15 Totally Relatable Nurse Life Memes


We’ve got life memes today, Nurses!

As we all know, the Nursing profession is very unique. It’s very much unlike the usual 9 to 5 jobs that most office workers experience. If anything, nursing is a lifelong commitment that entails a lot of little inconveniences, and both emotional and physical struggles on a daily basis.

Check out these life memes and see how well you can relate to any of them.

1Stealth Mode On


3No Rest For The Weary

4Summer Blues

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5What It Feels Like


7Wake Me Up Never

9New Patients Are Like A Box Of Chocolates

10How It Feels

11Losing My Mind

12Scrub Suit Dependency

13Sleepless in Seattle

14Gimme Coffee!

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15The Haunted