Medical Clear Sound Heart Stethoscope, Black

The Prestige Medical Clear Sound Heart Stethoscope (like the Littmann above) comes with some impressive customer reviews. Again, it’s a stethoscope that is value for money (oh wow look at that price!) and the sound when listening to heartbeats is very good too even for ageing doctors or paramedics who listen through layers of clothes.

Another plus of this particular model is the heart. People who’ve used this prestige heart stethoscope talk about how it puts patients at ease and makes dealing with the little ones easier.

c. Pediatric Nurse Scope

Now here’s another cute and awesome alternative for those who work in Pediatrics. The Pediatric Nurse Scope comes at a really great low price and the sound quality is good.

Unlike regular stethoscopes that might frighten little kids, this stethoscope is a lot of fun with seven cute interchangable animals. When the children are agitated or nervous, just say that the panda (or whatever you’re using) wants to listen to their heart.

4. Sphygmomanometer

a. Sphygmomanometer – Owl’s Cream

We’re not sure if coming in with a funky Owl’s Cream sphygmomanometer like this upgrades you into a fashionista nurse but we think it’s close. Great design with good quality and at an inexpensive price point!

b. Sphygmomanometer – Love and Believe

Another cute specimen, the Love and Believe sphygmomanometer! Can you see how exciting it would be to mix and match all this cute stuff for nurses?

c. Hot Pink Hearts Sphygmomanometer and Sprague, Rappaport Kit

If you want the complete package, check out this Hot Pink Hearts Sphygmomanometer and Sprague, Rappaport Kit. It comes with a sphygmomanometer, a stethoscope, and a really cute container to place everything in.

5. Stethoscope Cover

Stethoscope covers aren’t for everybody but if you’re a nurse who is partial to them, check out these cute designs.

a. Stethoscope Crunchie

If you like protection for your stethoscope’s tubing, then it’s a great idea to look into stethoscope sleeves. They’ll protect your stethoscope from normal wear and tear like scuffs or spillage. They’re not appropriate for all situations like if you work in a covid ward, but they have their uses.

These stethoscope scrunchies have classy designs and great material. Buy a handful so you can just throw a used cover in the washing machine and then you can use another the next day. There’s neither shrinkage nor fading so regularly soaking them in sudsy water or putting them in the washine machine shouldn’t be a problem.

Before buying, make sure your stethoscope has a removable bell so you can slide the scrunchie in.

b. Stethoscope Covers Handmade Variety Patterns Colors 100% Cotton Scrunchie (Red Blue Pink Owl)

If you’re not into dogs but rather owls, check out this Stethoscope Covers Handmade Variety Patterns Colors 100% Cotton Scrunchie. Reviewers say these covers are a good fit and the patterns look even better in real.

c. PediaPals Tiger Stethoscope Cover

It’s a tiger! (We kinda worry if sanitary though.) PediaPals Tiger Stethoscope Cover comes in bear, dinosaur, and spotted dalmatian.

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6. Nurse Badge Holder

Nurse badge holders are a great way to liven up your uniform. After all, you wear your uniform day in and day out all year round. A variety of nurse badge holders helps change up your look.

a. Liney Leaves – Nurse Badge Reel

The Liney Leaves – Nurse Badge Reel is a very cute and tasteful nurse badge reel. It should go with most nursing uniforms and scrub suit designs.

b. Prestige Medical Deluxe Animal Retractable Badge Holder

A yellow rubber ducky! I suppose it’s a visceral feeling and reaction to something from our childhood.

This Prestige Medical Deluxe Animal Retractable Badge Holder would be perfect for pediatrics nurses.

7. Stethoscope ID Tag

Stethoscope ID tags are another way to accessorize your nursing stuff. However, watch out for falling parts (like from charms with bling) or accessories that make your stethoscope more challenging to clean. Remember, sanitation first before fashion!

a. Stethoscope ID Tag – Betty Boop Hearts

If you’re a fan of Betty Boop sass, you might find this Betty Boop Hearts stethoscope ID tag interesting.

b. UltraScope Crystal Stethoscope Charm – Iridescent

As a rule, we don’t post anything with bling as we often get reports that the stones invariably fall off. However, this crystal stethoscope charm appears to be the exception. It’s good quality, sturdy, and the irridescent color is simply gorgeous.

This UltraScope Crystal Stethoscope Charm – Iridescent fits all stethoscope tubes except perhaps the Littmann Classic III. You’ll have to make adjustments if you have this particular stethoscope.

8. Nurse Clipboard

We love clipboards! They’re superb tools for organizing papers and print-outs that you need right away.

a. Prestige Medical 3309 Nurse Assist Clipboard

This Prestige Medical 3309 Nurse Assist Clipboard is a must-have for new nursing students. Apart from getting a calculator, a clock, and a timer, you also get a cool cheat sheet in the form of the diagnostic referencing information. It’s perfect for bedside tips!

b. Transparent Multi Color Low Profile Clipboard Set

And if you want a set without the bells and the whistles, try out these Transparent Multi Color Low Profile Clipboard Set.

9. Sticky Notes

These sticky notes are very handy for nursing students.

a. Redi-Tag Divider Sticky Notes

If you’re using a nursing binder or notebook (and you should!), it would be a great idea to get yourself a couple of Redi-Tag Divider Sticky Notes. They’ll make your notes stand out and easy to find.

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b. Totoro and My Melody Post-Its

We’re huge Totoro fans. My Melody comes in a close second so we didn’t bat an eye in including these Totoro and My Melody Post-Its on our list. Warning: Make sure to contact the seller and ask for the characters you want if you’re fanatical (like us) about what you’re gonna get in your package.

More of their line-up… Aren’t they just adorable?

my melody post its

10. Notepads

Notepads are multi-purpose. If you use them with washi tape, they’ll double as sticky notes.

a. Animal Memo

Use cute animal memos to spice up your shift. Plain stick-on memos are functional but we all need a little bit of silly fun now and again. We’re sure your fellow nurses will love these cute designs too.

You can choose from a huge array of designs. From adorable animal heads to colorful animal drawings. Choose a design with a white center if you need your notes to be easily read. The more colorful ones look great around the house when you need to leave notes for your family members. We also use them on our journals.

b. Kikkerland Cupcake Memo Pad

Another delicious alternative is the Kikkerland Cupcake Memo Pad.

c. Cute Humorous Notepads

Keep things light and humorous with these funny notepads.

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11. Washi Tape

Wrapables Set of 6 Japanese Washi Masking Tape Collection

Friends, have you discovered the wonderful world of washi tape yet? If you haven’t, check out these Wrapables Set of 6 Japanese Washi Masking Tape Collection. Trust us when we say there are cuter speciments but we’ll leave those for you to discover.

12. Nursing USB

8GB novelty blue doctor shape USB Flash Drive

It’s always handy to have a USB in your bag. These flash drives are plug and play and have a fast data transfer rate. 8GB novelty blue doctor shape USB Flash Drive only come in 8gb though but it should be enough for files.

They’re a bit pricey for 8gb flash drives but the designs are too cute. Check out these guys in blue scrubs.

And it comes in pink too for those who are partial to the color.

The above are just some of the cute stuff for nurses you can find online and in brick-and-mortar stationary stores. Collecting these cute school and nursing supplies will surely make nursing school more fun and enjoyable.