Ten Best Hand Lotion for Nurses

Ten Best Hand Lotion for Nurses

With super cold weather and low temperatures upon us, nurses’ overwashed and over-disinfected hands are going to need the TLC of the best hand lotion for nurses around. If you’re a nurse, especially a NICU nurse, you know what we’re talking about.

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Dry or cracked hands are no joke so check out the most popular hand creams and lotions on Amazon. These are also available in your corner drugstore (or Target or Wallmart) but it pays to see what people are buying and what reviewers are saying about them. We found some of our favorite personal care items this way!

Important Note!

  • Always check if the lotions you use are okay to use at work and will not compromise glove integrity.

When it comes to heavy-duty hand lotions, O’Keeffe’s Working Hands Cream seems to be most people’s Holy Grail based on popularity. It’s the number 1 Best Seller in the Hand Creams & Lotions category.

It’s non-greasy, odorless and highly moisturizing. For its cheap price, it’s a great product. Reviewers with cracked and bleeding hands and even a chemo patient called this a lifesaver!

This is a stiff cream so to apply out of a tub, just scrape off a small amount with the back of your thumbnail. Rub it off on the back of your hand and rub your hands together till you’ve spread it across both your hands.

Eucerin has been recommended by fellow nurses in other forums. Similar to O’Keeffe’s, this hand lotion is also non-greasy and very moisturizing. Nurse forumers say they use this on their body and face too.

3Skin Nutrition All Natural Almond Milk and Green Tea Hand Cream

If you like organic stuff, this hand cream with almond milk and green tea will sing to your heart. It’s got perfect reviews from happy Etsy buyers.

Skin Nutrional All Natural Almond Milk and Green Tea Hand Cream is handmade and contains green tea, cocoa butter, shea butter, mango butter, cupuacu butter, grapeseed oil, carrot seed essential oil, almond milk, and almond oil. All yummy goodness!

The Norwegian formula on Neutrogena’s hand cream is traced way back to the Norwegian fishermen who worked under extreme weather conditions. (And we thought nurses had the most challenging job ever.)

This hand cream is recommended for dry and chapped hands.

Corn Huskers Lotion is a clear gel-like lotion that’s highly recommended in nurse boards. You can glean from the packaging and the name that Corn Huskers Lotion has been around for decades now.

One reviewer even recalled, “I remembered my grandfather using it on his hands after a day working outdoors on his ranch.” And according to general consensus, Corn Huskers is a lot more effective than many expensive brands with equally expensive advertising.

This heavy duty hand lotion is perfect for dry, rough, and chapped hands, feet, legs, and just about anywhere in your body which makes it perfect for these cold winter months. It is oil-free, highly moisturizing, and gets absorbed fast. It’s not odorless though but it smells faintly of baby powder. The scent is very faint so it should be alright even for male nurses who don’t want to smell like a perfumery.

Corn Huskers is a steal at $6 but the rumor mill has it you can buy it for HALF the price in mom and pop stores. (Tell us if you find out this is true!)

Lemongrass +Tea Tree is a handmade Etsy product for dry hands with organic and herbal ingredients. It’s got all-organic olive oil, almond oil, coconut oil, beeswax, shea butter, vitamin E and natural essential oils.

If you love the smell of lemongrass and want a hand salve for home use or when you’re going out, this is a must-try.

True to its name as a healing ointment, Aquaphor is the #1 Best Seller for Eczema, Psoriasis & Rosacea Care. Unlike your regular moisturizer, this is not for your casual user.

Expect it to be heavy, greasy, and hard to rub in but it works wonders for severely distressed skin resulting from any of the above-mentioned skin problems (or new tattoos!).

Aquaphor has also been cited to be great for old folks who’ve developed nasty rashes.  This might interest you if you work in a nursing home.

Nurses, we can tell you straight away not to use this at work while wearing gloves as it’s petroleum-based. Just use it at night with cotton gloves and you should be able to see healing soon enough.

Look Ma, No Hands is popular hand lotion for moisturizing dry skin. Apart from being en effective product for cracking, calloused and overly-dry hands, it also comes in a nice pink bottle that you can carry around with you anywhere.

This is not odorless though but has a pleasant and refreshing citrusy scent.

If you’re suddenly caught unprepared and without your best hand lotion for nurses around, you can dash into a drugstore and get a bottle of Vaseline Intensive Care. For loyal fans of the brand, this essential healing version is great for dry skin.

Unlike some of the lotions and hand creams on this list, you can use Avon Basics Silicon Glove hand cream at work. A good number of nurses in message boards have shared that they use Avon’s glove hand cream in their hospitals.

It’s the CHEAPEST item on our list and if you’re needing a ton of good quality hand cream, you can stock up on Avon’s lotion, and even buy it on sales to get the most bang for your buck!

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Apart from choosing the best hand lotion for nurses that works best for you, you can also look into the alcohol, sanitizers, soap, and gloves that you are using at work. Sometimes, switching out into a different brand or type helps alleviate the worst of drying, chapping, and cracking.

Next week, we’ll look into DIY hand lotions for nurses who want to make their own salves and hand creams. Watch out for that!

What about you? What lotion works best for you during these cold winter months? We’d love to know so please share it with us on our FB page!

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