Nurses and Doctors: To Flirt or Not To Flirt?

nurse doctor flirting

They always say that love will find you in the least expected places or events. More so if two individuals meet in a particular workplace on a daily basis. When this happens, it is obligatory for a person under such circumstances to draw a fine line between work and personal affairs. Such type of dilemma is what some of our nurses are facing each day.

And since doctors and nurses have plenty of time to establish a close relationship and daily interaction with one another for the benefit of their patients, both of them are  vulnerable to  face the ever intriguing question: to flirt or not to flirt?

For the record, I’ve been single since birth so there’s no way that this issue has a bit of personal attachment for me. It just so happened that some of my Nursing friends have been there already; on that awkward situation wherein you have to choose between love and your profession. But seriously, how can one know if he or she is crossing the line and doing things that might affect one’s professional career? Is it right to flirt with your coworker or is it better to stand firm to what you believe as professional decorum?

To Flirt. 

I’m not a love guru but from what I know, to flirt means to play with love, or to put it in simple terms, to develop a close relationship with someone but with no strings attached. At first, I couldn’t imagine nurses engaging in such kind of shallow relationship because I’m no stranger to the fact that nurses usually have a very busy lifestyle. Busy in such a degree that they almost  turn themselves into social retards who don’t know what socialization and dating mean. However, I was proven wrong when a friend of mine attested that such intimacy really exists in real life.

Though a  lot of insecure coworkers or conservative hospital staff might raise their eyebrows, if you come to think of it, there is nothing wrong with flirting or even going to something deeper as long as both of you are currently unattached and are very professional when it comes to your daily duties. Every relationship  has its own pros and cons so if you’re willing to flirt and open to such idea of building both a romantic and working relationship with a doctor, you must know first what are the things to consider and what it might cost you in the long run. In the end, you still hold the key to make this relationship flourish or die in the instant that you saw it coming.

Not To Flirt.

Hospital is a safe haven for the suffering patients so make sure you won’t spoil it by doing things unbecoming for an ideal nurse. Flirting with your doctor might give a sense of awkwardness every time the two of you bump in each other during the daily hospital rounds. For this reason, that doctor might become a good source of distraction for you and vice versa.

Sometimes, your beloved doctor can be clever enough not to disclose to you the fact that he’s already married or also enjoying his stay in the “flirting wonderland” with 30 other female nurses in the hospital. You must take necessary caution so you won’t end up heartbroken and stupid at the same time. In addition to that, entertaining such kind of idea might create a rift between you and your other female co-workers, especially those who are equally enamored with this captivating doctor in white robe. You also don’t want  to be reprimanded by your  head/chief nurse so you better take extra precautions with your decisions.

To flirt or not to flirt? It depends on you and your priorities in life or career. You must weigh in all the options, search for the answers, and be professional all the time.  You can’t afford to enter in such a risky relationship if you know in the first place that the quality of care you are supposed to give to your patients and the attention you have for other important people in your life will be greatly compromised. Don’t forget that you entered the hospital to take care of other people’s health concerns and not complicate your situation by getting into a coquettish mode with your gorgeous doctor. Happy Valentines Day!