Best Scrub Suit Designs For Nurses According To Body Type


Although you are working in the hospital, it doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice comfort and style. Scrub suits come in varying styles and designs that can help you feel and look good about yourself. They can even reflect your personality and improve your mood at work.

To find out the best scrub suit design for you, one of the things you should consider is your body type. If you’re unsure where to start your search, here are some essential tips you can use.

Straight or Banana


You have a straight, rectangle or athletic body if you don’t have a highly defined waist. Your shoulders are broad and strong and you have proportional hips.

Best Scrub Suit Design For Athletic Body

scrub suits with athletic body

For your body type, skip unstructured uniforms and go with layers instead. Wear a long sleeve tee under short sleeve scrubs. You can also wear a jacket to add more definition to your waist.

You can achieve the same effect by wearing scrub suits that have a cinching effect in the middle. For your pants, go with a flared or boot-cut design. Prints will look good on you, too.

Although you want to create overall shapeliness, stay away from anything that’s too flowy as it will look awkward on your body type.



A narrow waist with a full bust that measures the same as the hips best fits a curvy or hourglass body type.

Best Scrub Suit Design For Curvy Body

scrub suit for curvy built

A curvy body type will look great in high-waisted and straight leg pants. This will put more emphasis on your thin waist. For your top, go with V-neck wrap tops and scoop tees.

Wearing oversized cardigans and box type won’t give your figure any justice.



You have an apple shaped body if you have narrow hips and your shoulders are broad. Most of your body fat sits above your hip area.

Best Scrub Suit Design For Apple-Shaped Body

scrub suits with print

To make sure your belly doesn’t get as much attention, try wearing scrubs that have prints around the torso area. You can also wear wrap tops but just make sure that they aren’t too tight that you’ll feel uncomfortable around your belly.

Try on flared pants to balance out your broad shoulders. A V-neck top, on the other hand, can emphasize your narrow waist.



You have a pear-shaped body if your hips are larger than your chest area. Your shoulders are narrower than your hips, too.

Best Scrub Suit Design For Pear-Shaped Body

boatneck scrubs for pear shape

Skinny pants won’t look that flattering on you. Anything that’s oversized won’t look good either.

For your body shape, stick with scrub suits that can make your shoulders look broader. This is to balance out the width of your hips. One good option boatneck scrubs and those with open neck design.

When it comes to pants, choose a pair that’s wide at the leg part. It can make your thighs look slender and longer.



A wedge or inverted triangle body shape is marked by a large chest and shoulders. Hips are typically small.

Best Scrub Suit Design For Wedge-Shaped Body

scrub suits for wedge type

For aesthetics and comfort, don’t wear scrubs that are too tight. And don’t wear anything too loose, either.

Instead, pick scrubs that are dark in color or those that have prints at the top part. Choose a pair of pants that’s lighter in color to balance it out. The combination of these two can draw more attention towards the narrowest areas of your body.

A V-neck top will look good on you, too.

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Extra Tips On Finding The Best Scrub Suit Design

Finding the best scrub suit design doesn’t end with your body type. You also have to make sure that your uniform is comfortable to wear and can allow you to move freely during your shift.

To make sure you get the right pair, here are a few other things you need to consider:

  • Ensure that your pants are secure enough. The last thing you want to happen is to expose your inner wear when you bend during a very busy shift. You can choose either drawstrings or buttons for your pants.
  • Get a uniform that can provide ease of movement. Scrubs with side slits and vents are great options.
  • For short people, avoid wearing long tops as they can make you look shorter. Long tops are best for people who are heavy at the bottom.
  • Colors should depend on the season as well as your size. If you are on the heavier side, choose a darker pair. If you are petite, you can play with light colors.
  • Pick a pair of scrub suit that has useful pockets. Think of the things you’ll place in these pockets and consider how comfortable they’ll be. If you feel uncomfortable with chest pockets, for example, take them out.

What is your body type? How do you choose the best scrub suit design?