The 7 Best Bandage Scissors For Nurses and Healthcare Workers


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Whether you’re cutting through thick dressings or delicate bandages, you need to have a reliable pair of bandage scissors. Unfortunately, not all scissors are created equal, and using the wrong pair can lead to frustration, wasted time, and even unnecessary pain for your patients. As a nurse, you wouldn’t want that, right?

Read on to learn more about our top picks for the best scissors for nurses.

Trauma Shears with Carabiner – Stainless Steel Bandage Scissors for Surgical, EMT, EMS, Medical, Nursing

These trauma shears are made of Japanese surgical grade stainless steel that’s durable enough for long-term use. As medical grade scissors, it’s safe and intuitive to use, making precise cuts, ideal for medical emergencies with no time to waste. Even better, it features a built-in carabiner.


  • Good quality
  • Clean, precise cut


  • A little huge
  • Shears a bit stiff

Hummingbird 4-in-1 Medical Scissors

Nursingtool’s Hummingbird 4-in-1 medical scissors can get the job done fast as it’s designed with four of the most commonly used tools by nurses: sharp trauma shears, a blunt flat head screwdriver, an IV clamp, and a built-in oxygen key. The shears are also of premium quality as they’re made from Japanese stainless steel blades coated with anodized Titanium, as well as coated gold for easy cleaning.


  • Compact and lightweight, fits in your pocket
  • Sturdy quality


  • More expensive than other items in this list
  • Not for those who just need the shears

Prestige 5.5 inch Nurses Utility Scissors

These nurses’ utility scissors are another compact alternative that are even cheaper. It features a stainless steel construction with a good quality purple plastic handle. Because it’s only 5.5 inches in length, it’s easily portable. The serrated blade in these scissors also ensures precise cutting while the covered tip is a nice addition for extra safety.


  • Cuts heavy materials
  • Just the right size


  • Shears a bit rough
  • Basic with no other features

Prestige Medical 5 1/2″ Stainless Steel Utility & Bandage Scissors

Allheart’s medical scissors are made of stainless steel with polished finish. The poly handles make it easy to use, while the lightweight material makes it great for carrying it around while on duty. Despite its small size and lightness, the blades are solid and sharp so they’re always efficient and reliable.


  • Professional quality
  • Lightweight


  • Small

Prestige Medical 5 1/2″ Bandage Scissor Stealth Edition

Bandage scissors can also look sleek just like this Stealth Edition, which features a blunt tip on the bottom of the blade so you can smoothly remove bandages from the skin. Since the bottom blade is longer, it slides under the bandages nice and easy.


  • Durable and can last for several years
  • Affordable


  • Not available in other colors

Tape Geek Medical Scissors

Tape Geek’s Bandage Scissors are an excellent pair of medical scissors for professionals looking for the perfect trauma shears. Made of durable Japanese stainless steel, they’re designed for long-term use. Plus, the handles are coated with thermoplastic rubber for comfort. The blunted tip also ensures extra safety from accidental pokes.


  • Japanese stainless steel
  • Non-slip grip


  • A little expensive

Cynamed Bandage Scissors 5.5 in., Zebra Stripes

To spice things up, the Cynamed Bandage Scissors don zebra stripes patterns that are delightful to the eyes. Equipped with large and angled blades, it’s designed for sizing dressings and taking away circumferential bandages. Plus, its probe-end feature helps prevent inadvertent cuts.


  • Made from German equivalent stainless steel
  • Comfortable handle


  • Blades a little big


Selecting the best bandage scissors for nurses is a crucial step towards providing quality care to patients. It’s essential to choose scissors that are sharp, durable, and easy to handle to minimize patient discomfort and speed up the care process. The right pair of scissors can also reduce frustration and increase accuracy during dressing and bandage removal.