Nurses From Hell: 6 Evil Nurses From Hollywood Movies

most memorable nurses in movies

Hollywood has released a lot of horror and thriller movies featuring evil nurses. Now, we’ve all encountered nurses and co-workers who might be a little on the cranky side, but they all pale in comparison to these fictional nurses who have most likely caused thousands of nightmares worldwide. Seriously, some of these nurses are quite literally insane!

Let’s take a look some of the most notable evil nurses in movie history.

Top Evil Nurses in Movie History

1. Charlotte Diesel  (High Anxiety)

Charlotte Diesel (High Anxiety)

A psychopath with an interest in witchcraft, Charlotte helped Dr. Montague carry out numerous murders in the psychiatric ward.  One of Nurse Diesel’s most notable characteristics is her highly disturbing and disjointed mouth shape—definitely a contender for one of the most disturbing mouths Hollywood has ever seen!

2. Annie Wilkes  (Misery)

Anne Marie Wilkes Dugan, or Annie for short, is a former nurse who helped writer Paul Sheldon recuperate from an accident after he overturned his Mustang in a fierce snowstorm. She is heavily attached to a character that Sheldon killed in his novel, and because of this, she tortured the unfortunate author using her medical know-how so that that he would write a new sequel to his novel tailored to her desires. The good doctor trying to escape her evil clutches will have you gripping your seats in suspense.

On the outside, she wears a persona of a cheerful, kind nurse, but she hides her true personality inside—one that is devious, cunning, and extremely disturbed. Talk about one crazy book fan!

3. Abby Russell  (Nurse 3D)

Abby Russell (Nurses 3D)

Abby works as a nurse by day and transforms into a deadly femme fatale by night, making use of her looks to lure evil men to their untimely demise. She employs a very twisted sense of justice and even kinda gets away with it!

If you’re cheating on your wife or your girlfriend, then prepare to meet your maker as this dangerous nurse slash femme fatale works to punish dishonest men and expose their wrongdoings.

4. Gladys and Maria  (American Horror Story “Home Invasion”)

Gladys and Maria are Nursing students who were killed in 1968. They are ghosts who dwell in the Murder House, the central location of American Horror Story’s first season, and they go back to the old mansion every Halloween with other restless spirits to subsequently destroy any poor souls who wander into the place.

They suffered a cruel fate by the hands of R. Franklin, a serial killer with a grudge against nurses. Gladys was drowned in the tub while Maria was stabbed to death in the back.

5. Sherri Martin  (Nurse Sherri)

Sherri is a nurse who was possessed by an evil spirit of a bloodthirsty occult teacher.  She went on a killing frenzy, stalking and seducing people left and right. The possession was only stopped when her friends exhumed and destroyed the spirit’s dead body.

6. Nurse Ratched   (One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest)

Ratched holds the position of head administrative nurse at Salem State Hospital and is tasked to care for patients’ medications and basic necessities. However, she often administers antipsychotic and anticonvulsant drugs to sedate her patients and to keep them from escaping her control.

She uses her wits to manipulate her patients and has great desire for power and personal superiority. She is the very anti-thesis of what a nurse should be, a perversion of her craft, and because of this, Ratched stands out as one of the more evil nurses on this article!

Summing Up

And there you have it. From highly manipulative and controlling nurses like Nurse Ratched to the quite frankly insane Annie Walker, these were the top picks for some of the most evil nurses in cinema. There’s actually a lot of variety between them, each manifesting their evilness in different, messed up ways.

Now get some popcorn ready and marathon your favorite picks.