Best White Shoes for Clinicals 2017

best white shoes for nurses

Are you looking for the best white shoes for nurses online? Investing in your footwear at work will save you from tons of health problems in the future.

Here’s what you save yourself from with a good pair of shoes:

  • Foot pain
  • Back pain
  • Stress and discomfort
  • Spinal issues
  • Balance issues
  • Accidents from slipping or stumbling

Here are some quick and dirty pro-tips on how to find the best white shoes for clinicals:

  • Measure both feet. One foot may be slightly larger than the other.
  • Your feet may swell from so much walking and standing. Take this into account when identifying your shoe size.
  • Get your feet analyzed at a runners shoe store. Know your arch length and height. A good name brand won’t be comfortable for you if they don’t provide a good fit for your arches.
  • Suede and canvas shoes are difficult to clean. Synthetic and vegan leather may make your feet feel hot and sweaty.
  • Backless shoes are unstable and may cause foot pain in the long run from having to grip your shoes.
  • Avoid breathable shoes or open-toed footwear as a nurse is liable to get accidental fluid spills.

Fortunately, there are plenty of shoes made especially for nurses that ensure comfort and safety while providing care to patients. To help you get started in finding the best white shoes for clinicals, take a look at the below most recommended white shoes for nurses.

Full disclosure: We are Amazon affiliates and will get a bit for coffee if you decide to purchase. To see the actual items on sale in Amazon, just click on the name or photo of the pair of shoes that you like. Prices and ratings may vary and are only as of writing.

1. Natural Uniforms Slip Clogs

nursing clogsThese inexpensive slip clogs are lightweight and comfortable. The brand promises squishy comfort at a price that is very affordable. The clog is great for those who have wide feet because of its wide sole base. It feels soft to wear which is great if you frequently stand or walk for long periods of time.

Prime: Yes
Price: $9.97
Rating: 3.5 Stars
Material: rubber
Popular for: affordability and comfort
Pros: cheap, easy to clean, sturdy, lightweight, well-cushioned
Cons: some users report weak foot straps

2.  Skechers Women’s Loving Life Memory Foam Fashion Sneaker


skechers women


These shoes are a popular Skechers model for people who are on their feet the whole day like nurses and bartenders. They are lightweight and very convenient.

They have no laces so they are easy to slip on and off. The memory foam insoles make walking very comfortable. Great value for the price.

Prime: Yes
Price: $26.96
Rating: 4.5 Stars
Material: rubber with breathable mesh
Popular for: affordability and comfort
Pros: cheap, lightweight, soft and comfortable, high rating
Cons: mesh top

3. Skechers Women’s Premium Sneaker

skechers premium sneaker

If you prefer sneakers over clogs, these premium sneakers by Skechers are a good deal. They’re comfortable and durable. They are fine shoes for walking. And because they are closed all the way, they provide good protection from accidental spills.

Prime: Yes
Price: $37.99
Rating: 4.5 Stars
Material: leather
Popular for: comfort and durability
Pros: cheap, comfortable, light, feet are protected from spills, good arch support, high rating
Cons: may feel warm

4. Crocs Mercy Work Clog

crocs white clogs

This slip-on clog features a comfortable croslite footbed that includes circulation nubs to ensure comfort. The circulation nubs aid in massaging the footbed area to increase blood flow around the feet. It also features the Croc Lock treaded sole that provides non-skid traction against the floor.

Unlike other crop models, this clog is fully closed in the front area which protects the feet from accidental spills while at work.

Prime: Yes
Price: $44.99
Rating: 4 Stars
Material: rubber
Popular for: comfort and non-skid soles
Pros: easy to clean, lightweight, non-skid, soft footbed relieves pressure, odor-resistant
Cons: confusion in sizing

5. Cherokee Exact Clog

cherokee white clog

Cherokee’s exact clog is made from DBL compound. Because of this, it is lightweight and flexible to use. Although the clog’s body is flexible, its rubber outsole is slip-resistant. It has a removable insole for those who need orthotic inserts. Once soiled, these clogs can be washed with cool to lukewarm water.

Prime: Yes
Price: $47.18
Rating: 4 Stars
Material: DBL compound
Popular for: comfort, flexibility and affordability
Pros: easy to clean, lightweight, washable, slip-resistant, removable insoles
Cons: reports of squeakiness

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6.Skechers Women’s D’Lites Sneaker

skechers dlites sneaker


These Skechers shoes are a delight to wear. They have generous cushion and support hence making it ideal for the long hours of standing and walking that a nurse does. And because they are sneakers, they provide full protection for your feet.

