11 Of The Strangest Things Removed From A Patient’s Body

strange objects removed from patients bodies

The human body has orifices and that’s normal. Each of them has a purpose.

However, with poor judgment, misadventure, and poor luck, these orifices end up as entry points for things that aren’t supposed to get inside the body.

Check out these 9 weird things surgeons have extracted from their patients’ bodies.

Content Warning: The below article contains graphic descriptions of patient cases.

1. Lego Tire

Kids like to play. Although it’s perfectly normal and healthy for them to explore through play, they sometimes end up with accidents.

For example, there’s this 6-year old boy from Salt Lake City. While playing, he managed to ram a Lego vehicle tire inside his nose.

Since then, he’s had chronic sinus problems. When he was asked about it, he admitted that he put spaghetti up his nose.

When the pediatrician examined him, a tire was found. It was already covered with fungus when it was removed.

Source: KSL

2. Plastic Fork

A man from North Carolina started complaining about fatigue for two years. He also had chronic cough at that time.

After seeking medical attention, his pulmonologist took a look at his lung. There, he saw a plastic part embossed with the word ‘hamburgers’.

Yes, it was a plastic fork from Wendy’s.

After it was removed, the 50-year-old man’s symptoms were gone.

Source: ABC News

3. A Pea Plant

A 75-year-old man saw his doctor sometime in 2010 for chest pain. After the initial assessment, his doctors suspected that he might have lung cancer.

However, after more tests and exams, they found out that the cause of his symptoms wasn’t a tumor. It was a pea plant that was trying to grow in his lung!

How did it happen?

The man aspirated a pea seed back then. When it began to spout, his symptoms started. It was a good thing that it didn’t grow that much because there was no sunlight.

Source: BBC

4. A Nail

A man from Chicago was remodeling his home. The next day, he experienced nausea and headaches.

After careful examination, doctors found out that he had a nail lodged in his brain. He shot himself accidentally in the head with his nail gun. He didn’t notice it and thought that it just missed his head.

Source: ABC News

5. A Live Eel

Constipation can be a real problem, particularly for older people.

In an attempt to feel better and improve his bowel movement, a 50-year-old man from Hong Kong decided to insert a live eel into his rectum.

It wasn’t clear where he got the idea but it certainly caused problems for him. The eel remained alive in his rectum and was biting into a part of his splenic flexure. Because of that, the man needed surgery.

Another case was reported in 2012 in New Zealand.

Source: Surgery

6. A Cockroach

In 2014, a man woke in the middle of the night because of severe pain in his ear. Right at that moment, he had a feeling that an insect had made its way into his ear.

Wanting to remove it, he decided to vacuum the insect out of his ear. With no luck, he went to the Royal Darwin Hospital. The doctor there poured olive oil in his ear in an attempt to drive the insect out.

However, it only made the man’s pain worse.

At that point, the doctor decided to use forceps to retrieve the insect. When he pulled it out, he found a cockroach that’s only an inch long.

Source: ABC

7. Pocket Knives

A police officer went to the hospital because of stomach pain.

After a thorough assessment, doctors found out that the patient was not suffering from indigestion or even abnormalities in his digestive tract. He actually swallowed 40 pocket knives!

Most of them were 7 inches in length. The man managed to swallow all of them in just 2 months.

Fortunately, surgeons were able to remove them without complications

Source: Washington Post

8. A Soda Bottle

In 2009, a man went to a local hospital because he wasn’t able to get the soda bottle he placed inside his rectum. It was too slippery to hold, particularly with the mucus in the area.

To get it out of the man, doctors had to sedate him and ask him to bear down like he’s having a bowel movement.

Source: Saudi Journal of Gastroenterology

9. Fetus

It’s normal for women to have a fetus in their body, particularly during pregnancy.

One woman’s case was a bit different. When she got pregnant at the age of 24, doctors discovered that an embryo was attached outside of her uterus. This caused intense pain for a couple of weeks.

One day, the pain was gone. She just assumed that the pregnancy was terminated.

36 years later, she experienced the same kind of pain. After examinations, doctors found out that a floating baby skeleton was causing her pain.

10. Hair

An 18-year-old woman went to the hospital because of abdominal pain. Her stomach was quite distended, too.

History reveals that she would often vomit right after eating food. And as a result, she lost a total of 18 kilograms.

A CT found a sizable mass on her upper abdomen. Doctors had to do an endoscopy to find out what it was.

There, they saw a huge 5-kilogram clump of hair.

A similar report revealed a woman from Kyrgystan seeing the doctor because of dehydration, vomiting, and distended abdomen. During surgery, a 4-kg trichobezoar was found.

Source: Telegraph

11. Glass Bottle

A 73-year-old farmer visited the University of Mississippi Medical Center. He went there to get a bottle removed from his rectum.

The man had no proper latrine and so he did his business in the great outdoors. He made his own toilet by placing a wooden board across two supports. As he was getting ready to lower himself, he had a problem with his balance. This caused the board to break.

There was a glass bottle somehow embedded in the ground. It’s where the man’s weight went to after he fell. Because of the severe pain he felt, the man fell on his side. This caused the bottle’s neck to break. It made retrieval almost impossible without the doctors’ help.

Source: NCBI