Nurses From Hell: 6 Evil Nurses From Hollywood Movies

most memorable nurses in movies

We’ve all encountered cruel head nurses and co-workers, but they all pale in comparison with fictional nurses who have caused everybody a nightmare.

Hollywood has released a lot of horror and thriller movies featuring evil nurses. Let’s take a look at this list and choose one that you think you can’t survive working with.


1. Charlotte Diesel  (High Anxiety)

Charlotte Diesel  (High Anxiety)

A psychopath with an interest in witchcraft, Charlotte helped Dr. Montague carry out numerous murders in the psychiatric ward.  Nurse Diesel has also one of the most disturbing and disjointed mouth shapes Hollywood has ever seen.


2. Annie Wilkes  (Misery)

Annie Wilkes  (Misery)

She’s a former nurse who helped writer Paul Sheldon recuperate from an accident after he overturned his Mustang in a fierce snowstorm. Annie is heavily attached to a character that Sheldon killed in his novel. She tortured the author using her medical skills so he would write a new sequel to his novel. Talking about a book fan who can be, literally, very demanding.


3. Abby Russell  (Nurses 3D)

Abby Russell  (Nurses 3D)

You should never mess up with her especially if you are cheating on your wife or your girlfriend. Abby works as a nurse in the morning and uses her smoldering looks to lure men into their deaths by night. She can be a femme fatale for some but she’s actually your fellow nurse who is just so busy with her murder schedule.


4. Gladys and Maria  (American Horror Story “Home Invasion”)

Gladys and Maria  (American Horror Story “Home Invasion”)

Sadly for these girls, the only place where they can show and scare is the lone bathtub kept in the basement. Gladys and Maria are Nursing students who were killed in 1968. Gladys was drowned in the tub while Maria was stabbed to death. They are ghosts who always go back to the old mansion every Halloween with other restless spirits to destroy any resident  who come to the place.


5. Nurse Ratched   (One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest)

Nurse Ratched   (One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest)

She runs a mental ward with an iron fist and softens the patients with sedatives. She uses her wits to manipulate her patients, and has great desire for power and persuasion. Three men were destroyed under her – two committed suicide and one was lobotomized. She can be charming and sweet but in reality, she’s just ruthless.


6. Sherri Martin  (The Possession of Nurse Sherri)

Sherri Martin  (The Possession of Nurse Sherri)

Sherri is a nurse who was possessed by an evil spirit of a bloodthirsty occult teacher.  She went on a killing frenzy, stalking and seducing people. The possession was only stopped when her friends exhumed and destroyed the spirit’s dead body.