10 Must-Try Thanksgiving Nail Ideas for Nurses


If you’re feeling bored at your short and polish-free nails, we don’t blame you. As nurses, the times we can wear nail polishes are a bit limited. However, since Thanksgiving is near, we figured you’d like to change your nails for the special occasion.

Now, you don’t necessarily have to be a pro at painting your nails. You don’t even need complicated and expensive nail art tools either. A bit of creativity, your choice of nail polishes and this list of Thanksgiving nail designs for nurses are all you need.

Take a look at the cute nail designs you can try:

Autumn Leaves

This nail design is simple yet classic. It has this white base that surely highlights the autumn leaves, one of the symbols of the season. Anyone who sees your nails will surely feel the warmth of Thanksgiving Day.

Turkey and Polka Dots

If you are looking for something fun, then this nail art idea is for you. With polka dots, glitters, and a funny looking turkey, just looking at the design can instantly make you smile.

White Nails and Polka Dots

Credit: instagram/xlitzandpolishx

This design is really easy, even for beginners! With a white nail polish, dotting tool, and clear top coat, you’ll be able to recreate this one in a breeze.

Autumn Specks

If you don’t like having spots on your nail, then you may want to take a look at this design. It has orange and yellow specks which can instantly remind you what the day is all about.

Elegant Autumn Nails

Credit: indulgy.com

For something classy, try this one! It features nude, silver, and brown shades that look great together. It’s not that difficult to recreate, if that’s what you are thinking.

This is another simple design. All you need for this one is a burnt orange nail polish, glitters, and a top coat. The glitters in the ring finger surely makes the color on the rest of your fingers pop.

Adorable Thanksgiving Nails

Credit: Naildesigns.com

If you have some experience with nail designs, then you won’t have a problem doing this one. The colors at the bottom of the nails surely reflect the season while the white base retains the simplicity of the design.

Cute Thanksgiving Nails

Credit: karissabianco.com

This is a really cute nail design. With the flowers, leaves, and glitters- everyone who looks at your nails will definitely find them adorable.

Simple Thanksgiving Nails

Want to wear something darker than usual? This design will definitely work for you. The autumn leaves and glitters on the ring finger break the monotony of the maroon nail polish.

Subtle Leaf Nail Design

Credit: NinaNailedIt

For a chic and fashionable nail design you can wear this Thanksgiving, try this subtle leaf nail art design. It may not have the usual colors of the season but its overall look still reflects Thanksgiving.

Had fun with this collection? Don’t forget to share these Thanksgiving nail ideas with your fellow nurses!