Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Love Your Nursing Job

I have heard many times already that overworked but unpaid/underpaid Filipino nurses are becoming the rule, rather than the exception nowadays. Well, I’m not planning to sugarcoat anything here so don’t fret. Reality bites and the more we try to deny it, the more bitter we become. And though a Nursing crisis is apparently discouraging every Filipino nurse to follow their “calling”, there is no doubt that at the end of the day, Nursing is still one of the most inspiring and fulfilling jobs ever created. You can mention thousands of reasons why you should loathe Nursing but for the benefit of those who are really “called” for the profession, here are the top 5 reasons why you should cherish your R.N. license even more:

1. Nursing is a challenging job…but fulfilling as well

When I say “challenge”, it doesn’t just pertain to the struggles of working without pay. Nursing is an obstacle course; from the time you enter nursing school up to the time you start building your nursing career, the road will never be the smooth path everyone is dying trudge on. I’m telling you now that this job is backbreaking, stressful, and emotionally-draining but nothing can beat the amount of fulfillment a nurse can get after a day of touching people’s lives.

2. Your family has their own reliable source of health information and tender loving care

You can never put your Nursing degree into waste if your own family can be the main beneficiaries of your hard-earned education. Aside from being able to answer their day-to-day inquiries regarding this medication and that disease, you also have the qualification  to take care of them once they get hospitalized, provide them effective health tips if needed, and even save their lives during emergency cases.

3. Unlimited Avenues for Growth

Years of competitive experience will not just provide professional growth for you because with daily struggles and challenges in your nursing area, you can grow emotionally and spiritually as well. You get the chance to witness first hand the real state of healthcare delivery system in the Philippines and open your eyes to several heart-wrenching realities you will never witness if you’re just working inside an air-conditioned office in te middle of Makati. You will be able to realize how precious one life is and how unpredictable death can become. For this reason, you will have a lot of things to be thankful for and develop the real heart of compassion every nurse should have.

4. You’d get a lot of “Thank You” from Unknown People

You will never mind the free nursing service and all the hardships that comes before it once your ill-tempered patient says the two magic words “Thank You”. Nurses all want a secured and paid nursing position but money will amount to nothing if all your patients are not satisfied with your work. You became a nurse not just to change your patient’s state of health but also to touch his aching heart. Remember, nurses care for people holistically and through this task that they gain an unparalleled amount of inner fulfillment no amount of money can buy.

5. Nurses save HUMAN LIVES

Not all professionals in the world get the chance to touch and even save people’s lives but nurses, believe it or not, are actually being paid to do it. Though it can be stressful most of the time, bearing in your mind that the lives of your patients lies in  your hands will turn your nursing job from a monotonous responsibility to a fulfilling “calling” that is even way beyond simple acts of heroism. Being a nurse is carrying a God-given gift that saves people’s lives, much like how real angels save people from all types of harm. Nurses are not just simple health providers, they are angels who have lost their wings when they came down all the way from heaven.

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