Prime: Yes
Price: $52.88
Rating: 4.5 Stars
Material: leather
Popular for: comfort and light weight
Pros: comfortable, light, easy to clean, true to size, high rating
Cons: enclosed so may feel hot

skechers slipon sneaker

This pair of sneakers is a great partner for clinical duties. You can easily slip it on your feet and you don’t need to worry about tying shoelaces. The insoles have ankle collar and arch support to ensure comfort. Its EVA midsole is sturdy and great for shock absorption.

Prime: Yes
Price: $56.77
Rating: 4.5 Stars
Material: synthetic leather
Popular for: comfortable arch support
Pros: slip-resistant, water-resistant, cushioned tongue and collar, sturdy rubber soles, high rating
Cons: according to some users, lining may wear out within few weeks

8. NurseMates Slip-On Loafer

nurse mates slipon loafer

This is a leather slip-on shoes designed especially for nurses. It is made from premium floater leather uppers with a stain-resistant finish. The outsoles also have slip-resistant rubber inserts. Since this shoe is a slip-on type, it is easy to put on and off your feet without worrying about tying shoelaces. The insole’s interior is also soft and feels comfy to wear.

Prime: Yes
Price: $68.95
Rating: 4 Stars
Material: leather
Popular for: comfortable soft insoles
Pros: easy to clean, provides great insole support, affordable
Cons: With reports that leather finish for shiny black models easily cracks over time (not an issue for white nurse shoes though)

9. Merrell Jungle Moc Pro Grip Shoes

merrell pro grip slip

Merrell’s Jungle Moc Pro Grip is sturdy and slip-resistant. It has a breathable mesh lining that wicks away moisture in the interiors of the shoes. Its EVA footbed provides arch support and it is removable if you want to use customized shoe inserts. It also features Merrell’s well-known SureGrip outsole which provides great traction on the floor to prevent you from accidentally slipping.

Prime: Yes
Price: $69.90
Rating: 4.5 Stars
Material: synthetic leather
Popular for: durability and stable outsole traction
Pros: slip-resistant, water-resistant, air-cushioned soles; high rating
Cons: enclosed so may feel warm

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10. Dansko Box Leather Clog

dansko leather clog

Just like Sanita, Dansko also received a seal of acceptance from the American Podiatric Medical Association for the quality of their clogs’ comfort and support. It has a padded instep collar that ensures comfort while walking. Its footbed is made from breathable PU foam that ensures odor and temperature control. Its Rocker Bottom absorbs shock with every stride to prevent and reduce feet fatigue.

Dansko nursing shoes are the brand of choice for many nurses.

Prime: No
Price: $119.95
Rating: 4 Stars
Material: leather
Popular for: comfort and foot support
Pros: exceptional arch support, with padded instep collar, with shock-absorbing Rocker Bottom soles
Cons: some quality complaints from repeat buyers

11. Alegria Paloma Flat

alegria paloma flat white

Alegria’s Paloma clog became famous as one of the best white shoes for nurses because of their anatomically shaped footbed. The clog’s footbed is based from the natural curvatures of the feet to ensure optimum comfort and arch support. The outsoles are made to reduce heel and central metatarsal pressure to promote proper posture and gait. The insole is also made from breathable leather with built-in arch support. The whole footbed is removable if you want to use custom orthotics for your feet.

Prime: Yes
Price: $119.95
Rating: 4.5 Stars
Material: leather
Popular for: anatomically shaped footbed and durability
Pros: easy to clean, sturdy arch support, roomy and breathable leather insoles, lightweight, high rating
Cons: with reported squeaky soles for some models

12. Sanita Clogs

sanita celina clog

Sanita has been making clogs since 1907. They have more than a hundred years of handcraftsmanship for Danish-designed clogs so they became famous for their expertise in making comfortable clogs. This model of Sanita clogs features an anatomically shaped footbed that ensures great arch support. The outsoles are also sturdy and slip-resistant. This model even received a seal of acceptance from the American Podiatric Medical Association for its superb quality in providing lasting support for both feet and posture.

Prime: Yes
Price: $124.95
Rating: 3.5 Stars
Material: shiny leather
Popular for: comfort and high arch support
Pros: slip-resistant, water-resistant, oil-resistant, anatomically-shaped footbed
Cons: not for wide feet, expensive

The best white shoes for nurses are generally slip-resistant, lightweight and have comfortable insoles. When buying one through online, review all the feedbacks in your preferred shoes. Some brands and models have sizing issues and previous buyers give good advice on whether to order a size up or a size down.

Also, be cautious when reading feedback about fit. Remember that people have different shoe attributes and what may be comfortable for one may be hell for another. And vice versa. Some buyers have been known to stock up on several pairs of the same brand and model once they find their perfect pair of shoes.

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