Best Packing Cubes for Travel Nurses


Are you a traveling nurse? Do you travel often for work? If you do, you will need a good set of packing cubes.

One great hacks for staying organized while traveling are packing cubes. For nurses, it can be overwhelming, especially if you want to travel light despite all the things you need to bring with you, including every must-have medical item. This is where the most efficient packing cubes shine, allowing you to pack all your essentials while providing nifty features so you can pack like a pro.

Here, we’ve rounded up the best packing cubes for travel nurses you can find online.

Amazon Basics 4 Piece Packing Travel Organizer Cubes Set

This 4-piece packing cubes from Amazon Basics is a reliable set for nurses. The durable construction makes them available for longer use. Usage is also smooth with double zipper pulls and great-looking interior seams. There are multiple sizes to choose from so you can pick the one that fits your needs. It’s also designed with a mesh top panel to conveniently spot contents.


  • Available in multiple sizes and colors
  • Webbing handle for easy carrying


  • A little pricey compared to similar items on this list

BAGAIL 8 Set Packing Cubes Luggage Packing Organizers for Travel Accessories

Making organizing easier are these 8-set packing cubes from BAGAIL. With eight different cubes for your every need, packing and unpacking is not as stressful. They’re also made of premium nylon fabrics so you can rest assured that your things are protected from wrinkles and stains. They’re even lightweight and sturdy, making them functional travel accessories.


  • Offers a 12-month money back guarantee
  • Fits perfectly into most carry-on bags


  • Smaller than other packing cubes

Veken 6 Set Packing Cubes for Suitcases

Veken Store’s packing cubes consist of six lightweight and durable ones for suitcases, durable because they’re designed with a 26% premium thickness by using the 290D polyester material instead of the 230D one used by most luggage organizers. These packing cubes also feature high-quality zippers that glide effortlessly, no annoying jams and snags. Even better, these zippers are touted to last no matter how frequent you travel. Plus, see-through mesh panels to keep the contents fresh and easily visible.


  • Fabrics used are thicker than others
  • Easy-gliding zipper and convenient mesh panels


  • You can put just enough contents, else the fabric might have damage

YAMIU Packing Cubes for Suitcases

These packing cubes include seven – 4 for clothes, 1 shoe bag, 1 big toiletry bag, and another TSA-approved toiletry bag for cosmetics. Allowing you to organize all your things efficiently, YAMIU’s packing cubes are good for up to two weeks worth of clothings when on a trip. The nylon fabric used is sturdy but also lightweight so washing it isn’t taxing.


  • Includes a TSA-approved bag for carry-on liquids
  • Offers a lifetime warranty


  • More expensive than many similar products

TravelWise Luggage Packing Organization Cubes 5 Pack

This 5-piece travel organizer set from TravelWise consists of 2 large, 2 medium, and 1 small packing cubes. Materials are mostly nylon, ensuring durability. They’re also lightweight so your items are secured without making your luggage heavier. There’s a mesh section for every cube for added convenience as well, plus two-way zippers that are smooth to use.


  • Offers satisfaction guarantee
  • Lightweight and take up very little space


  • More expensive than many similar products
  • Cubes are smaller

TRIPPED Travel Gear Store Compression Packing Cubes for Travel

If you don’t need a lot, this 2-piece compression packing cubes set from TRIPPED more than serves its purpose. Designed as a compression traveling aid, it helps you travel with more ease by getting rid of the extra bulk when packing your things. Your clothes are efficiently compressed together so any wasted space is eliminated. Durability-wise, it stands out by using ripstop Polyurethane fabric, which promises to be lightweight, sturdy, and water-resistant.


  • Offer a satisfaction guarantee
  • Compresses clothes without wrinkling


  • Compression zipper a little hard to close

Mossio 7 Set Packing Cubes with Shoe Bag

If you’re into fun designs, the packing cubes from Mossio are must-haves. Aesthetics aside, these 7-set cubes are a reliable packing aid. It has 3 packing cubes (in 3 sizes), 3 laundry pouches, and 1 shoe bag (bonus gift). They’re made of thicker nylon fabric for durability with high quality stitching and 2-way zippers. Even better, they’re lightweight, water-resistant, and can easily be folded for storage.


  • One of the cheapest packing cubes
  • Beautiful designs


  • Packing cubes are small

VAGREEZ Travel Luggage Packing Organizers Set with Toiletry Bag

This 7-set packing cubes is one of your durable options, using high-density fabric with proficient stitching and sturdy zippers. You can even save up to 30% space when using these for your travels. It consists of 3 packing cubes, 1 underwear bag, 1 toiletry bag, 1 laundry bag, and 1 zippered bag. For added convenience, the mesh top panel design helps you identify the items in each packing cube.


  • Made of premium, tear-resistant fabric
  • Saves space for up to 30%


  • Zippers are frail

BAGSMART 6 Set/4 Set/2 Set Compression Packing Cubes for Travel

BAGSMART’s compression packing cubes provide efficient storage, letting you pack everything you need without the dreaded luggage weight and bulk. The cubes are big enough for jackets and trousers too, although you won’t notice these items taking up much space.


  • Durable, lightweight and huge for all essentials
  • Each organizer has an ID tag pocket


  • Pricier than many similar products

DIMJ Packing Cubes for Travel

These valuable travel bags set from DIMJ offer a stylish option with vibrant colors to choose from. It even includes a make-up bag for extra convenience, in addition to having 3 packing cubes for clothes, 1 for underwear, 1 for laundry, 1 for cosmetics and toiletries, 1 shoes bag, and another small bag for socks, keys, and other smaller items. They’re also made to last long thanks to the high-quality nylon fabric used.


  • Durable, lightweight, and easy-working zippers
  • Stylish packing cubes


  • The smaller cubes are not waterproof

Cambond Compression Packing Cubes for Travel

One of the most reasonably priced selections you can find, Cambond’s compression packing cubes are great for traveling without spending extra on your luggage. It’s because you can pack more items without making your luggage bulkier or heavier. It has a compression zipper that can save you up to 50% storage space. Your clothes and other items are efficiently compressed without being wrinkled too.


  • Saves up to 50% storage space
  • Perfect size for carry-on suitcases


  • Compressing items perfectly may be a little hard

Bago 7 Pcs Packing Cubes for Suitcases

Bago offers fun-looking packing cubes that fit well in suitcases. Made of polyester material, they are built to last, securing your belongings on every trip. When packing clothings, these organizer bags are reliable for keeping your clothes wrinkle and stain-free. They’re also lightweight so your luggage isn’t annoyingly heavy.


  • Lightweight but durable packing cubes
  • Includes ziplock bags to avoid spills


  • Zippers a bit flimsy

OlarHike Luggage Organizer Bags for Travel

This 6-set packing cubes from OlarHike simplifies organizing during your travels by producing a packing set that’s both sturdy and lightweight. It’s designed to withstand pressure so you can use it for a long time by reinforcing double seams, incorporating well-executed stitching, and adding LST-tested mesh netting. There are also side handles to make carrying your items extra convenient.


  • Water and tear-resistant
  • Seamless and durable zippers


  • Colors not as vibrant as in the pictures


Ensuring you’ve packed lighter and smarter can make or break your trip. For nurses traveling for work, it’s more crucial to bring everything they need, and that includes all the medical essentials, without compromising comfort and convenience.

Packing cubes are a clear solution, offering much more storage without the additional load. The best ones should fit well in suitcases and not add any extra weight. Of course, they need to be durable; it’s a bonus if they’re also stylish and fun-looking!